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[News] JYJ Announces Europe Tour to Begin in October

T/N: It will be held at Club San Jordi in Barcelona, not Palau Sant Jordi

>JYJ Announces Europe Tour to Begin in October
After much speculationC-Jes Entertainment has confirmed that JYJ will hold several concerts this year in select countries in Europe.

According to C-Jes, “JYJ’s show in Europe has been confirmed. After the show in Spain in October, there will be another one in Germany in early November.”

The concerts will be held at the Palau Sant Jordi Stadium in Barcelona, Spain on October 29 and the Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany on November 6. The Palau Sant Jordi Stadium has a 24,000-seating capacity and hosted several events during the 1992 Summer Olympics, while the Tempodrom has hosted concerts by the likes of Amy Winehouse and Janet Jackson.

The trio have also expressed their excitement for the concert, stating that, “We don’t want to make a huge difference between the Europe, North America and Asia tour. We are just deeply moved and delighted at the fact that we are preparing to meet fans we haven’t met before in a new city. As there are high expectations for Hallyu globally, we will present the fans with the best performance and teamwork.”

JYJ is currently preparing for their Korean comeback and will release the MV teaser for “In Heaven” later today.

credit: soompi


  1. GO jyj. Show them alllll

  2. Yesssss!
    I’m crying out of happiness right now. I’m near Madrid for my uni exchange, I will be there, in Barcelona!!!!

  3. T-T and latinamerica????????

  4. hope it goes well !! jyj fight!!!

  5. Please correct the information about Barcelona…the venue isn’t Palau Sant Jordi…it will be Club sant Jordi for 4000 people aprox. thank you

  6. JYJ in barcelona
    I’m so happy
    I’ll be there to support

  7. JYJ Fighting! :D

    • Hi!! @YunhoFan….^___^ how are you, dear?
      all the up and down, the boys doing so good right?
      Congrat Spain and Gemeny Fans….please support JYJ!!!!!!!!!

  8. YESSS!!! I will see JYJ in concert >__< I am very very happy

    P:D: The concert isn't in Palau Sant Jordi, It's in Club Sant Jordi 4600 seating capacity

  9. Oh no!!!! Where’s UK ???? :(((

    • there was a riot in London, so many concerts were cancelled. So I don’t think UK will be in consideration. Maybe next time

  10. wow lucky europe fans…i hope they have an asia tour again too,though i don’t want to tire them out..
    but i miss them too T-T

  11. Yay! Congrats to the fans in Spain and Germany!

  12. oh my god !!!!!! JYJ in Barcelona

    i´m so happy !!!!!

  13. Ahhh~~ Spain! I’m sooo glad they come to my country!! I’m so excited althoug I live too far away from Barcelona… I’ll go to see them!
    I hope they will visit more countries next time~~

  14. Yah I live in germany, near Berlin!! I and my friends will go together!! The first time for me to see ♥Jaejoong♥ and JYJ XD I m so happy ♥_♥

  15. why on a sunday? WHY? T____________________T

  16. Hey!!
    Who is going to the concert in Barcelona?
    Anyone want to join me??

  17. Oh my god!!! they’ll be at… Spain!!! I’m so touched, I’m from america but knowing they’ll be at spain makes it more meaningful to me and I’m in tears, I can’t help it, cause that’s my mother tongue, the concerts at US were closer to me but Spain is so much more meaningful, I might get to see them on tve. JYJ hwaiting!!!!

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