Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 6, 2012

[Pic] 120206 Yunho’s message for Cassiopeia

credit: 2beTVXQ
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  1. Beautiful, cute Yunho. He looks so young!

  2. Why he look so young! Dam jelly you Yunho. lol xD

  3. OMO, too cute. >.<

  4. Honey bunny Yunnie <3 !
    Happy bday my dear ~

  5. the hair makes him look young

  6. Yunho Appa Cassiopeia Loves U~! *pinch his cheek* U cutie pie~! <33333

  7. so cute *squeals*
    oppa went from actor look with short black hair to idol look blondie and it all works awesome for him

  8. sexy Yunho & bunny Jaejoong *O*
    hahahaha <3

  9. HeHeHe ~~ what a cute message
    yunnie oppa FIGHTO~ !!!!

  10. Love Yunho with 2 images (of his solos) => Checkmate & Honney Funny Bunny >.<

  11. What kind of message is this, with no words?

    • actually the staff wrote the message ^^
      I think SYC eonnies forgot to post it here..

  12. Yunho-yaaaaaaa ;;A;;

  13. You’re so beautiful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U. I love u so much and love u forever. Yunnie~my beautiful love

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