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[Spazz] Is YunJae Real or Mere Coincidence?

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  1. they are real! :)

    • yes!! xD


    • Well, it has come to the point that I cannot not believe them no matter what happens.

    • I love this! So true!!! xD

  2. They are so still together. And fucking.
    Oh yeah~

    YunJae hwaiting ♥♥

    • lmao! What an awesome comment)))!<3

    • Love your comment <3

    • amen!!!!

      • Halleluja!

  3. Yunjae is REAL!!! :) ♥ ♥

    • agree ^^ =)

  4. I hope antis understand this is a “spazz” post and don’t come to bitch around.

    btw, it’s been a while since the last YunJae spazz, I’m happy ^^
    and for me, YunJae is real :)

    • Spazz or not.
      One can spazz about so many other funny things.
      What evidences and what relationship? LOL
      Jaejoong and Yunho are just mere colleagues.
      This is so clear as YunJae is not real -whatever this “real” means.

    • And I hope you won’t forget JaeJoong saying,

      “Please love and support us, YunJae Couple, a lot.”


  5. I don’t know; when, it comes to them, I NEVER KNOW!! LOL. But there are so many incidences….<3

  6. they’ve been friends for so long, how can they not like the same things? besides jae2x still loves yunho, so it does not matter if it’s real or mere coincidence… and jaejoong looks vampire-ish… i wanna be bitten XD

  7. YunJae as friends yea probably I mean they were together for a long time along w/ the others but “together” like a “couple”? Nah, I mean both are living their lives separately now and achieving different things so I highly doubt they have any “lovers” relationship going on. Just my opinion so please no one get mad at me.


  9. Yes ofc they are a real Couple and still together♥
    I missed these YunJae spazz posts :’D
    Thnx unnies^^

  10. What YunJae have together ( brotherly love or whatever we like to name it) is real. As real as YooSu. ^_~

    • Agree with you! ^^

      It doesn’t matter how people choose to define their relationship, but whatever it is, it’s obvious they HAVE it, and that makes it real! <3

  11. YunJae as couple is such a DELUSION, and one of the best things that happen to Jae’s life is to get out from SM as such he got out from being made into sex object, a toy for the benefit of some fans’ fantasy, a great insult to his manhood.

    • honey,people have their own perspectives. from my perspective, these pictures just for fun.i’m sure that the love that jae used to expresse to u-know is a platonic love.No need to bash other’s thought nah…reflect yourself.

      • i meant this for carl

    • All these will end once one or both of them get married and what’s left will be history or may lengadary.

    • LOl you do know that Jaejoong and Yunho are pretty friendly towards YunJae fans? Jaejoong tends to be a bit biased when it comes to YunJae fans lol.

      These guys are 26, I’m pretty sure they would say something by now if they didn’t like it at all. I mean, Jaejoong and Yunho even sign for their YunJae fan clubs. -_-

      • So true!!! A++++
        If they want to complain, let them complain it.
        Why are u guys complaining about something that u have no prove for??
        As long as fans keep it as “fantasy love” and “real friendship” I think that’s absolutely fine.
        TVXQ’s friendship has nothing to do with the dispute :P

    • Jaejoong was never FORCED into doing anything. He was not a “sex object” or toy for fans’ fantasies. I hope you don’t think Jaejoong is that pathetic. Besides, no offense to JJ, but anyone who enters the entertainment business should expect to be sold as a “sex object” as you put it.
      If anything, the poor boy is still a sex object because of his delusional fangirls who fantasize of hooking up with him, which I personally think is a thousand times worse than Yunjae fangirls. Leaving SM has nothing to deal with this. Seriously, stop associating Yunjae as FRIENDS (or lovers) with SME and JYJ’s dispute.
      BTW, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    • I agree completely. Unpleasant and unnecessary post. I understand this is a spazz post but it just gives false hope/”evidence” to delusional fans who still thinks that their oppas are “in love.”

      • And some people ship him with Yoochun and Junsu in that way,so basically there is no difference there,just with different poeople.

      • Very agree..pity him to be like this..

      • get out

  12. Haha I love how syc posts coupling despite it well,being quite a sensitive issue with some fans -,-
    Before any bashings starts,I hope we can all just let others comments in peace on what they don’t mean you have to agree with them,but there’s no need to bash on what others wants to think or believe.just let them be :)
    Anw,For me,I adore their close friendship with each other.
    And that first pic,Yunho in bonjour Paris was exactly what came to my mind when I saw JJ’s posing with the statue xD
    Little concidences like this is cute ☆-(ゝω・ )ノ゛♥

    • except Yunho was not the only member that bowed to the golden status in BP. So how is that coincidence?

      • Really?Who else did the same pose?
        Do you have the pictures to show me?
        Pls let me know,i’m really curious to see !

        i only remb Junsu who was standing beside Yunnie at that time,but he was imitating the statue,not greeting it.

        oh and just so you know,i’m fine and open with any 5 of the DB5K members having coincidences like these,just that Yunho first came to my mind since i’m Yunho biased as well and i’ve actually bought the bonjour paris photobk and saw the pics myself :)
        please give me the link to which member that has the same pose cos i can’t seem to find it in my collection,i wonder why D: !

  13. doing the same things is obviously the same as being in love.

  14. Yunjae is real…:P but I don’t think they ever been together as a couple… and I don’t think they even see or talk to each other now… still they would make an awesome couple!!!! :P

  15. Please remember it is a spazz and please remember NO BASHING. You can state your opinion but do not hurt other’s feeling.

    Btw, SYC onnies, it’s been a long time you spazz like this. It is quiet fun despite many serious news and issue about our boys.^^

  16. REAL!!!
    so sweet my dadys ♥

  17. They’re so similar even when apart that it pains me to see them separated. The love they shared for each other, whether it be romantic or platonic, was definitely true.

  18. I told u so… XD *lovelovelove*
    More and more evidences will surely come later, just wait…
    DEAR ANTIS and STANS, no need to bitch around now or try to talk on our idols’ behalf.
    Be wise and analyze smartly, do not hastily conclude anything yet…

    ~Always Keep the Faith~

  19. Yunho in Bonjour in Paris is exactly what I thought when I saw Jae’s pic ‘bowing to the ‘blue’ man’… LOL

  20. Of course YunJae is real.

    • I wish you YunJae fans would get a life. It’s so sad you have nothing in your life to focus on except this fantasy. I feel so sorry for you all. You are ruining the reputation of two human beings who you claim to care about. Don’t you realize you could ruin their careers, and possibly the chance for them to find real love, because no woman will want to be with either of them. You can ruin Yunho if you want to, but leave Jaejoong alone, he doesn’t deserve this disrespect from you all.

      • they had a couple talk and claimed themselves as YUNJAE couple! and it shows! there is always a thin line between fan service and real affection but we can surely see both with YUNJAE! and what’s the purpose in bashing you can’t get anything good with it.. if you have nothing good to say you better shut your mouth.. and don’t try to destroy other people’s happiness!

      • Um, how exactly does it hurt them? These pairings have existed since TVXQ’s debut, and, as we know, TVXQ still became insanely popular and successful, so obviously it hasn’t had a detrimental effect. If anything, these couples have probably brought them more fans.
        I find your comment a lot more offensive than the pairings.

      • “You can ruin Yunho if you want to, but leave Jaejoong alone, he doesn’t deserve this disrespect from you all.”

        You are really despicable, scary, obsessive, insensitive and irrational.
        Wishing ill in someone that was hurt for people like you in the past, someone that never did anything to you!
        Most of Yunjae fans are Jaejoong fans, maybe they are delusional but they don’t want to hurt him, but people like you are the low of the lowest, it’s people like you who are ruining Jaejoong’s image and giving him a bad name.
        Jae would despise you, would run from someone like you.

      • @ro1499
        Ur comment mirrors the level of idiocy ur brain is endowed with.
        Instead of proving ur invalid arguments wrong,Ill simply tell u this.
        If u really feel sorry for us,why dont u do us all a favor and get lost?!

      • I wish you would get a life and not waste your time trying to insult other people. If anything, they should feel sorry for you. XP
        And why hate on Yunho? JJ loves Yunho (maybe not in a romantic way, but definitely as a brother), so why AS A JAEJOONG FAN, would you wish ill will on him? I don’t think JJ would appreciate that. Try to think before you write, okay?

      • @ro1499
        That comment was low,just b/c you don’t like someone thier life can be ruined?Yunho is just as good as a person as Jaejoong,no need to bash others cause thier not you bias.

