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[Trans] 110728 Bigeast Mail : Regarding The Changes Due To Restart In “Bigeast” Service

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Good afternoon to everyone at Bigeast.

With regards to the information published on the Tohoshinki official site on 27 July, it has been decided that the Tohoshinki official fanclub “Bigeast” will be restarted. This means that there will be a change in content, differing from the current free service that had started in July 2010.

Information about Tohoshinki, who restarted their activities in January 2011 will now be on the Tohoshinki Official site as well as delivered via mail to those who register with the restarted “Bigeast.” Also, there will be various Bigeast limited edition premiums, as well as CDs and DVDs, and they will be available for members of the newly restarted “Bigeast.”

Those who are already long-term members of “Bigeast” will too have to sign up again for the new “Bigeast” service to get the subscription benefits for “Bigeast.”

(Registration Details Omitted)

Also, for those who sign up with the restarted “Bigeast” after 1 August will get a new membership card with an IC chip. The membership number will be different from the current one on your gold and silver membership cards, and we seek your understanding on this matter.

With regards to the re-opening of Bigeast, there have been many opinions from everyone. From now on, Bigeast will be the important place that protects Tohoshinki and as the place which bonds with the members more than anything else, we will continue to manage this (fanclub) with sincerity.

In the future, please continue to take care of Bigeast, which stands by Tohoshinki’s side.

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]
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  1. So it’s like the new Cassiopeia… They want to start everything anew, with Yunho’s and Changmin’s fans…

  2. okay, no big deal, Homin is the heir of the most prestigious bandname, DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki, anyway in sm and avex,s eyes’ Yunho and Changmin are the obedient and loyal ones so naturally they will inherit the 2 fanclubs, everybody has to accept it whether you like it or not. For me, I’ll always cherish TVXQ’s memories with JaChunSu, and I’ll be cheering JYJ from TVXQ and wish good luck to Homin, may they find happiness in sm/avex care.

    • yes, I’m agree to. I stiil love both them^^

  3. this is a good idea…i see it just like TVXQ2.0, it’ll be BigEast2.0. At least this is one way to weed out OT5 and/or JYJ fans and also halt those presumptions that BigEasts are for TVXQ5 since they didn’t open membership for so long. After that, we can truly say that BigEasts are TVXQ fans and the Red Ocean wilk not be misunderstood.

    • I really hate stupid little bitches like you!
      Go choke on a damn dick you worthless little STD infected slut!
      Burn in Hell!



      • oh my what happened to u?? though i hate some of her words, but most of it are facts… there is a movement for the revitalization of cassies and big easts to support only tvq2. painful but it is happening.. and we can’t prevent it.. and why did you fall on her trap. ur words are just……..whoaaah…

      • woa, you need some meditation… such a shame that rather than typing a coherent reply, you only choose to communicate through bad words which say more about you than it does about the person you aim them at.

        stay classy.


      • Yikes! This is what we call vulgar and illiterate! There was no need to insult in such a vulgar way.

      • Woah. You need to back up. I don’t agree with elle’s viewpoint, but that doesn’t give you the right to cuss her like a sailor. Extremely immature and asinine

      • And you “Pfft” bb, need to calm down. Even if you’re upset at mean things people say, you have to not embarass yourself!!

        Calling people bad names just puts the bad image on yourself! :(

    • I am a Bigeast and I will ALWAYS support all 5 members. Please do not misunderstand Bigeast just because registration is opening up again. We love all the boys.

    • *rolls eyes*

    • the red ocean will always be for TVXQ5 and Big East will always support TVXQ5 no matter what Avex or anyone says!

      • sangat setuju!! 100% agree!!! X)

    • OMG, OT5 will be weed-out ! do you think Homin will survive with all these fierce competitions among idol groups without the support of OT5? what I understand is that Bigeast is mostly OT5, don’t say that girl, you just sounded too ignorant about this fandom. And don’t think that those who renew their membership as Cassies or Bigeast, though their banners have only Homin faces, but in their hearts, there are always 5.

