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[Spazz] Yunho and Yoochun wearing same coat

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  1. Yunho wears it better!! I am mean… T.T ok both of them looks good… :P

  2. LOL Yunho, are you number 1 JYJ stalker? You always the one who wore the same outfit. haha xD

    • U read my mind! ;D

    • Hahaha yunho is jyj’s NUMBER 1 FANBOY!!! :D

  3. Waaah~~ it’s 2U time! ^__^

    • They both look so fiiiine~! o(///▽///)o

      • Yeah……2U time!!!!
        Miss Minsu Couple too

  4. Does anybody know what label/brand is that coat? A friend of mine told me that’s Lacoste. But I don’t think so :|

    • Hmm. I think it’s a Lacoste too…

      • no is not lacoste….

    • its lacoste which means yoochun is supporting lacoste because homin are their models hehehehehe

      …gets bricked..

  5. Heh, I thought my eye were playing tricks on me when I first saw Yunho’s pics today XDD Glad that I was tight after all…

  6. yunho’s upper body is so damn well proportioned.
    not that his lower body is not, but it’s just not shown in the picture….hahaha

  7. Yunho already wore that coat in airport pictures from earlier this year, i’m thinking it was in march or april… Running of to see if i can find these pictures ^^ but damn it looks good on him, he should wear it more often…

  8. Yunho looks like he’s going to kill Yoochun for stealing his idea of wearing this coat in the airport! xD

    • ??????

    • ??? O_o

  9. I am so freaking glad that Homin are models for Lacoste because I really approve of their clothing on Yunho. lol Changmin usually always looked good, but sometimes the coordinator would make Yunho wear some weird looking stuff.

    Really like Yunho in Lacoste…a lot!

    Oh, and Yoochun has always had good taste.

    • yeah I agree…like that blue jumpsuit with the rope…Yunho looks better in Lacoste green

  10. On Yunho it looked chic… On Yoochun it looked casual…
    One coat different feeling ^^

    • I agree. A very different feeling, when Yoochun wears it, from when Yunho does. It looks good on them both, though.

  11. I found it but don’t know if it is the same as the one today. It’s definately the same brand though…hot hot hot!
    April 23rd:

  12. My two biases together! I love them all, but these 2 have a slight edge (but the maknae has been looking exceptionally delectable lately!)

  13. did he relazied yoochun wear it few days ago…OMG…
    before changmin wear the same cap which yoochun wear it before..Now is yunho….
    anyway..i love this jacket when yocchun wear was suit to him..
    now i love it more … yunho look sooo hot with it..><

  14. 2U awesome >_<

  15. yeaaaaah,, 2U couple!!!
    Yun~pa is JYJ’s no.1 fans… :D :D :D
    we love youuuuuuuuuu…

  16. I think it works for Yunho more :’D I mean of course they both look good ^^ but it looks more dressy the way Yunho wears it :P

  17. They might not be together, but all of them still think the same

  18. could it probably they contact each other & talk about fashion together? nothing’s impossible:p

  19. Yunho looks chic in the coat and looks more expensive when he wear it. But yoochun made it more comfortable to wear. :)

  20. long time no see SYC,,,,,,
    wow new look,,,,i like this
    thank for your share
    yunpa i miz u so much,,,,,,,

  21. ky ginian sll diributin.
    celeb di korea pk baju sama sih udah biasa!
    pls deh…

    • yang salah si lu, ngapain liat ini klo emang ga suka?
      lagian emang udah sering klo ada celeb yg pk baju sama trus di bandingin. hyoyeon, go ara pk baju sama sama allkpop aja di buat artikel.
      dasar aneh
      pls deh, LOL

    • emg kenapa?? plis deh …

  22. Our boys are looking so good! Love when they wear the same things.

  23. Ooooooo…… 2U is reaaaalll Yeaaaahhhh~

  24. Yunho look like a model in the coat

  25. i love both of them^^

    they have the same is so brotherhood>>

  26. i love my boys <3 couple coats maybe :p

  27. Cute <3



  29. Really happy to see this kind of “connection” between them, although they may not know they have the same taste. It’s just like… having them re-connected together (in the eyes of a TVXQ5 fan).

  30. same coat at the same day :*

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