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[Trans] 110728 Park Yoochun’s Shingles Condition Has Improved Considerably

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On 27 July, Park Yoochun’s management said, “Yoochun’s condition has improved considerably. The blisters have become scabs, and are in the healing process.”

On 20 July, after it was made known that Park Yoochun was suffering from shingles, and fans have been very concerned. Then, Park Yoochun was still working throughout the night for the shooting of the drama “Miss Ripley,” and it was revealed that his accumulated exhaustion led to shingles.

After shooting for the drama ended, Park Yoochun has relatively more time to rest while attending his schedules and recording the album. After being released from his “killer” schedule, he finally had the opportunity to recover his health.

Also, other JYJ member Kim Jaejoong will be entering the domestic drama scene with “Protect the Boss,” and Park Yoochun has been giving Kim Jaejoong advice on “How to not sleep and practice while watching out for his health.”

Source : [BaiduMickyYoochun + Nate]
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  1. good news! but still take care of you health & gain some weight dear.

  2. I’m loving the way you’re kissing that TH-ING babe!

    • Perv! LOL! I am glad he is better.

  3. Glad that you’re getting better. Please take care of your health. And what is about “how not to sleep”. You both should have enough time to sleep boys.

  4. yoo chun, get well soon ok. glad to know he is recovering ^^

  5. Thank goodness! get better completely, Chunnie! <3

  6. need more rest chunnie!!

  7. Thank god Chun is better…but still sleep and rest more baby~ Get well soon ^^

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