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[Spazz] Orange Caramel Parody

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  1. chunface LOL
    yunho looks beautiful wakakakak
    my changminie…..hhis face so funny.
    i cant wait for JaeSu >_<

  2. My Yunho so cute!!!!
    Love younho!!!!

  3. JJ looks wayyy too pretty ….><

  4. LOL^^ That is hilarious. Yunho and JJ’s look the most natural… yunjae!

  5. fainlly we see jj long hair – _^

    yunho and jae look the bast

  6. JAE LOOKS REALLY PRETTY! It actually suits him too well :D our beautiful man! <3

    ^^ Yunnie looks pretty awesome too! :D

    LOLOLOLOL at Chun-face <3

  7. Jaejoong looks so pretty!!! And LMAO at Chunface XD

  8. I love YooSu >____________________>

  9. lol

  10. Smirky Min , Diva Jung, Chunface, Pouty Jae and Hyper Su… even parody does not differ much from realife …lmao

    • XDDD

    • lol so true ^^

  11. HAHAHA omg this is hilarious, Yoochun!! :L
    My Yunho, you look gorgeous!! ♥

  12. omg yoochun looks hilarious HAHA chunface <33333

  13. Wow I’m amazed at how pretty yunho and jae look in this manip. xDDDD

  14. -fainted- UKNOW!!!!

  15. LMAO that chun got 2 versions :D
    viva la chunface! :D

  16. HAHAHAHA good to know JJ still has the skill!!!! :)))))) hes a beautiful girl as always!!

  17. oh my God sun xDDDDD

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  19. Rofl, that’s hilarious! Jaejoong and Yunho look the most natural. Changmin looks like he’s trying to look shy, but ended up smirking. Junsu looks like he’s trying to look fierce, but failing. Chunface, as always, FTW!

  20. JaeJoong has the prettiest expressions ! >___<
    the rest of them just has all sorts of cracked faces,funny expressions that is a little…too much for girls?LOL cute !!

  21. OMO… haha Changminiie and Suie looks so CUTE.
    And Yunnie, hmmmm, he looks ok, but I still prefer manly yet cute Yunnie. Maybe because I’ve seen the photos before. 1st one is from HTTG, if I’m not mistaken. 2nd is from Goong musical, last is from some magazine.
    Chunface got 2 versions, LOL. Second version looks HILARIOUS.

    Lastly, Jaejoong. He looks as beautiful as always. How can he be soooo pretty?

    I wish to see Min, Chun and Jae doing Orange Caramel song parodies. Hehe.

  22. Wow! LOL This is cute! YUNHO YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! ( I wish he would be in a variety show that makes him dress up like a girl, just for a few mins! LOL He’d probably be so embarrassed, but wow everyone would be in shock such a man-guy looks so pretty like a girl! XD )

  23. LOLLLLLLL. *slap my face hard to get back to reality*

  24. Chunface got 2 versions?? LOLOLOL
    They’re indeed pretier and more beautiful than me
    *sigh* *continue laughing immediately*

  25. jaejoong is too gorgeous! chunface = LOL. changmin’s like a little diva girl , junsu is happy little girl and yunho is a hot girl.. LOL

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