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[News] 111004 KBS President “JYJ May Request For Reexamination For Banned Song [Pierrot]”

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In regards to the group JYJ’s song [Pierrot], which was banned by KBS citing the reason that it specifically attacks a particular person, KBS President said, “They may submit a request for a reexamination anytime.”

On the afternoon of the 4th, during a paliamentary inspection of the Committee for Culture, Sports, Tourism & Broadcasting Communication, Jun Byung Hun (Democratic Party), a member of the National Assembly, questioned KBS President Kim In Kyu and asked, “JYJ’s [Pierrot] is banned because the lyrics ‘PSM’ is targeted at a specific person. What is the standard of consideration?”

President Kim said, “According to the deliberation committee, the lyrics ‘PSM’ in JYJ’s [Pierrot] are problematic as it points to a specific person” and “Although JYJ’s side has said that ‘PSM’ stands for ‘Professional Success Music’, it doesn’t match when the lyrics are looked in their entirety.”

He also added, “JYJ may submit a request for a reexamination any time.”

To this, Congressman Jun asked in return, “Is KBS the spokesperson for Mr Lee Soo Man?” and “Why do you refuse to believe the person who wrote the song? Why do you have to interpret ‘PSM’ as refering to Mr Lee Soo Man?” President Kim said in replied, “The members of the deliberation committee judged that it is likened to that given name” and “I will request that the deliberation committee be more open to flexible interpretations.”

The other day, on 28 September, KBS announced the results for the review of JYJ’s album through their website and judged that the songs [Pierrot] and [Mission] were banned as they contained “lyrics that were personal attacks”.

KBS had explained that the song [Pierrot] resulted in being banned because it suggested “personal attacks to an individual” and that it showed a personal grudge towards a particular individual as the lyrics “‘P.S.M’ obviously represents ‘President, Lee Soo Man'”.

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  1. It seems like KBS “deliberation committee” Is composed of 2 people – the KBS President and Lee Soo Man Lol

  2. i hope KBS is not dragging this for too long that even by the time they approved the song,JYJ would’ve lesser time to perform on stage.
    KBS stop being so narrow minded.

    • They’re doing it on purpose, sweetie! ==
      Of course they know that in the end this attack is pointless and JYJ didn’t bashed LSM with their song. But it’s the only way to ruin JYJ’s image in netizens eyes. Also it’s the only way to do not let JYJ perform on the KBS’s stage.

      • exactly!

  3. Technically, I believe that these attacks will just backfire into their own faces and JYJ will become even more popular. :)

  4. It’s weird… somehow all I hear from KBS is: ‘blablabla… blablabla… blablabla…’ =.= I think my brain can’t take any more bullsh** as it is >.>

  5. Of ALL JYJ songs, why they’d hafta ban my two favourite songs???

    Okay then, Mr. SMART-A$$ President, if Pierrot was banned bcoz of an ‘interpretation’ of ‘personal grudge towards a particular person’ then “Nameless song part 1” wasn’t banned bcoz it is SO DAMN OBVIOUS that the song was directed to a certain crappy company? Why can’t you just admit that you’re kissing this “P.S.M”‘s a$$; i bet about half of us would not bother you and wouldn’t even bother to watch KBS anymore.

    p.s: Sorry I’m probably emo right now bcoz of my “P.M.S” xP

  6. Recently KBS’ way of blocking JYJ (Jeju Island incident as well as this one) have been done in such a way to discredit JYJ, rather than just block them because of the law suit. Jeju – they aren’t that popular, this time – they are attacking someone personally.

    It makes me wonder what the real relationship is between this president of KBS and Lee Soo Man. Really, why is he so in lock step with that man? I doubt that it is just fear of him. Looks like something more. Is he a major stockholder in SME or something? Something seems a bit odd about it all.

    • KBS is Lee Soo Man’s bitch…
      that’s why it’s explain everything..

  7. This KBS president may not understand or visualise the lyrics of Pierrot,that is why he banned it.My feel is, the congressman is more “open ” to the recent kpop music than KBS president otherwise he will do such action to the song.My question to KBS why attack and hurt only JYJ ?????Is it because they left SME and create the drop in earning , or they left a big hole that is hard to patch in SME organisation where they realise that JYJ is talented .I hope my intuition is wrong ,as I feel the country must be happy and overjoy that they are Koreans and can contribute alot to the nation in music, in promoting and most of all they are talented individual .JYJ albumn sale and their songs are well supported by their fans foreign and domestic,so its goodness and we know their music is fantastic so give them a chance to move on its not right to block as it do not look good to a foreign person .

  8. Aish! Who cares about KBS. What about MBC and SBS? Why aren’t JYJ performing on their music programs?

  9. Whatever KBS. It’s obvious that KBS is LSM dog.

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