      • “You can ruin Yunho if you want to, but leave Jaejoong alone, he doesn’t deserve this disrespect from you all.”

        Fuck off and get a life. You have no right saying such a thing like that. You are completely out of line and out of context and have taken this whole “shipping war” too far. At this point, I don’t even care about the argument about “what pairing is real”. You obviously have no ounce of moral fiber in that pea brained little mind of yours. Clearly you have no right to talk about disrespect towards ANYONE when you’re the first dishing it out. You think Jaejoong would like it if he were to hear you say nasty things like that? No. Look at your own flaws before pointing out the flaws of others.

      • agree ^^

  21. I wonder if

    1. the same sponsors/fans are sending them the same items
    2. they shared so often they inadvertently took each others things when they moved apart
    3. great tastes think alike
    4. their stylists are in cahoots
    5. coincidences happen, but other ‘couples’ just don’t get the same attention

    I like 6, even if 1-5 make so much more sense. I still hope one day they’ll run into each other on stage and HUG IT OUT. :p

    • Hehe… I like your comment.
      If it’s only coincidence, it’s happening A LOT to them, right?

      And of course, I like the #6 best, kkk.
      Me, too. I wanna see them hug each other when one (or both JYJ/TVXQ) won the year end award. *I’m expecting cry baby Chunnie*

    • 7. An army of well-intentioned fans are sending them both identical items ?Just to spice things up a little.

  22. Great Minds think alike , they have been friends for so long, nowonder they do have similiar taste in the accesories and the things they like. Friends who are together for a period should be together.

  23. Just believe what you want to believe!

    For me, YunJae is more than real.

  24. this are that so called evidences????? LOL
    sorry but how delusional thing
    its no hard to understand why many famous use the same clothes..
    they buy clothes that are fashionable LOL
    if we should said yunjae is real bcuz they use similar clothes

    Jaejoong also used the same necklace and the same ring like Yamapi
    oh,then Jaejoong/Yamapi couple is real


    • Have you ever kept up with JJ’s life throughout all these years??
      If you take a line between JJ-HJ or JJ-Yamapi case the same way as JJ-YH, it means that you don’t really know our JJ at all…
      Have you ever asked yourself if JJ was really gay?? What would you do then?? Stop loving him?? Curse the hell out of him??
      I always remind you all not to JUDGE anything ON BEHALF OF OUR JJ!!!
      You’re the shameless ones if you do that…
      If you ever learned about STRUCTURALISM and PSYCHOLOGY of FAN CULTURE then you should be able to analyze further.
      Note that gay is a taboo in Korea society, so if you expect them to go out then you are the delusional one.
      Our JJ is very GENIUS, he has smart way to deliver what he thought and felt.
      If you do not get to analyze the meaning behind his action all these years then do not feel too confident and call people delusional!

      • i guess those people who hate YUNJAE..or any couple in TVXQ… don’t really know them good enough to understand the love they have for each other!

      • @mjjeje

        dear oh dear I’d love to learn about the structuralism and psychology of fan culture! it’s my Uni course~ XD

      • @rethzneworld17
        Oh, your eonnie is a student of faculty of humanity too?
        It’s fun to learn…^^
        Maybe those antis and stans have not learned humanistic and philosophy at all, so it may be a hard and complicated task for them to analyze the symbols lied behind all those facts…
        Tsk, poor them.. LOL

      • +A!!!!!

      • @ L

        Unfortunate guess. i’m not a shipper. i love the 5 of ’em as musician. i just do not like you acted like a delusional person & post that arrogant sttmnt.

      • @ Ty_3
        Bravo.You’re very smart.

        That’s what I shall expect from my friendly and civil YoonJae stans. ^_^

      • @ L and @ Ty_3

        agree with Ty_3 L’s statement indeed sounds arrogant.

      • to L : you’re statement is ridiculous. w’re not stupid y kno! manager professor ma *ss!

      • @L
        Hahaha, you’re wrong dear. I’m far from being a master..
        The analyses have been made is not merely MY opinion,
        Remember that YunJae has become a phenomenon in the society, so it also attracted my professor to take a look at them,
        So, we discuss this case further, using some available theories as the tools…We even made this kind of cases as our theses…

        I never meant to brag, I assure you (if you feel offended by my statement then made such cynical statement, sorry)
        I just want to ask the people, to start thinking in advance, to see all phenomena in the world by looking from all possible point of view, not to hastily conclude something after seeing just from 1 side only…

      • @mjjeje
        I totally believe that you’re a master in psychology of fan culture, has a degree in humanistic and philosophy, and have studied and analyzed Jaejoong for so many years.

        I’am a professor of psychology and have won 3 nobel prizes, my IQ is 594. Oh and my favorite part-time job was once the manager of Jaejoong… I got to see him almost every day and so I knew all of his friends… all of them, but it still felt hard and complicated to analyze him. Wow applause to you, I want to analyze a genius too. LOL

    • LOL..then im “in love” with my roomate coz we have same tshirt n etc. OMG!

      • Firstly,this post is about spazz.Why so worked up,my dears?
        Secondly,its clear that u 2 have too much time on ur hands.Do u really take pleasure in leaving hateful comments and making fun of wot SYC admins like to share???f u dont like wot u c,just GTFO.Simple as that!
        @lynaa I guess ur as fake as the YunRa pairing.

  25. yunjae is real (couple). I believe in them. brand me delusional but girl, just research more on yunjae, invest in trying to actually find sasaeng fans of yj and you’ll know. stans are always saying we are delusional, but actually they themselves dont hold the truth. so just stop, your negativity ruins this post,

    • ok,delusional girl but you do not explain about Yamapi and Jaejoong issue.
      Yamapi was in Korea and he even quickly back to Japan when he knew Jaejoong was in Japan .

      then JaePi is real? LOL LO LOL
      dont know if your yunjae thing was o not real
      BUT clearly jaejoong and yunho are not in love right now

      Yunho is with Go Ara
      you do not read the latest rumors??? LOL

      • Yunho and go ara IS NOT REAL!

        Yunra is SM Scenario…

      • Why do you care so much about what others believe ?

      • I don’t know about JaePi but I do think there is something going on with Yunho-Ara. The latest rumor about them triggered from Yunho coming to Atlanta, where Ara was shooting currently. They were believed to spend Chuseok together.

        I think Yunho-Ara may be dating from after HTTG.

        YunJae may just be very close friends after all and fans sometimes could be deceived by what they see with the couple clothes and all.

      • yunho is not with ara

        if ur trying to refer with the sudden “rumor” that went on a few days ago it was confirmed that yunho went to Atlanta to visit his uncle who also took him to the airport

  26. the shoes are coincidences too, the rings, hmm… the jackets.. and the earings, same accessories.. stans that was just like 1/8 of the coincidences you are trying to put out,. LOL

    • p.s Jaejoong and Kim Hyung Joong lived together

      then Jaejoong/Hyung Joong are real LOL

      plus, Jaejoong lived with Hyung Joong bcuz Jaejoong wanted it
      sme did not put them in the same house ;) Jaejoong decided it

      so Jaejoong/Hyung Joong are soooo real real real real LOL

      Junsu and Yoochun also are friends with brother in law Hyung Joong


      • Honey, you do realize that those that have plugged their ears do not mean to listen, right? Don’t let delutional fans ruin your day. Some of these fans have actually fed themselves with so much YunJae fanfics and such that they can’t draw the line between reality and fiction. Some on the other hand, can differentiate the two. However, don’t drag yourself through their muggy water, its a migraine waiting to happen. LOL

      • Lynaa, I have a song that suits you perfectly! ^^

      • lol, just stop commenting loser xD

  27. Guys, i want 2 ask something…
    who between jj n yh wear first?
    what i mean is in d pic who wear the pink shirt first? who wear the jacket first? who wear the shoes first? etc. sorry 4 my eng

    • one day Yunho showed up in something that then Jaejoong wore and then it was Jaejoong who had it first and then Yunho wore it so they exchange in ‘who has it first’ lol
      and don’t worry my english is also crappy =.=

  28. We can’t fix stupid …… go drown with your fantasies!

    • With all due respect,I hope you don’t ship Yoosu or Jaechun,b/c that would be hypocritical as well,that comment is what gives stans a bad name.If you don’t like this article then mabe you shouldn’t comment on this article because you’re a regular here that hates Yunho.Have a nice day sweetheart :)

      • I love your comment though. xD

      • Thank you :)

  29. ^ we cant fix bitchiness… go drown with your bitterness.