    • wrong assumption dude.. it still doesnt mean anything ..only i-cassie like u will think like that.,. most of Bigeast support both side. So overall this new registration mean nothing . Me as a DBSK5 will continue to join Bigeast no matter JYJ in it or not. But it doesnt mean i wont cheer for JYJ when they come to japan

      • please, do that!?^^ always cheers and support both of them sistr, JYJ and Homin

    • The red ocean comment was totally uncalled for! It belongs to both. No one can change that.
      However there’s is an element of truth in her comment. Fans needs to learn to move on. With this new membership opening, HoMin will be moving forward with fans that truly support “HOMIN” (I bet this is also very important to them. They don’t need to feel quilty for using Bigeast after this new registration). Now the name “Bigeast”, coined under avex, will only be used for TVXQ(HoMin) that is still under Avex (This is only reasonable, though we would like it to be otherwise). However, that doesn’t mean that if you are a “New Bigeast” you can not support JYJ. No, it meanS as an OT5, after you have signed up for HoMin’s “new Bigeast”, you can also (must) sign up for JYJ’s C-jes membership (when they open up registration for Japanese/Ifans). Becasue JYJ (who are not going to return to Avex anytime soon) will not benefit from this “new Bigeast”, they aren’tbenefiting from the “present Bigeast” anyways. This is about the NAME and NOT neccessarily the Fans. So everyone should grow up and be reasonable.

    • i don’t think so.
      There are OT5 fans who will still join BigEast cos 2 of their OT5 aka HoMin are in TVXQ.
      Its not possible to “weed out” fans who still wants to support both groups and i don’t see anything wrong with having OT5 fans in BigEast.
      Its their choice to not choose between HoMin or JYJ but stayed with 5 members instead :)

    • :( I’m really hurt by how you worded that, Elle.
      Do you really have to say “weed out”?
      Most official BigEast and Cassies are OT5-fans (as they should be).

      Cassiopeia and BigEast was originally made for five people, and I doubt that will change, even with all the bad stuff happening.

      • And another thing Elle, even if you feel that BigEast and Cassiopeia should only be for HoMin-stans now, you should still be respectful to what Cassiopeia and BigEast originally was.

        And saying “weed out” is not respectful :(

    • @elle
      lol I wonder whether you secretly read the replies to you and be happy about the hate you are getting. or maybe you’re just trying to ruin the reputation of homin’ fans. Pardon me for wondering so much but it seems to me that you rarely get back to the replies or justify your comments after making them.

      and why the need to “weed out OT5 fans”? We love your homin too*inserts sad face*

      really, I find you too amusing to even have the mind to harbor hatred.

      oh,I’ll be glad if you can honestly answer me:D Are you a new tvxq(for that of cos I’m referring to your mighty tvxq2.0) fan? You weren’t a fan before the lawsuit begun right? I might be wrong in my assumptions but call me naive,I cannot fathom the fact that a previous tvxq1.0(hahaha how confusing!) fan can have so much hatred for the trio.

  4. all that money is going to SM not homin homin won’t have the money they earned it always gets deducted as expenses they didn’t buy , but the goodside of siding with SM isn’t that u won’t earn much money from all the hard work u do , no its getting brodcast on variety shows in both korea and japan , i have a feeling homin while being in japan are going to wake up to all the yen and ralise why don’t i earn what i workfor , yeah its a job your an employee either ur boss pays u or cheats u of ur money Homin are allowing sm and avex to cheat them in orer thay can show up on TV because they know what happened for a year and half for both them and JYJ and now still goes on for JYJ who stopped Homin’s ctivity that whole year and a half? hmmmm SM and then this year just the begnining of this year after SM made sure homin got what it meant to ask them for thier money they allow Homin back in activity in the music industry while they continue punishing thier friends JYJ, let me ask u this why did SM stop Homin from appearing on variety shows in both korea and Japan do not forget who stopped and then allowed Homin on TV in both countries its SM why i ask u ? so they scare Homin into staying now lets ask this when yunho and changmin were on Halt for a year and half no music nor music shows for a year and half and they tasted what it is like to not be allowed in the music industry not appear at all while thier fellow SM singer do just that were homin okay with not appearing on TV like JYJ and them during the halt ? why were they so fierce to side with SM ? Homin don’t want to feel prohibition again they don’t want to be like JYJ no appearance at all in guess what both countries SM proved them they can prohibit them and they tasted it was not a threat and they saw JYJ while living the actual thing so yeah of course they won’t mind SM take what they take SM does pay them even if it does cheat them and take cassopia money while laughing at Homin fans for taking thier money homin don’t take ur money dears u pay for sm not homin, homin just get little from you most ur money goes to the companies and the companies shareholders and u know share holders take money from the company where does the company get all that money ? i mean its a music company.

    anyway i noticed SM does thing with thier artist, it manipulets their popularity i’ve seen it more than onece in the past they ignored most artist to give TVXQ light it does this with all groups when sm decided this group need to shine what it does is realy wicked it puts other groups in shadows to allow the group they decided on to shine then they bring another to shine and overshadow the one was shining over the others, it even uses other groups to help in shining a group it does what it wants always never what the singers do, singers wait for orders like Homin now do, thier paving way fo SNSD and who knows what its hot all over who remebers hot ? there are but not big in numbers and TVXQ overshadowed it good real good thanks to SM wheather u liked it or not so sm think it can do it again bring a new group to overshadow TVXQ but use homin while they last SM don’t care about us nor our singers it just want ours and our singers money period.

