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[Trans] 111004 First Time In History! K-Pop Releases Take Top Positions Simultaneously! T-ARA For Singles And Tohoshinki for Albums

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(All Irrelevant Portions Omitted)

Tohoshinki’s first album since restarting activities “TONE” (On sale 28 September) sold 205,000 copies in its first week, debuting at the top spot (of the Oricon weekly rankings.) This is the first time in the 42 years since the Oricon rankings started in January 1970, that Korean artists have taken no.1 on both the singles and album rankings of the Oricon chart.

The top position for Tohoshinki’s album is their second successive album to do so, 1 year and 7 months after the release of the “best of” compilation “BEST SELECTION 2010” in February last year. This is the first original album that has taken the top position (on the Oricon weekly ranking) and the first overseas male artists (including solo artists) to have sold over 200,000 copies in a week in 11 years and 4 months, after American rock band Bon Jovi’s “Crush” (Released May 2000, First week sales 259,000)

Tohoshinki member Yunho (25) said, “I’m really thankful. To be able to show the fans that Tohoshinki has grown, even if it’s just a little makes me really happy.” Changmin (23) said “ This album was made with the thinking that it would be a present for the fans, to thank them for waiting for Tohoshinki. We will be doing our nationwide tour in the coming year so please enjoy it as well.”


This year, the power of K-pop has emerged remarkably, with chart topping singles from Tohoshinki, (Week ending 7 Feb) KARA, (Week ending  18 April)  Jang Geun Suk (Week ending 9 May), T-ARA (Week ending 10 October) and topping the album charts were Big Bang (Week ending 23 May), FT Island (Week ending 30 May), Shoujo Jidai (Week ending 13 June), 2NE1 (Week ending 3 October) and Tohoshinki (Week ending 10 October), a total of 9 works taking top position. Last year, 4 works had taken top position on the weekly charts (2 Singles & 1 Album from Tohoshinki, 1 Album from JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN) and now the number has multiplied, creating a new record.

Source : [Oricon]
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  1. wow, only one week sold 200.000 more copies? they deserved that because the album is realy great. But my copy not in my hand yet…

  2. This album is really great, love all songs in it and I’m complitelly addicted to Back to Tomorow ^.^ I’m so happy for boys, they deserve this for their hard work >.<

    • I love Back to Tomorrow too! And many other songs in the album. :)

  3. yayy~! hwaiting! ^^

  4. congrats to Homin. You worked hard.
    One thing I always wonder why they put THSK in foreign section.

  5. What K-Pop Releases for God’s sake!!! D8.>
    It’s all fault of SM =.= They made those other groups ride on Tohoshinki fame in Japan so they could make those rookies more recognizable in Japan and to gain more profit. SM You are really the lowest… You really don’t care about Tohoshinki good name in Japan as long as You can make more money… In Japan Tohoshinki never took part in any K-pop projects as they wanted to be seen as J-Pop group and now… to think Oricon writes article with a tittle that has ‘K-Pop Releases’ & ‘Tohoshinki’ in it at the same time proves SM really did it… and as Cassiopeia I am furious about it!

    Aside that CONGRATULATIONS BOYS~! Break even more records from now on like You always did~! ^o^/ Fighting~! My copy of the album when will You arrive~!? O_o TT

  6. Congrats to our boys ^^. DBSK hwaiting!

  7. HoMin fighting!

  8. Congrats HoMin ah~

  9. congrats boys!!!

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