  30. that go ara. didnt you read the latest confirmation? yunho visited his uncle there in atlanta not go ara.. please do research more and talk to me. LOL

  31. I want to ask something,may I?
    Why pink t-shirt yunho wear look fit,not tight? Cuz jj’s body is thinner than yunho. Can someone

    • Yeah JJ’s body is thiner then Yunho’s now and it was like that before too but coz of the ‘mirotic’ he got bulky xDDD Now he is just his normal size and size any normal Asian guy. Yunho has bigger muscles now I guess but JJ has his muscles too it’s just they are not so big like in mirotic period. ^^

      And just ignore @Tsk…tsk..
      I don’t really see anything disturbing in Your question lol You just asked if JJ got thinner >.> what is so disturbing about that? xDDD

      • lol you know, some people just like to call others delusional while they have a weird and disturbing mind themselves…

    • You’re not taking this post seriously are you? Because your questions are a bit disturbing.

      • hey, I just be logic. if they exchange t-shirt, it should be more tight in Yunho’s body, didn’t it? this is ridiculous then. I’m sorry if my quest is disturb you, but can you explain it?

  32. Everybody needs to take chill pill…

  33. This posting is just…. Controversial

  34. I have ever heard people saying that if coincidence between two people happens more than three times, it means they are fated. And I believe that Yunjae is real XD Thanks for bringing such kind of Spazz ^^

    • Thumbs up. ^^

    • Ameen~ o:)

  35. They’re real!! \o/

  36. I don’t care what anyone says. You can’t fake what they have! No matter how far apart they are you can still see it and you can still feel the loss <3

  37. sorry guys jae loves micky more now lol

    yunjae is the past what’s more important is the present which is micky..

    soulmate FTW!!

    • I was reading all the comments, and people were starting to fight about portraying jae as this or that, and scandals, and what not. I read yours and it was a breath of fresh air! I am a yunjae shipper but bring it on sister! :)

      • second that~! <3

  38. Oh my goodness ! Is it full moon today? or the psychiatric ward is on fire !

  39. i love u syc unnie…!!!!!yes, they are real!!!

  40. I hate how people’s hurting other’s feeling. Call me delusional or whatever you want, but you’re loser because you deny the truth. How poor u are! We trust what we see. If u don’t like it, you should ignore it.

  41. no SOULMATE is the real-est thing ever present…lol

    • looooooooooooooool xDDD

    • Like this!! *thumb* XD

  42. if you dont like it… then dont open or comment..clearly SYC posted this for the cassies and the yunjae shippers.. stans you are welcome to leave and ignore the posts. take your bitterness to jyj3 or something… in there you are free to bash homin and YJ..and we are not allowed in there.. ok.. now scram.

    • As much as I want to disagree, I can’t. I go to JYJ3 and ContinueTVXQ time to time. I saw some bashing but I can’t do anything since the site is clearly dedicated to only JYJ or only HoMin. T T.
      Then I realize, how thankful I am to SYC. ^^

    • A++++++
      its always the same few regular people who knows they dislikes posts like this,but still force themselves to come in and comment or read.

    • *high five-ing*

    • *high five-ing*

    • I agree with you completely ^^

    • agreed!!

    • Amen sister,can I give you a high five :)

    • @ L

      Yeah, how can sumthin’ get thru your already-full-with-manipulation-mind. of course it will not affect u then LOL

    • *thumbs up*! haha xD

    • I visited JYJ3 regurlar, but since when people there are free to bash HoMin and YJ?

      I find your attempts for credibility is utterly laughable and completely without substance as how you believe YunJae is real (couple). LoooooL

      • With all due respect,a friend told me out that site recently(since I like all 5),so I decided to check it out after reading the general post,the comments were so nasty and anti-ish,I closed that site and have never bothered to read it again.

      • No wonder you became like this. your mind has been poluted by that site ROFL

      • @ Ty_3

        If it gives you any happiness to think that, go ahead and do so. Your opinion doesn’t affect me either way.

  43. Omaigod.. unnie SYC u’re so brave…. hahahaha~ XD

    And for me..
    I don’t know~ the one and only Yunjae that can make me confused till no end..
    but I do believe their love toward each other..!!
    Yunjae FTW!!

  44. *sigh* we’re called delusional when anything yunjae crops up in other posts.. we’re called delusional still when were spazzing on an obvious YUNJAE post.

    Sometimes i wonder how much time anti’s have on their hands -_-v The fact that admins are actually posting this should be enough reason for people to show some respect.

    You don’t like it then don’t read. Seriously -__-v Just tired of this whole yunjae fanwar people.. it’s getting really old.

  45. believe me, YUNJAE IS REAL!!!!!

    • I believe you.

    • I believe you too, dear >/////<

  46. I don’t believe in YunJae or any other coupling in kpop cause I can’t relate to it. I often am baffled by the fans who actually believe in it, but to each its own.

  47. It’s getting ‘hot’ in here… Maybe people need to take a bath or wash their face to calm their nerves since they start to bash each other.

    If you do not like, then do not read.

  48. this video new related yunjae 2011

    • thank you!i love it <3

    • go pokemon! gotta catchem all!

      S/N: This is amazing, though. They must be real?

  49. I honestly don’t know if they are real.
    I’m not going to say they are, because I don’t know them personally but I’m also not going to say they aren’t.

    To the antis: if jaejoong and yunho were gay, not necessarily for eachother, what then? Believe it or not the Kpop industry does have it’s gays but due to the fact that being gay is such a taboo thing, they hide it. I’m just saying, when defending yunho or jaejoong against these rumors don’t say “you’re hurting his manhood” because that makes YOU sound like the delusional fangirl that thinks they could never be gay. Simply say, I don’t agree with what youre saying or just leave it alone and don’t click on these articles.

    Yup, I’m done.

    • Exactly! Thank you for that. :D

    • Whether is a strong bond of friendship or something more, if those are sincere feelings and their music keeps on getting better and better, then there’s no room for conspiracy theories.

    • Great comment! A++++++++++++

    • I love you. Seriously, fans saying they aren’t real are just the same as fans saying they are. We are all speculating; we will never know unless they tell us.

    • Thank you! Well said.
      I always wonder if some people would stop being fans if any of the boys were actually gay. I know I would still like them. ^_^

      • second that~! ^o^

      • Yup,me too ^^
        i like them for them,not becos they’re gay or straight or bi whatever :D

      • I agree with you both i’d like them for who they are no matter what :)

      • I wonder about that too.
        I know, I would still like them as well ^-^

  50. YunJae is real ?? u kidding me?? ahahahhaha …

    not only that… B.U.T YunJae is MORE THAT REALLL!!
    i’m sute about that nyahahhaha ~♥

    i love how SYC Team post this, thx dearrr ^^♥

  51. syc has guts to post a yunjae spazz at times like this. i love you syc unnies!!! have fun with yoochunnie during the fanmeet!!! ^^

    PS: IF yunjae is not real, then it will not become real no matter how ‘delusional’ or ‘desperate’ WE get, so calm yourself down. this is syc unnies’ site, they can post whatever they want, if you dont like it, dont read it or even comment on it.

    • I like your PS ^^ Seriously what are they scared/worried for? if they are not real they won’t be real because we said it and these coupling things are made by Korean media itself like they talk about Cha-Cha couple they made right now, nowadays many gay love theme is used in many Korean drama and movies.. and I also saw with my two eyes that there are many gay bars in Korea.. but still I don’t think society would accept them easily if they were real :P There is no harm talking about such things here between us… also they promoted their own couple many times :P

      However, I find it disturbing when they are on a show alone and one of them is teased by others name and they get embarrassed and don’t know how to explain it to the MC or host… I just hope Yunjae fans support them in other places without embarrassing them in front of the others.. Because if they are real and they don’t find it embarrassing or disturbing they would come out to public already.. since they don’t w shouldn’t tease them personally :P

      PS: I am not talking to you :P

  52. JYJ fans.. just STFU and enjoy the spazz..
    there’s no need to bash Yunho here..
    We believe because we feel it~

    Have u heard Get out? That song for u :)

    • I think homin fans doesn’t like this too and the one who still love yunjae mostly OT5 fans.