    what keeps artist in SM is music appearances to shine and be noticed and continue to be noticed, they want to be remembered artist because sm holds thier appearance and rise or thier disappearance and fall that what most SM artist belive so they allow SM to cheat them of thier money and order them around do as they are told not do as thier creative minds and dreams and desires in music. they get out of sync they forget what music is it becomes because the company said the company wants results or u can’t get paid much or over shadowed by another group if u don’t get too popular.

    in other places in he world maybe ur not too popular and maybe u have just a little fandom but its enough to keep u happy well paid and perfect enviroment to produce your music ur style even if don’t appeal to most it appeals to some and it gets u by weather it gets u by real good or not the important this is ur so happy that there are people who like ur style like what u produce for them they come to ur concert and listen to u sing something u produced an u get rewarded just like u reward them , JYJ i realised they spoke about happines, they filed the law suit not just the money they’ve been cheated, its for thier happiness just look at tier faces now and compare it to before, junsu’s face is so vibrant yoochun and jaejoong look younger they tasted happiness that wasn’t there before, theyr only happines in sm was fans and music variety shows but they weren’t happy doing something they didn’t want and being prevent from the things they want like stage direction music melody no the company always made songs ready for themto sing the boys only got a chance to write some music in japan when sm’s hold wasn’t too tight, its just when everything is ready for u , u can’t be creative it destroys urcreative mind when ur not plain, when u have somehting in ur mind u want to try but u are prevented because thins are ready enough ur mind don’t think just use the mic and sing the music is ready already that hurts JYJ cause JYJ are creative they want to try whats in thier mind and guess what the fans loved it thier rooms is thier music what is nine fallen leaves parrot in heaven mission get out and so and so , understand staying in SM takes all of that away because the music is decided upon and forced upon them do as ur told no time to be creative. its a horrible life if ur not in for they money and popularity, its horrible because creativity whats in ur mind is the deal and it being battered by not being allowed to blossom. JYJ are a symbol or rather and example of what an artist should be and Sm don’t respect that SM in the courts they kept coming and going on money money money why because of two things SM cheated and it knows it stole them boys money and two is because sm fears by losing them it will lose money and it wants that money every penny possible and when it lost it now it work and making JYJ lose and e forgotten and it has the power to make them disappear on tv but thats only what sm thinks it thinks it has the power it thinks it can and sm artist like homin and the rest think it has the power and think it can but they’ll all findout soon that it can’t . JYJ are coming soon,on those programs it tries to prohibit them from no it can’t for long it can’t international fans have to do something we might be JYJ key into appearing on TV

    • Cool story bro.

  5. you cant talk and do wahatever you want but the red ocean will be forever with jyj (and homin)

  6. lol. Some of you really know other people so well huh.
    Oh well, it’s up to Bigeast, Cassie’s or Int fans they are here for who
    Re open or not it’s not matter.

    Chill out.

  7. Why fans are so immature???
    Woahhhh, as i said, TVXQ IS Yunho, Jae, Junsu, Yoochun and Minnie, but, WE KNOW THEY CHOSE SEPARATE WAYS…so, just respect their decisions.
    Legally, TVXQ is Changmin and Yunho, so Cassiopeia and Bigeast is for them (OFICIALLY, LEGALLY) but, both fanclubs can support TVXQ as 5 members…of course, there are many JYJ stans and Homin stans…

    GROW UP!!
    BUT, UNDERSTAND IT, NOW Jae, Yoochun and Junsu are JYJ…unfortunately they’re not part of TVXQ anymore…
    So, please, please, stop this, if you want to be a member of these fan clubs, join them!!
    But, if you don’t, please don’t bash…people deserve our respect…OUR FIVE MEMBERS DESERVE OUR RESPECT!!!

