Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 4, 2012

[News] 120104 TVXQ’s Changmin hasn’t changed a bit from his childhood face

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On January 3, the childhood photo of TVXQ’s Changmin was posted on an online community, in which Changmin is a naïve little boy wearing an innocent expression in a baby car.

We can clearly find the current adult Changmin from the baby Changmin in the photo.

Fans who saw the photo left various responses: “You were so cute, but You are also cute now.” “From the baby Changmin, I can see you as an adult.”

TVXQ appeared on the NHK’s 62nd Red & White Year End Song Festival held on December 31 last year, attracting much attention among the local people in the entertainment industry.

source: tvreport
credit: en.korea
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  1. OMG…….Little Changmin was so cuteeeeee! No wonder he becomes an absolutely handsome young man now…^ ^

    But I love him more than just his face (okay, that was why I fell straight away for him) but more for his personality. Darling Changmin is smart person with big heart….^ ^

  2. Changmin-sshi~

    How come you’re still cute even if you’ve already grown up?
    You’re cute with that manliness streak~
    but you’re cuter when you are YOU.


  3. Soooooo cuteeeeee, :D

  4. I know!!!! It never cease to amaze me how Minnie just grew up into a sexxy girrafe legs god with the same face and it’s perfect!!!!

  5. ^^ Didn’t change at all, except he got a sexy body <3 kekeke~

    Minnie looks just as cute and speaks just as cute as a little kid, but he's so snarky and mean <3 Gotta love Voldamin <3

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