    • hey don’t accuse jyj fans of these
      i’m an ot5, i’m also a jyj stan (its difficult) and i like yunjae.
      *sigh* its a matter of opinion, really..
      some of us don’t really like this pairing because they think its delusional blablabla etc. well so what? fangirls are bound to be delusional, and don’t they understand the meaning of the erm “SPAZZZ” ????
      btw a lot of jyj fans i know ship yunjae too ^^
      * waves yunjae banner*

      • It’s okay, dear..
        The connotation of JYJ stan itself (now) is those who support JYJ only,
        So, if you’re supporting the FIVE of them, then you’re not a JYJ stan…
        I’m Jae-biased, ang generally love JYJ’s songs more,
        But I don’t want to be called a JYJ stand bcs those people have brought bad connotation to its meaning…

      • i meant the fans get heat from the stans actions unfortunately

      • @L
        The rudest fans are the loudest,and in your face constantly with thier self-entitlement,that’s why there is negativity associated with that name,it’s not up to OT5 or Homin fans to call out JYJ stans it’s up to JYJ fans to do so,they should be the ones to ask them to tone down thier rudeness and hatefulness in articles/videos that have nothing to do with them,cause unfortunately JYJ fans which are good people get the heat from the stans which are self-righeous,arrogant jerks that gets pissed when the world doesn’t revolve around them and thier bias.

      • @L
        i read ur comments, i am sure u’re rlly genius professor (?)
        i am not a yunjaeshipper, nor stans. but i did go to jyj3 as well
        in case u missed the post, they did say unpleasant post & comment about homin.
        that was why i got out of that site.
        it is the prove that most people in that site is unfair, hence it is not surprising such bad meaning came up and stuck with the stan name

      • @L
        Ohh, and here comes our so-called Nobelist and Prof. of Psychology. :)
        I’m sorry if my statement has offended you (once again), professor…
        I might got angry the moment I saw rude comments, but I never take it to the heart.
        It’s not me who has created the connotation of “stan” but the people in it themselves. I’ve never bash any of our idols, in any kinds of media.
        I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why such connotation created,
        You are the Professor here anyway…
        Probably, all of my professors who have taught me all these years need to ask you an honor to teach them so they can be a genius Nobelist like you .. :)

      • @peace_tvxqact1…as long i visit this site, you are the one of TO5 i know who very understandable, sweet..yes very tiring even new fan like me..just go out some post like this litte while..and find and listen some our boys song..will make you feel better..sweety..^___^

      • @ Ironic
        Both side just the same…homin and jyj fans.. just like you say “saying unpleasant post & comment” TO each other and OT5 fans.
        And OT5 fans doing the same to homin and jyj what the diffrents…everyone blame and hurting each other…this fandom ..sigh..very tiring.

      • @mjjeje
        Wow. Here comes our so-called psychologist who also studied STRUCTURALISM and PSYCHOLOGY of FAN CULTURE.

        I find your attempts at analyzing Jaejoong and the JYJ fans/stans again just laughable and completely without substance.

        Your unfounded explanation comes across as the product of an irritated fan, who cannot see beyond the black and white, of her own world view and is trapped in an endless stimulus-response cycle that can only grow worse over time. ^_~

        Why the name-call, sweetie? Your message is missed.

    • *rolls eyes* Urgh another one of you who blames JYJ fans for everything…….seriously child wake up!! Not all of the people who dislike YunJae are JYJ fans. I’m a JYJ fan but like reading YunJae fanfiction… um yea stop generalizing!! And Get Out is an awesome song thou! Glad you heard of it!!! ^_^
      if YJ is real then thats cool but if its not that cool too. I mean why the hell do people who dislike YJ have to called “anti” or “haters”??? Its called an “OPINION” Both YJ shippers and people who dislike YJ should stop bashing each other cause in the end NONE OF YOU KNOW THE TRUTH. All you YJ shippers and non YJ shippers have facts based on nothing so just learn that everyone has their own opinion. No one is an anti or anything grow up guys I mean seriously this is stupid literally. Just learn that we know nothing about any celebrities lives so stop making assumptions and that goes for BOTH SIDES!!

      • A++++++++++++++++ you said it all! I am JYJ fan but doesn’t care much about YJ real or not as long as the fans support and respect their choice, Just enjoy the boys music and and how cute they are…and am i instant become a anti??? ok ..go to listen the boys voice better..^___^

    • Why do you think JYJ fans are the only ones against YJ? I think most sane people can see that they are not “in love” as in being in a relationship. And I don’t think any one was bashing Yunho but I only skimmed the comments.
      You believe in YJ because you “feel” it, how logically is that (I’m being sarcastic because I know some YJ fans won’t be able to tell; they are just so obnoxious and like to intentionally take things the wrong way and make a big deal out of nothing)? Then I can just say that I don’t believe in YJ because I don’t “feel” it. Why are we wrong and have to “get out?”

  53. Spazz posts are supposed to be FUN!
    Some people are so overreacting!

    Thank you SYC-unnies for sharing this cuteness ^^ <3 I love their friendship and miss it!

    • yeah i mean, its a SPAZZ!! if you don’t like it, then don’t comment and don’t read! *rolls eyes*

      • ^ this

  54. LOL…i actually enjoyed the comments more than the photos XDDD

    well…YunJae is real or not…only them know but I believe they are…


  56. im not an anti or what so ever but i think its a share coincidence ..
    but then to each his own thinking way :)

  57. there is no such thing like JYJ fans o HoMin fans here… this place is for 5 of them, and YunJae thing is always a part of these 5 boys story…
    In whatever term u believe YunJae is real, it is up to u… but those who bash YunJae is definitely an antis…
    it is kind of sad to heard ‘u can go bash HoMin at JYJ3’ or ‘u can bash JYJ at any other site’
    why is this happening? isn’t their brotherly love is what we always adore?
    so, please, dont hurt our boys more…

  58. And this is why I prefer SharingYoochun over JYJ3 ^_^
    Thank you for this post ♥

    • and continuetvxq…lol..and of course the best place for spazz all about yunjae things is OT5 site.

      • hmm I don’t know about that but honestly sometime i come to their site because I wanted to try to understand them i mean from JYJ and HoMin fans perspective about this situation.This time they are now in “move on” situation and i respect that, even with the rules that they put in their place ^^ .

        In the end we can’t force them to support the five members, they have their own choice right ^^ just like us too. I hope we can try to respect each other and stop disturbing each other too.

      • yes, that’s why I stopped going to those two fansites, because everything is taken sooo seriously and they manipulate the comments’ section so bad

  59. Oh well. I’m gonna be bitchslapped if I say this is just a co-incidence.

  60. real or not..this is just SPAZZ!!’s for fun..cos we all know that we miss to see them together…don’t make this post controversial..

  61. butthurt ppl~stop being bitchy..
    dont like then why u guys bother to click on the spazz link?
    its clearly wrote “spaaz”.. ==

  62. For me, Yunjae is obvious! They still meet each other and do something they like…

  63. HAHAHAHAHA, for me, YunJae is real :D

    Have you ever kept up with JJ’s life throughout all these years??
    If you take a line between JJ-HJ or JJ-Yamapi case the same way as JJ-YH, it means that you don’t really know our JJ at all…
    Have you ever asked yourself if JJ was really gay?? What would you do then?? Stop loving him?? Curse the hell out of him??
    I always remind you all not to JUDGE anything ON BEHALF OF OUR JJ!!!
    You’re the shameless ones if you do that…
    If you ever learned about STRUCTURALISM and PSYCHOLOGY of FAN CULTURE then you should be able to analyze further.
    Note that gay is a taboo in Korea society, so if you expect them to go out then you are the delusional one.
    Our JJ is very GENIUS, he has smart way to deliver what he thought and felt.
    If you do not get to analyze the meaning behind his action all these years then do not feel too confident and call people delusional!

    • Not an anti, not a stan. I actually got into fandom because of JaeHo, back during the Rising Sun days.

      I get that DBSK5’s separation was hardest on the YJ shippers. Even platonically they were always close up to 2008, so it’s horrible to think that they don’t talk to each other any more. But recently this fandom seems to have gone nuts and crossed so many boundaries. You say – what if JaeJoong (or Yunho) is gay?

      I say, so what? Where’s the respect for him as a human being? Where’s the respect for his privacy? A lot of YunJae stans don’t seem to see him as human at all. No matter who he is or was involved with, or what his sexual orientation might be, does that give ‘fans’ the right to constantly harass him about it? Spazz posts like these are more than fine, but when it goes overboard and crosses into real life, you’re just creating problems for them.

