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[Info] JYJ in Europe

As there were some typos in the earlier translation. Do take note!



Recently, Kpop FM was approached by CJES to help in their promotion for JYJ events in Europe.
Thus, they are having an event right now and will be offering one ticket each for the Barcelona and Berlin shows.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 15th October
Time: 9pm to 12 midnight (France Time)
What: They will broadcast JYJ songs during the 3 hours and will offer one ticket for Barcelona show and one ticket for Berlin show
More info here:
To participate, you just have to :

1 – Participate in this event by clicking “YES”
2 – Like the page of the radio there :
3 – Listen to JYJ on the radio Kpop FM on October 15th, 9pm French time
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  1. yay jyj fighting
    all the best for u

  2. ADMIN – Please correct the posting – Here is the correct translation from
    french to english
    Become a fan of Kpop page FM and listen to the radio Saturday, October 15, you can earn your place to see the JYJ concert in Berlin and Barcelona!

    To participate in the draw, simply:
    1. Participate in this event by clicking “YES”
    2. Click on “love” of the radio facebook page:
    3. Listen to this evening JYJ Saturday, October 15th at 9pm french time on Kpop FM


  3. ****CORRECTION –

    K-POP FM Online Event with songs for JYJ will be

    OCTOBER 15TH, 2011. 9pm – Midnight (France Time)

    SYC Admins please correct this posting.

  4. Thank you <3

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