Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 9, 2011

[Spazz] Jaejoong – Arms of Godly Perfection

Last night, I came upon this picture right here of our to-die-for Jae, and i was once again reminded of his ethereal beauty and the perfection of his godlike body.

THEREFORE~! This post is dedicated to all our readers out there, to remind you that yes, this kind of perfection /does/ exist in the world.*_*

Enjoy! ^_^

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

P.S. Heres the vid that the first pic came from ^_^ I died 9877654322489900087554 times ^_^



  1. 8Q______________
    I almost forgot how perfectgodlyethrealbeautiful he used to be! ♥♥

    • EHM You mean STILL IS

  2. omo his arm @_@ faint~~~

    • and i love when Jae want to speak all the fans just quite!!! wow that Jae’s power ^___^

      • You’re so right! :D

  3. OMGsun!! *__* his arms!!

    OMg\Gee.. Kim JaeJae~ I.Fuckin.Love.You! >//<

  4. omo thnxs admins… this is perfection *saves and saves and saves*

  5. Somebody feed that boy…that arm is barely there! Total *Shock* Is he eating at all? Notice for awhile how his face is getting thinner but gosh…not the arms.
    Comparison to the older pictures. Chunnie , Junsu, the staff, anybody?…please feed the Gorgeous Jeje. Want to see those beautiful cheeks and arms again.

    • at the concert he said he ate a sausage in berlin and gained weight…. all the fans cheered and made him laugh X’D

      but I agree he’s geting thinner in his face~ lost all the babyfat by now….

    • I agree. I like the muscles but he needs to eat.

  6. i’ll tell my mom that i ONLY want this man!!! hehehehehehehhe…not sure how to find him though..^^

  7. Jaejoong is gorgeous but he does need to eat more.

    • My Joongie is beautiful, but he could use 10lbs on him.

  8. Wow.. It’s like watching porn.. kekekeke…. He’s so damn hot.. ^___^
    I think he’s skinnier nowadays. He needs to eat more & sleep more.

  9. He is gorgeous.! wow figure like that , make all girls go ga,ga. Think of how much work,discipline and exercises he do to get to this perfection.
    Jaejoong , you have to be well and eat well to have such beautiful you .

  10. omo~~
    his arm..
    I wanna be with him!!!
    Jae ~paaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…!!

  11. We went to the concert in Berlin.
    When my sis (not kpop-fan) saw that, I think she died.

    • Yeah, Jae does that to people. ^ ^

      • It happened to me and my sis( also not a k-pop fan).I dragged her with me all the way to Barcelona. She sings the chorus of In Heaven everywhere now hahaha..and she fell for Junsu XD

  12. OMO! 8)

  13. I have to admit Jaejoong’s body is ONE of the reasons why I like him. I remember he said in an interview before he used to be addicted in exercising (x.x) No wonder he has a very fit and attractive body (^-^)

  14. baby i like to see you smile~ love the last gif ^^

  15. omg those arms..

    freaking perfect i tell u ><

  16. SYC.. stop giving me wrong demands and imaginations about my future! i’m already about to stray…

  17. owah~!
    jaejoOng ~I LOVE YOU~~~~I wanna pinch his muscles really…. he’s so fragile,even if he had that beautiful body,, so perfect! keke

  18. omo muchas gracias! sta fuertote esos brazos, abrazame jajja

  19. It seemed that when Jaejoong was busy with JYJ and Protect the boss, he lost a lot of weight. I think he’s getting some weight back..thank goodness. I don’t want him to be skinny like that time when they were filming Dating on Earth >__< But no matter what, muscular arms or not, still love him <3

  20. Gorgeous. My sister said some pics looks like photoshoped pic of girls head on very muscular guy. But that just means that he both BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME, right? kkk

    PS: Yunnie is liking Joongie’s biceps up there, kkk.

  21. the concert was amazing!!! I could baraley take my eyes of of Jae~~~~ wahhhh *spazzing forever*

  22. His arms and biceps are so hot and sexy ! ~

  23. The first one was kinda O3o
    But the others are L.O.V.E

    i’m so sorry 4 spazzing like crazy using the comments box , every body plz excuse me ^_^;; … but this is sth beond perfectness it self , jaejoong-ah thank you for being …..simpely perfect you … haha @ the 3rd pic m totally doing the same thing now (( covering my mouth only,not being topless~_~;;))
    & wow yunho is totally chicking jj’s arms awww how cute ………. thank u admins 4 this super awesome post & hope there’ll be more posts like this one in the future ^__^

  25. he has actually gained quite a significant amount of weight and mass back now. granted, he needs more. but you should see him in Protect the Boss. i got scared when i saw him, he was so painfully skinny!

  26. *nosebleed* SYC unnies are trying to kill us, but I LOVE IT! <3

  27. eww… his arm looks nasty…

    • oh i didnt see there were other pics LMAO.

      2008/2009 Jae was the BEST <3

  28. masculine body with feminine face ^^
    wow! you have all people want oppa!

  29. omo~
    so fascinating!!!~ >.,<

  30. JaeJoong very hardy and sexy >3<
    thanks for sharing

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