      ‘Have you ever kept up with JJ’s life throughout all these years??’
      I have for half a decade now, and all its shown me is that he is a very complicated person, like any of us. Back in 2006 he said this – ‘my image is less than 10% of who I am in reality’.

      ‘it means that you don’t really know our JJ at all…’
      Do you know him in real life? I wouldn’t even assume that I absolutely know my best friend’s mind or her view of other people. It isn’t logical to argue that the same standards of ‘analysis’ can’t be applied to Jae’s relationship with HJ, Yoochun (or even Yamapi; lol why is Pi being dragged into this. He has enough ships as it is.) just because you think YJ had (or has) something more special together. Shipping isn’t just for the YJ fandom ;).

      • First of all, I stated before that we actually have some equipments to convey the meaning behind all those symbols given by our idols, remember that JJ is not only SMART, but he is GENIUS.
        I hv also read about their lives when they were still trainee, for more than half e decade too.. :)

        I’m not saying that my opinion and analysis is correct or sumthin,
        But I have discussed and analyzed this matter with a lot of professors and experts in humanity field, a lot,
        So I did not conclude something with no valuable basic at all…

        I mentioned HJ and Yamapi cz they were already mentioned before, so it’s not my real intention to bring them along in this case, actually.

        And FYI, the standard of analysis of structuralism and fan culture are actually have the same basic boundaries, they just have different concentration in making conclusion and finding.

        Lastly, I’m not forcing people to believe that YJ is a couple. Each human being has their own right.
        The problem I want emphasize here is that they deliver their harsh opinion and make rude accusation on behalf of our boys.
        It’s just too arrogant and inhuman.
        It is the same as violating our boys’ rights, isn’t it? :)

      • TBH, I don’t really care if YJ is real/fake, I’m more concerned about the way both of them have been treated in real life by over-zealous YJ fans … especially in this difficult situation. From what I’ve seen, beyond giving fans autographs, neither of them have done or said anything about YJ since TVXQ2’s debut.

        lol but anyway, if you know structuralism, you have to know that it’s just one theory, one way of looking at the world, right? And any two behavioural scientists can apply the same theory to the same set of facts and still come up with different but equally plausible analyses ;).

        So I don’t know why you’re pointing to the fact that you’ve studied one theory and applied it in a certain way to support your argument – about what exactly? That everything they possibly has some greater meaning? That being gay is a social taboo so YJ could be gay even if they aren’t open about it? That still doesn’t make it logical to argue that the same standards of ‘analysis’ can’t be applied to their relationships with other people. Nor does it support the argument that the behavior of certain YJ fans under the name of ‘shipping’ doesn’t hurt both of them.

        In fact, if being gay is so taboo, and both of them have stated more than once that they aren’t gay, shouldn’t we respect their wishes regardless of what one has ‘analysed’ to be the truth? If they are together and are willing to deal with it being ‘public knowledge’, that’s really up to them, but until that time … YJ shipping belongs to the fantasy realm, just like all other ships.

        [And as for their ‘acceptance’ of YJ shippers being proof of the ship, this might be cynical, but it’s arguable they know that there are a lot of shippers who support them because of YJ. Why would they do anything to hurt their fanbase? After all, they wouldn’t be the first ones to embrace shippers or engage in some ‘fanservice’ with a commercial motive.

        In fact, most boybands and even actors on television shows (*coughSupernaturalcough*) do this. There are reasons of course for why YJ is so popular. For me, it’s that the two of them were long-time friends, have always been very comfortable with physical contact, and have a certain amount of ‘chemistry’ that sets them apart. But those factors don’t necessarily mean that they have to be or were in a relationship. No one has all the facts here and probably never will.]

    • can I hug you?

      • I want to hug her too.

    • My dear, since I’ve won nobel prizes, I’m in great demand, I know.

      And you’re explaining alot but the older I grow the more I listen to people who don’t talk much!

      • @mjjeje : I second your last sentence. time will certainly answer, so why people arguing now

      • Hahaha, that’s right..
        I also learn from my surroundings, hear what they think about the world, and learn to understand the mechanisms.
        I won’t say anything further, it is enough.
        Let’s shut our mouth for now and see what the future bring, shall we? ^^

    • Thank you mjjeje ….
      you did a masterful job of reinforcing the stereotype of why psychology students are a bit off center … lol …

      And your professors must have really enjoyed the conversation with a crazily fangirl about her biased Jaejoong and his hidden meanings for Yunho…how long did those conversations last?

      And I’m curious to hear how you analyze about the lesbian coupling in the entertaiment scene ? loooool

      • @L
        FYI, we’re not from Psychology department and not only studying psychology, to be exact, we learn how to see the world as a broad text, with complicated small texts.

        And I want to tell you,
        Yes, we also learn about queer and other theories as well.
        And we have not only analyze YunJae, for sure, since this kind of cases have been a phenomenon which is brought by the K-ent and social-politic issue.
        And FYI, the ones who made this case as cases is not us, the students, but also the professors themselves also use Hallyu phenomena as their theses.

        Again, probably my professors and myself really need ask an honor from you to teach us, professor..^^

  65. lol I’m a Yunjae fan… I wish they are still close friends. =D I wrote about this pairing quite a while ago but if anyone is interested to read some thoughts about them *assuming that you are a yunjae fan like me* then please feel free to XD

  66. Too much hate here. But I will only focus on the love ^^. Never been a fan of YunJae (coz I ship Min’s pairings lol) but I’m very happy to see this post. Even though they are walking on different paths now, the beautiful image of them together will always be in my heart.

  67. ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!

    All you guys (BOTH YUNJAE SHIPPERS & NON SHIPPERS) need to chill and relax.


    もっと人生を楽しめ!!!! \(^-^)/

    • I know it right…

      • Ooops… I just agree with this part only “All you guys (BOTH YUNJAE SHIPPERS & NON SHIPPERS) need to chill and relax.”

        But the sentences after that, I prefer no comment since I don’t have any right to tell anyone to grow up and get a life.

  68. I missed this Yunjae posts!! Thank you!

  69. they are real.. omg!! omg!!

  70. Some people need to take their own advice, don’t like it, scram and get lost.
    Take a damn chill pill, its a spazz post. Get over it. Don’t know why you’re so eternally pressed over what others believe. Don’t like it, scroll, exit it doesn’t take that much energy to do so.

  71. I wanted here was to begin to say I’m forever OT5 so I really debated myself before replying, but I have to say this. Look u`ll dont know that too, even if u were their manager, mother, or the freaking painting on dbsk’s appartment you cant never say what’s inside their hearts. JJ once said it, words and feelings are like a sky apart, so please don’t judge others without knowing, that’s ignorance!

  72. thnx syc admins coz post this spazz >_<
    *hug admins n YJ shippers*

  73. What to know what’s real?!
    This!!!! XDDDD

    • Trying to post pic see if it works hehe

      • oh well. hehe

      • again

  74. Thanks admins and next time can you make somethings like this too but this time with soulfighter, aah I really miss JaeMin couple >.<

    • I miss SoulFighter’s too TT

    • Me too!!
      i missed JaeMin,MinSu couplings…all the epic couples back then xD lol.

    • yesss, and like YooMin…2U…HoSu…ahhh I miss them all >___<

    • Changmin doesnt like Jaejoong and was mean to him,so why Jaemin?

  75. Seriously… why people r mad over Yunjae?

    I like JYJ songs more… but I also come here and some Homin sites to spazz over the other two… although my bias is most definitely Yoochun…

    Why fans r mad at each other? It’s something I can never understand… If you like YunJae as a romantic couple, so be it… If you don’t like them then yeah, so what? I personally don’t think they r gays… close friend, yes… boyfriend? I don’t think so.. and even if they both are actually a couple, so??
    Jaejoong’s voice, acting, and songs are enough to keep me as his fans FOREVER…

    So yeah… chill people… :)

  76. *grab popcorn*
    Shipper, anyone want the popcorn???and we can enjoy this show together…*munching sound*

    Well, dont want to be rude to the stan…but dont u all shipping over Jae n Jisung???so why cant we ship over yunjae?

    Beside…secret is a secret~~~~

  77. YunJae is REAL!!
    antis are too insecure to admit THAT FACT..

    then why are you looking at this post??
    attention seekers.. tsk..

    • 知らぬが仏


      • @emily Lol, the pot calling the kettle black. Seriously, what are you even doing here in this post in the first place?

