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[Trans] El Sol – Interview with Tohoshinki Part 2

As Changmin was accepting the interview, his hand was circling the props used for the photo shoot when it came a halt at a small beach photo. Then, he smiled and starts to talk.

Changmin: Recently, I’m troubled. After we became a duo, the pressure from the surroundings towards our relationship is huge! (laughs) Of course our relationship has been good since we debuted for 8 years. Since the day we’ve met, we have been in close interactions for the past 10 years and we are able to know what the other party is thinking just by seeing his expressions. The photo shooting for this (pictorial album) is as always, “Here, shall we take an intimate shot?”, “Stand close to each other.” In fact, that is how our good relationship are ‘displayed’, isn’t it awkward? Especially when my personality is not like that. But our good relationship are being displayed in this way, fans would be happy too thus it’s good. We are not in such a superficial relationship. On the contrary, it seems intentional if were to show everyone deliberately. That’s not our usual selves. It’s because we are living together thus isn’t it weird if we did all these (T/N: intimate photo shoot poses) in our daily lives? However during the photo shooting of this pictorial book, I experienced the sense of liberation in traveling and was able to laugh to my heart’s content at the beach. I accidentally discovered an expression of Yunho which I don’t know. It was interesting.

When asked what expression was that, Changmin replied “The shower scene” and burst out laughing. Speaking of Yunho, he was always being labeled with “passionate man”. Was there an other side of him to this?

Changmin: I used to tell Yunho, “Isn’t it better to lift some burden off your shoulders?” But I know it’s useless (to tell him that). (laughs) He really has always been too serious. But this is how Yunho is and I acknowledged this. Friendship is not built as you like it. It’s the sharing of time and experiences, and the further understanding it. As for me, I have two sides to my personality. Saying it myself, I’m impatient and shy. I will neither trust the other party easily without any in-depth interactions nor pour my heart out to him/her. Staff said, “Kind of aloof way of cherishing own time and space, very troublesome and very stubborn. Indeed a typical B blood type.” (laughs) Right now I am moving forward on the same route as Yunho and our values are the same, though other aspects are totally different. Indeed in the past towards Yunho’s words or actions, I would always be saying, “Ah! Why was it like this?”, “I don’t understand (him).” But, since when did I start thinking about giving way (to him) at times like this? (laughs) Yunho is the same towards me too. Whenever I was outspoken with my personality, he would initiate to give way to me. We have this well-balanced mutual agreement. Thus I am in a good mood.

The same question about relationship changes was posed to Yunho again.

Yunho: Thinking upon it now, Changmin might have endured a lot in the past as the youngest. Actually, during our debut, I interacted the least with Changmin. As a leader I need to prepare a lot of other stuffs. I have to be stricter to myself, compared to now. Compared with the members, I have to take charge of the whole situation, I have to lead the whole group into working hard, that is. The time spent one-to-one with Changmin was not much. I am cheerful and enthusiastic but Changmin is careful and cautious. Whenever I see him like this, I would be thinking, “Is he alright?” Previously we were like older and younger brothers, then slowly becoming friends and now its as though we are (same-level) close friends. In the past, whenever I find him weird, I would ask, “What happened?” Now I don’t have to say anything and I would understand, “Since it’s Changmin, he would be fine”, trust like this and 100% dependable. It felt as though I gained an older brother. Especially after we became a duo, we often engaged in talks. The parts where we don’t understand in the past, it was fully understood now. Understanding each other very well because our personalities are completely 180 degrees different. To attain the balance between such total difference is not easy and it was not due to any coincidences, it was slowly formed through the time spent together. Me? I love to joke around but in actual, I’m the loneliest. Because of loneliness, I love to be in groups and in bustle. Changmin knew this side of me and the way we are mutual understanding and complementing each other now, it’s really is a treasure. From my previous position, I was the aggressive leader. Embarking on this road with Changmin, I have some free time and lifted off burden in goodwill. As expected, I am a human being, it’s exhausting to always be working hard. (laughs) Perfecting myself, judge objectively and to remember to meticulously observe the surroundings… It’s not that our relationship changes, it’s just my evolvement towards being a man who possessed more than just passion.

credit: togethertvxq
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


  1. Thank you Rachui for the translation!! I enjoy reading it and it helps me understand HoMin better. Although it is painful to see DB5K (temporarily) spilt into two group, in a way I think it takes Changmin and Yunho’s relationship to another level. Glad that they are getting closer and complement each other!

    Yunho ar, don’t put too much burden on your shoulder and Changmin ar, be more happy and cheerful!

    • I agree with you, it’s nice to read intimate thoughts from them like this~ and them talking about both the past and future

  2. Changmin…bitching about the intimate photos in the nicest way possible. I freaking love him. I promise Changmin I have never had impure shipper thoughts about you and Yunho. lol

    Poor Yunho…lonely Yunho. It must be tiring to always work so hard.

    • LOL he’s not bitching about the intimate photoshoot what he means that for him it is awkward to show his good relationship with Yunho in public because he’s not kind of person who likes to do a fanservice (but he’s indeed hugging Minho, kissing Kyuhyun and SungMin in SMTOWN) because it seems like his relationship with Yunho is just a fanservice if he does that..

  3. Honest, straight-forward and sincere. I really like this pair alot :)

  4. “Me? I love to joke around but in actual, I’m the loneliest. Because of loneliness, I love to be in groups and in bustle. Changmin knew this side of me and the way we are mutual understanding and complementing each other now, it’s really is a treasure.”

    as much as i treasure the closeness b/w yunho and the other 3 members (especially jaejoong) b4 the separation, reading such interviews with quotes like the one above makes me feel that none of the other three ever understood yunho the way changmin has.

    unfortunately yunho’s responsible leadership behavior had caused a wall to be built b/w him and the other 4 members but it seems that changmin was the only one able to destroy that wall because of his keen understanding of yunho as a human being. while the others were impatient in trying to break the wall and ended up giving up too early, changmin took his time and slowly began to understand yunho until he became the only one able to break that wall and bridge his world with yunho’s.

    • i do really hope jyj read your comment. it is true that no one understand yunho better than changmin. who ever expect that someone who yunho used to say ‘if you were here only for playing, you better start it over now’ during their debut is someone who stay longer than yunho never expected.

    • ouhh.. you have a same thought with me. i’ ve got thinking like that to. as long as i watch their interaction in vid, i think, there is somthing about yunho that the other three still didn’t understand.

    • love your comment :)

    • I love your comment! I can totally feel that Changmin’s become alot louder and open because I guess he wants to share the burden that Yunho has to face as a leader^^

    • sweet comment! ^^ I think because Changmin used his intellectual side and analyzed (why is he like that?) his character. thus now he can handle Yunho’s feelings and actions. they are really cute!

      • Oops, I meant Changmin asking himself ‘why is he like that?’ ^^

    • you speak my mind ^^

  5. thank you for the translation :)
    i always love yunho & changmin’s honest and deep interview.
    their understanding towards each other is amazing.
    I love these two alot :)

  6. thank you for the yunho’s comment and freaking like the pic above.totally describe the relationship they’re having now..doesn’t matter dbsk is 5/3/2 i definitely will always keep the faith and support them :)

  7. they are completing each other.. that what friend is for.. ah not, i think that what brother is for <3

  8. in just a few years changmin already get promotion, faster than anyone could in any company xD

    from the Annoying-trainee-newbie to be magnae then last year was a friend now he already achieve wife & partner title of yunho! LOL

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