Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 6, 2012

[Cap] 120206 All About JYJ – QR code making

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credit: freyazo
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  1. ALL ABOUT JYJ!!??

    OMG what is this? O: A new DVD? OMG please someone explain D:

  2. Yoochun body asaljskkshlakdla!!

    is this a new DVD??
    tell me please ..

  3. Omgosh, this is what hotness is all about! Park Yoochun!!!!!!!!!! *drools*

    What is this? But who cares as long as I’m staring at hotness, haha.

    • But this looks like JYJ’s “In Heaven” album photoshoot, am I right? :)

      • yes!

  4. *dead*

    Chunnie is way too gorgeous for this world TT

  5. […] + sharingyoochun Oceń ten wpis: Share this:Dodaj do ulubionych:LubięBądź pierwszą osobą, która doda ten do […]

  6. OMG, where have I been during this period??? What I see was Jaejoong only, ha! O_O
    Yoochun-ah am fallin for you!! ♥.♥

  7. WIT-CHUN 4 THE WIN \ *O* / … WooT! WooT! WooT!

    OMG !!! i luv u chunchun ….

    Q : is it only me , or chunnie looks like a pro pimp near that swimming pool ?!
    omo my mind is quite dirty 2day XDDDD

  8. Yoochun’s neck and shoulders are so lovely. :-D

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