      • @Emily
        It does seem like attention seeking when people come in an article to cause trouble,so if you were to call anyone an idiot it would be the trolls :)

  78. Hahaha~ i enjoy this post.. :p. Oh..even they real..ahh~nvm~ LMAO :D

  79. To haters,

    The fact that you’re getting so worked up over how “fake” they are, means you’re taking the pairing more seriously than the shippers themseves.

    Yunjae fan

    • What if they are just annoyed that this always happens?? I mean why do Kpop fans think that when someone has another opinion other then what is popular belief they are an anti or jealous? I mean there is such a thing as having one’s own assumptions/opinions/reasons for liking and disliking something.



      ( ̄へ ̄)

      Sane fan of music

      • It’s okay to have a different opinion, but a lot depends on how you express that opinion. For people to come here and say the pairing is stupid and that the fans are delusional is rude. Some commenters have said that they don’t believe in the pairing, but that they respect other fans’ right to believe and like it. Those people have not been called antis or jealous.

      • Even though WHAT IF’s should be based from available facts, if you make WHAT IF’S with no factual basic then you can be the one who is delusional, dear..
        YJ shippers hv made a conclusion like this so far based on the evidences given, by no other than yunjae themselves.
        On the other hand, I’d like to ask you WHAT EVIDENCE YOU HAVE TO PROVE THAT THEY CANNOT BE GAY?
        The mere principal you hold in concluding this matter is just a mere certain CUSTOM which says that gay relationship is not right, sin, uncommon, disgusting, etc…
        Even if there are some rumors they were dating with some girls in the past, but what concrete evidences you can get, more than the evidence of yunjae secret actions?
        Is it too hard to comprehend, dear??
        Use your brain to analyze and think sharply, not to be overpowered with your heart’s desire only…

        Sorry for being rude
        I’m just tired to get rid of your arrogance by using our boys’ name.

  80. ah~ I dont’ care! Haters go to hell! I’m happy here, I got my dose of Yunjae today>.< Thank you SYC! *waves Yunjae's banner*

  81. this kinda article really boost my confidence for Yunjae.
    After the separation, I keep asking myself the question “are they still together or not?”
    I know that’s sad because I’m exciting for this article because heart is wondering about the existence of their relationship

    thanks a lot SYC girls

  82. guys! this is spazz! please stop arguing with members of your own fandom!! geez… u know, cassies are the only ones who fights with other cassies due to stupid stuff like this! Look at suju’s fans and you’ll get what I mean!

    real or not real, I don’t care in this case. Still HATE when when a cassie attacks an other cassie!

    by proud yunjae shipper & cassie

  83. Hm, I feel like watching a bunch of Yunjae videos now, haha!

  84. oh my god syc unnie! thank you for this!!! <3333 of course they are real and why there are so, so, so many coincidences if they aren't real? oh well, i can feel the love even from far! YUNJAE FTW!!!

    *reading the hate comments with disgusts and quietly walks away*

  85. It’s funny how anti-YJ call us delusionnal because they think that YJ fans takes things like that as “the biggest evidence in the world that YJ is real”.

    I’m a YJ shipper, but I don’t think things like that are evidence of their relationship (be it as lover or friends). For me it’s just cute coincidences, and it’s funny to spazz about a bit, and that’s the purpose of an article like that.
    Yunjae fans have lot more more things more tangible to spazz about for their YJ faith.
    I admit that some YJ fans can be too extreme or immature, looking for “evidences” absolutely everywhere, whatever the boys do or say, and even as a fan, I find it quite annoying. Not all YJ fans are like that.

    The funny things is those who say “don’t pair JJ oppa with YH, this is disgusting” (or the other way round), but you can see them spazzing about JaeChun somewhere else.
    I don’t see why it would be more disgusting to spazz about Yunjae than Jaechun or Homin.

    Everyody has the right to ship the pairing they want. People who did not like a pairing (they have the right to) should better not go to article like that only to say “you are delusionnal”. For example, I don’t like the Homin pairing (as lovers I mean), so if I see a post like that somewhere, I will just avoid it, because I know that I won’t like what I will see, and it’s pointless to start a war with their shippers.

    As lovers, the only pairing that I ship and believe in is YJ, but in a friends/brotherly way, I think all DBSK pairing are nice, because they’re one family.
    If people don’t like Yunjae pairing as lovers, they could just think of it as close friendship, and I don’t see the problem or anything disgusting in having a close friendship with someone else, be it a man or a woman.

    Anyway, I salute SYC admin for posting an article like this, because during those times of bashing (especially YJ bashing), they knew that some won’t appreciate it and posted it anyway.

    But I somehow can feel that there wouldn’t have been any problem if it had been a Yoosu spazz.
    Poor YJ, some much hate on them.

    • Thank you for you’re comment. Agree about Yoosu. If that was them, there wouldn’t have been any problems. I think it’s more stans arguing here, cuz them just can’t stand the idea of JYJ to be related to TVXQ now. Since when JYJ got such an extreem fans? People, relax, nodoby’s going to rape Jaejoong! (unless he wants it himself >;D)

      • Oh girl, it is in HOW you present yourself.

        How are you different from that so extreme JYJ stans when you stoop to name calling, assuming things or degrading someone, because since when is raping funny?

    • I agree with you. Why people really love to go the article which they don’t like? If they don’t like, then you can scream it loudly or insult it loudly. Just don’t waste your time to write those comments which can hurt other people’s feeling. What is the benefit of that action? You will only hurt your head and hurt your own feeling with hate. The most important thing, you will get high blood pressure.

      You do not have the right to make other people believe and think like you think. They have their right for their belief. If you want to state your opinion, just avoid stating hateful comments.

      What is the advantage hurting other people? Giving you victory because winning someone? Remember, shipper or not, we are still in the same boat.

      • A+++++++

    • Agree with you. I see others pairing spazz here. And reading their comment. It’s different with Yunjae. Poor them though

      When fans become too extreme with their opinion this would happen. SYC unnie so brave. I salute them. ;]

      • I salute them too.

        They always have guts for posting controversial news and rumors.

        And actually Yunjae fans are extremely …funny.

  86. anybody know how can I go to yoonjaelovebar?
    every time I type in the address it keep redirect me to tomatowow and I dont know chinese either.


  88. I wish the whole Yunjae fandom could only stay within the fandom but this really need to stop. Respect both Jaejoong and Yunho. Clearly, they are now a separate entity and both of them are not promoting the fan service anymore. It doesn’t matter if they are together, friends or not but they are taking different directions now and are not together in public.

    Let JYJ have their own name, give them a chance to shine without associating them to TVXQ or coupling. Let them prove tha they could make a name for themselves and earn it. OT5 fans its okay to support both sides but please don’t make both sides suffer anymore and don’t ruin their name and reputation.

    The whole Yunjae is damaging and destroying to Jaejoong and Yunho who are trying their hardest to create a name, reputation to the direction that they choose. Both Jaejoong and Yunho are genuine individuals don’t let them suffer anymore and force them to go back.

    – A former Yunjae Fan

    • I respect you ^^
      I understand JYJ and HoMin fans dislike this when YJ fans yelling yunho name in JYJ concert/event.. even when he was not there and this is the same to for HoMin because they are in different grup now.

      but not all YJ fans like that..i hope you can understand, every fandom always have some extreem fans i guess.

    • Now, now…you are judging on behalf of our idols again…
      How can you be so confident to say that the YJ thingy is damaging either side??
      How can you be really sure that JYJ will feel unappreciated when someone talks about HoMin, and vice versa??
      It’s not wise to make a final judgement in the name of our idols, whatever it is…

      OH MY GOD SUN!
      What part of NOT JUDGING SOMETHING ON BEHALF OF OUR IDOLS you do not understand?
      Is it really hard to comprehend?
      Is it really hard to be humble and not to be arrogant?
      Well, this is so ironic…

      • Question yourself then…do you also understand what I was trying to say?
        I hv to repeat them all just to get you to understand. But it seems that you don’t.
        As I said before, now let’s shut our mouths out and see what the future will bring, shall we??
        SAYONARA ^^/

      • I’m replying to you the last time. because you don’t understand the thing what I’m talking about at all and what this post is about.

        You’re talking about “rights” but you don’t understand it at all, don’t you?

        Have some fun is what I expected but you were trapped in just talking in circle defending your standpoints.

        Still you filled my times while I was bored and you were just mildly amusing.

      • @L: are u trying to say tht making rude commens and hurting feelings are wise then? we know the meaning of wise, its on the dict.and I dont see tht hurting in any ways can be consider wise

      • The quotation goes to you as well then..? : )
        Actually, I don’t really care how they behave, but I do care if their behavior hurt others.
        Everybody has right to do as mush as you can, but remember that their right is limited by other people’s right.
        And note that the origin of a society has been made of so called agreement by major people.
        If you talked about relativity now, then the world would not need any policies.. : )

      • Because you are not God, their parents, teachers nor the Admin of this site who can demand other people to follow your way of thinking.

        Look, I’m a professor and nobelist LooooooooL but I don’t need followers, everyone should decide on their own what is right and what is wrong, what to believe, what not.

        Wise is not how you can tell someone to be, but oneself has to experienced it.

        You may have a good intention but,

        A fool may talk, a wise man speaks. ~Ben Jonson

      • I don’t really get why people fuss about 1 point only since there are so many point here,
        I never ask them to believe anything they don’t believe at the first place,
        I just want them to be wise in making comments and statements,
        If you hate something, it’s okay to keep it,
        But it will not be okay if you start making rude comments and accusation to other people, (I’m not only talking about YJ case)
        This post is not a porn, right? So why are those people hate it and start making rude comments?
        And I nvr mention that I believe them as couple in this post,
        I just asked you some possible question from the other side of point of view.
        I just feel sad that people get angry and judge something as an anger and disapproval impulse only.
        I only want them, who made rude comments, to be wise and not to hurt other feeling even if they can see her/him.
        Is it too much to ask them to be humble and friendly?

      • AND how can you be so confident that the YJ thing will not damage the reputation to either side? Did you know how it was spread within Thailand and Singapore media and Thank God it the fans where quick to stop into making it a big issue. How will it label Jaejoong? Yunho? How will the non-fans, people view them when they see it?

        I could care less what ever fantasies you have for those two but either side are not coming out even if they are real or not, so respect them and their choice. Your delusions are making you more selfish.

      • Aren’t you acting the same way? You seem pretty arrogant w/ your beliefs and ideals…… many hypocrites in this SYC.
        I am never coming back here again. I mean I thought this site was cool but if Kpop fans get this crazy for such a stupid thing then I can’t image what you guys say about other things…..Wow I wonder how old some of you guys are seriously.

  89. The anti yunjaeness just goes further to prove that there is indeed a very undeniable and special attraction between Yunho and Jaejoong. Even non YunJae fans can see that YunJae is there. The fact that these anti’s hate it so much, just goes to show how much the closeness of Yunho and Jaejoong bothers them.

    Antis wouldn’t believe YunJae because they haven’t seen much of those hand accounts, candid photos taken by sneaky fans, printed interviews, televised interviews, radio interviews etc. basically anything that involve the boys whether meant for the public or not because they do not feel comfortable about their fantasy boyfriend being taken by another guy..

    • Sorry but I dislike YunJae and I was a BIG YunJae fan before. I did believe in them at one point in my life so don’t generalize thinking that all of the YunJae antis don’t know about Yunjae. I personally can tell you I saw pics, videos and fan accounts about them and yea like I stated before I believed in them once upon a time. But then I grew up and decided that if I don’t know them personally how can I know that all the things I have read or seen aren’t based on that image of how fans wanted to perceive them? I mean sometimes people believe in something so much that anything they see or hear is like “OMG Evidence!!!” when at times its nothing…..Also sorry but I have never thought of Jaejoong as my boyfriend and I was never a fan of Yunho (sorry) since 2006 (when I got into DBSK). I just now understand that labeling someone as something when we don’t even know if they are or are not disrupts & ruins their image.
      Oh and please guys don’t call be homophobic either cause I am pro gay and have friends who are gay/lesbians. And I can tell you that being homosexual is hard cause some people will dislike you and be really cruel, for no real reason. So yea since none of us know their sexual orientation then instead of assuming we do lets just admire their friendship and the music they make. I mean even if they were “gay” wouldn’t it be up to them to make it known to the public?? What if they don’t want people to know?? Labeling effects the persons a lot so lets think before we comment k?

      • the never ending DISRUPTION of image. LOL. go tell that to yunho and jaejoong who are currently playing favorites when it comes to yunjae shippers… and currently signing siggies for yunjae fans with hearts..
        and dont tell me about age in fandom.. some of the yunjae shippers including me have been in this since the beginning… YJ shipping was dated waaaaaaaay back then.. so why is it damaging their image now? if you dont like this page at all… you are free to leave…

      • Oh please, don’t tell me you coincidentally forgot that in AADBSK 3 BOTH Yunho and Jaejoong ask fans to stop creating those kinds of rumors. Not only that they discouraged fangirls from going too far out w/ their “YunJae” image. Plus they already clarified before that their relationship is not that of lovers but of brothers. (Korean Fanmeeting 4th album).

        PS: I have also been a fan for a long time since 2006.

      • Why are you ‘dislike’ yunjae?
        Have they ever hurt you?
        If you don’t believe in yunjae,
        It’s up to you…
        IDC if you were a BIG yj shipper before
        Everyone should respect each other

  90. excuse me antis,this post is for YJ fans so if u guys hv some problems w/ that, u know better than to lurk here and trolling~~

  91. definitely.

  92. OMG i just lost my breath when i see those pics
    they’re really everlasting lovers. no doubt!

  93. haters gonna hate. YUNJAE is REAL!!! hahahaha

  94. *rolls eyes at the haters* SYC Unniess thank You so much for this lovely spazz~! m(_ _)m I hope there will be more DB5K pairings ‘spazz’ posts from now one… like it used to be~! *waves Yunjae’s banner* <3

  95. just stop it already!!! first i loved them for their amazing voice, songs, talents. after i loved their relationship (brotherly or lovers, doesn’t matter) and i still love, will love them for those facts! i don’t care their sex life. i care their happiness and healtiness. what do you expect? will they marry with u if they r not gay? if they r gay and love eachother this is their chooice, not yours. if they r not gay, again this is their life. if some day they will come out “we r gay” or “we r not gay” whay will u do? will u turn your back to them cause they r not what u want from them? will u stop listen their songs? will u stop your support? then what will they think? “our fans love us just for their fantasies not our human beings our for talents. we suffered a lot of for to entertain them, for their happiness and they love us just for fun” your acts are sooooo ungrateful! behalf please and love them for what r they, not for your selfish hopes! YES I M A YUNJAE SHIPPER AND I BELIEVE THEM. BUT I KNOW MY LIMITS! I HOPE YOU WILL LEARN YOURS TOO!!

  96. YunJae was real, is real, and will always real <3
    to be honest, they're the reason why my faith to DB5K being more strong and strong. Through YunJae, I can see the possibility of DB5K's reunion. or at least, with those coincidence thing they make me believe that they're still in contact and meet each other.
    I don't care with those anti-fans, I don't care they called me a delusional fan, because I enjoy myself shipping them, spazzing about them, and I feel happy.
    YunJae is like drug for me. So addicted! xD

  97. lol so embarrassed for syc right now. this website and its followers bring this already insane fandom to a whole new level.

  98. I didn’t wanna comment here but i just want to say i love u yunjae shippers! Lol even though i’m not one i only think of them as bros cause i have guy friends that share the same relationship as yj and usually gets mistaken to be gay. They are merely brothers but the yj fandom has been there 4 8 years u can’t make it disappear with one comment so save urself the trouble lol

  99. YUNJAE IS REAL,if you can’t believe,GET OUT! =))

  100. Uhm… the pink shirts look different.. Yun’s one does not have the chest pocket

  101. Yunjae is REAL???

    Do you guys want to say and admit that Yunho and Jaejoong is a gay?
    Coz if it’s real it’s mean they are gay right?
    If you guys say NO, it’s mean it’s NOT real, it’s just your delussion/fantasie..what a shame!

  102. ^ yes they are real. so what now? LOL. go back to your stansite… we dont need you here. do take note, this is a yunjae spazz page… if you dont like it… you are free to leave this page..

  103. I wonder since when SPAZZ become SERIOUS article?
    Some people too worked up with their opinion.
    What make me lolling is, you hate Yunjae because it makes your biased gay and you don’t like this gay thingy but yet you ship JaeChun/YooSu/HoMin and newest Cha-cha couple (and it’s for sure gay pairing not straight)

    Yunjae shipper can be extreme sometimes but not all so does stans and OT5

    Btw, SYC unnie! It’s been long time you didn’t post spazz about YunJae. Keep it up (lol) and don’t forget others couple too esp Soulfighter and HoSu.

    • and MinSu too! haha how can I forget Minsu couple. The bickering couple. keke xD

    • I agree,there are some people who don’t want the “other side” to have any connection to thier bias as well,that’s where thier hate comes from.Maybe one day we’ll be able to spazz in peace :)

    • Sorry but don’t generalize seriously I am not a fan of either pairings. All I like is their friendship and especially their music. I don’t get why everyone is getting all crazy for something that is fake. I mean no one has a reason to believe this or not. Both sides you and the others are really immature. Can we just focus on their music and not on their relationships? This isn’t PEOPLE or OK! magazine, also isn’t the reason we love JYJ or HoMin is cause of their music? If not then why support them so much?…..

      • Calm down pweasseee
        Stop being arrogant & show off your over confidence

      • who are you to tell us what to do.. or to tell SYC what to do.. this is their blog… if you dont want this thread.. then dont come here.. simple.
        and one thing that lots of fans fell in love with tvxq is their bond.. and the apparent love within the 5 members… if you want to focus on their music then fine… just dont dictate others on following you, dont think highly of yourself.

      • LOL Wow so this it’s going to be? Look you really think I’m “forcing” my opinion on you guys?? LOL
        Sorry but fine if that’s what you think then so be it. But just to state things clearly, when did I say I didn’t appreciate their friendship?? I quote “All I like is their friendship and especially their music”, and where did it look like I was “telling” SYC what to do? All I did was state my opinion just like you and 200 others are doing on this article. If you are mad because I said “something that is fake” well no one stated that YunJae was real, and I honestly don’t care because that is THEIR business not mine. Also aren’t others “dictating” the non YJ shippers that “YUNJAE IS REAL” and all that stuff? Please all I said was for you guys to stop fighting both the YJ shippers and not YJ shippers, if you think that’s dictating & thinking “highly” of myself well then that’s your problem.

    • and MinChun too =)) My Sky couple. I love them I love them :”)

  104. YOOSU is REAL too.. ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ
    *waves YooSu Banner*

  105. i miss them >o<
    they were so cute ♥

  106. OHMAI~~!!! Look at the numbers of comment. One of HOT topic. lol xD

  107. Of course is real! ;)

  108. How much sick mind

  109. YunJae shippers, as we have all noticed, the YunJae couple gained a lot of antis lately, unlike before. So when a YunJae article will come out, there’ll most definitly be yunjae antis calling us delusional and sick or something. We’ve already experienced that, with all the arguments that happened recently. So from now on, we should act more mature and ignore the hatred. Just spazz about YunJae, and if you ever read a comment who’s bashing YunJae and their shippers, ignore it. YunJae is about love, not hate,so please try to avoid arguments. It’s pointless to try to convince them that YunJae is real, really. So as I said, just spazz, have fun between yunjae shippers, and ignore the antis alright? ^^ Even if an anti is replying to you, just ignore it. It’s for the best.

    • Agree. ^^

    • so agree!!! ^^ thank you girls for spazz

    • A++++!

      I won’t let antis’ comments get to me anymore. :)

  110. Crazy people are really SCARY…

    • SCARY…like your face. :D

  111. […] Then we had YunJae spazz: Is YunJae Real or Mere Coincidence? […]

  112. syc unnies – i just really want to thank u for posting sth like despite knowing how bad it cld get. my dear yunjae heart has been down altely so this just made my day (and more). and i just really wanted to say thank u :)

  113. lol why so serious?! Let the people who ship YunJae be. I am one of the YunJae shippers. Just cause I believe in YunJae and think they’re real doesn’t mean i’m crazy. lol maybe some of you need to look up the definition of crazy. Really, some of you are making too big of a deal of this. If you don’t like YunJae shippers or etc simply don’t comment and go somewhere else. Geezzzzzz shut the fuck up with your bullshit

  114. It is so ironic that people nowadays have been so rude and heartless
    This is a free media, I’m wondering why they should make harsh comments if they disapprove something.
    do they love war and arguing that much?
    respecting other people’s opinion and heart is proved to be a hard task, I see.

    • I agree. Some people make a rude comment freely because it is internet and they do not need to show their real identity in internet…

      If some people consider some people as delusional, then they better go and hang out with the ‘sane’ one. Moreover, it is a spazz posting and it is made to be fun. However, some people too work up with their argument and consider themselves as the right one. Come on people, take a chill pill. Every body needs to calm. If you want to argue, do it with cool mind and cool feeling.

  115. thank u for posting about yunjae u syc

  116. The harsh persons are so tiring! Arrogant!

  117. Showing support here!
    Jaejoong even said that he having yunjae fans going up to him isn’t bothering at all! Don’t you guys know about the recent armpit hair incident hahaha.

    • I KNOW that incident. That was so cute of Jaejoong. And you saw the YJ picture where Jaejoong and Yunho both put their signature, right?

      Jaejoong’s signature was some time ago, and Yunho signature was this month or sth.

      • REALLY???!!! WHERE???!!! TTT___TTT


  119. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SYC admins. I really miss Yunjae. ^^

    And I believe they ARE REAL. I don’t care whether it’s in a romantic kind or a brothers/best friends kind of love, I WILL still support them.

    PS: I got tired (mentally) after reading all those comments. Seriously, why so many hatred comments.

  120. I really don’t get it when people are so worked up with this kind of posts. If you don’t like it, then don’t read. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but only Yunho and Jaejoong can really tell what’s real and what’s not…so what’s with the hate?…If Yunjae shippers think of them as couple then let them be, they are not forcing you to. Let Yunho and Jaejoong complain if they hate…they’re man enough..
    And does a person’s gender really matter that if anyone in TVXQ is gay, they won’t deserve any respect at all?

  121. OMG!!!So many comments!!!LOVE YunJae’s shippers!!!
    YunJae is REAL!!!^^

  122. LOL. no matter what yunjae is popular huh? fan or not, ppl just love commenting when anything relates to yunjae.

    syc didn’t even proclaim yunjae was ‘real’ or anything. it’s a spazz post. u no want to spazz? then GET OUT! get it?? rofl

    why so pressed if you ‘KNOW’ they are not real? why so concerned about what other fans believe? this post has nothing ‘anti’ in it.

    • but people often annoyed with ridiculousness and stupidity.

    • oops

      **I meant to include that I think the bowing to statue pose is the cutest of the pics. I don’t know why it’s so cute~i guess that they’d even think of posing like that.

    • lol…now that you said it…they indeed get so much attention…people can’t help but comment..and it’s really funny how some people get so annoyed..

  123. LMAO stupid post is nothing new in fan sites…but the stupidity in the comment section above are astounding. Congratulation for being idiotic bunch of retards.

    Do you guys know too much fantasizing make your brain stop working? I guess u guys dont know since living in fantasy is the most clever thing you guys can be.

    • And you’re a god to know whether what we believe is delusion or truth?? Hahaha, who’s the one fantasizing here??
      Oh please don’t mark yourself too high, dude! LOL

  124. They are real =) well, at least, I believe in them =D

  125. I’ve personally have come to a conclusion of why I think YunJae may still be existing. Given the fact that Yunho is in SM and there is all those policies on dating and whatnot, it explains a part of his story. But Jaejoong, as far as I’m aware, is free to date if he wished. Perhaps their is other reasons behind why he does not, but I believe Yunho is a factor of this. I’ve never seen the two more interested in someone besides each other. 9+ years of friendship or whatever it may be, does not disappear overnight. Whether these two are involved or not is arguable, but to flat out say yes/no would be extreme.

    • Wow… I didn’t know that JYJ-fan got such reputation ^_^
      Oh well, that doesn’t matter… I’m still proud to be one ^_~
      *Big hugs* for Classystar, ArielJ and peace_tvxqact1
      I’ll take my leave before someone ask me to ‘Get Out’ (aww LOVE this song!)
      Adios! ^_~

  126. Aaah, before I actually leave, please don’t dish or bash JYJ-fan too much, they have evidences and reasons for stand this strong to their opinion, probably same like you with yours. We love Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu as much as you probably do. The pains, the hardship of each member we want to share it and wish them nothing but their happiness. So, it’s nothing about being arrogance or anything.
    We respect their past as TVXQ but now they’re JYJ and they’re move on. And we fans want to respect that and wish nothing but to support them to achieve their bright future ahead.

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