    • but you can bash jyj? oh i see
      p/s dont lie, i see your comment agree with a troll bashing jyj and you even mock jyj about the karma

      • no need to be rude,I didn’t read the article that she stated that in,honestly I thought she at least in this comment was respectful,her comment in the other article was rude,but getting angry over any negative comment does no one any good

      • this person isn’t bashing JYJ,just talking about how the groups are seperate,with the childish STANS figting eachother maybe it’s a good idea

      • sighhhh, did you read my P/S?
        im a silent reader and i know her long ago, she is CM bias and a long time reader of SYC. she mock JYJ saying KBS cancle JYJ jeju concert is their karma. so dont tell me what she mean and who she really is just by this comment on THIS post

    • you’re totally right, but i also said “i’m sorry”, because i understood it…i support TVXQ as 5, i support JYJ, i support Homin, i support Changmin…

  8. I SUPPORT TVXQ, as 5, as 3, as 2, as 1….
    Forever with them!!

  9. cassipodei=JYJ
    what is the problem???, cassiopeia (fans corea) was who did the boycott to album of HOMIN(KYHD) and no bigeast, bigeast only supporting to homin in the moment more difficult of the boicot to their album,when they were sad for the fans that didn´t supporting them,….bigeast are the club of fans very big for supporting o homin
    for that I say that
    cassiopedeia is of JYJ
    and Bigeast supporting of HOMIN but JYJ also

    • then Bigeast has my respect not Cassieopia since they no longer are a respecable fanbase,they made themselves the judge,trial,and jury,when thier like us JUST FANS who don’t know everything.

      • I don’t dislike them for having a different pov,it’s the nasty attacks that I dislike,and Cassieopia is one of the biggest fandom of bind love(just like all big fandoms),just look at thier past actions to even now,if they dislike or no longer support fine move on and leave who you don’t support alone instead of attacking like a psycho angry ex.

      • or they have their views and wont support anyone just for the sake of fandom, they werent blinded by -… the group..oh..we are true fans- shit.

  10. I do not feel anything like an international fan
    Korean and Japanese if they want to continue to give cover to sm avex do so .. but that money does not reach dbsk2
    I feel sorry both companies hate the fans dbk5

  11. some people on SYC is double standard.

  12. ughhh why do articles like these always receive arguments.
    Let the BigEasts choose what they want,let the Cassiopeias decide if they want to continue as a part of the fanclub.
    What SME or Avex did is not within our control,no matter how much you disagree with it.
    As long as we know in our hearts who we are supporting,no matter what we are called.

  13. Fandom like shit. Will support jyj only. bitches and losers to the left.

    • This isn’t BigEast fault, and they also don’t need fangirl like you to be in the fandom. Just because people don’t support your idol doesn’t mean they’re bitched or losers. Everyone can be a bitch and a loser at ANYTIME, including you, who are acting like one right now.

      • i didnt say they r bithes and losers cuz they didnt support jyj.. i said it cuz they left jyj to work together w sm, and that they went say insult jyj themselves. and i’m not just sayinig bout the fans.

      • @ Pandora

        i don’t know how people can be so hypocrite.
        Calling others names when they’re acting like one -_-
        Besides this article talks about Tohoshinki/HoMin.

  14. Bigeast is loyal. As far as I know, most of them are OT5 and do what they can to support both Homin and JYJ equally. I doubt there will be as much fighting as there is among Cassies. Compared to Cassiopeia, I see more loyalty in Bigeast. I mean the Cassies who came in because of Homin are basically putting down DB5K and saying it’s worthless, but do they understand there wouldn’t be Homin without the 3? Both JYJ stans and Homin stans really get on my nerves these days. Think before you speak and look at both sides.

    • I am supporting your idea!!!!
      i like your opinion!!!!!!

    • mmm, I agree. If a fan is a HoMin-stan or JYJ-stan, whatever, it doesn’t matter because you can like whatever you like.

      But stans should not comment meanly about the OT5-Cassies and OT5-BigEast, because they are the FIRST original Cassiopeia and BigEast.

  15. friends… just stop blame each other…. fight for each other are waste….
    don`t u`ll know what`s that`s mean BIGEAST?
    don`t u`ll know what`s that`s mean cassie`s?

    is for who? its for yunho..jejung…yuchun…junsu and changmin!!!
    we became as 1 when we talk about that….. whether is bad or not..

    aish.. it doesn`t matter how long u`ve been fan for them..
    we all care for them right…. ;)
    me as the cassie`s since their debut 2003 around christmass day
    when with my country never know about them..only recognize when their sing rising sun and become more when mirotic…

    but is not the main point…. what i`m gonna said it..
    their always respect each other…never said bad thing each other..
    yes..sometime will their has been quarrel each other. but at the same time support each other…
    did`nt u`ll see what we learn from them?respect?love?THE GOOD THING?

    i followed them for about 7…8.. years… their same my age..
    untill now…
    yes about the law… can we just support both of them?
    or maybe..if u hated one of them..just ignore it!!!
    GROW UP!!!!!

    we`ll care for them right… :)
    so whether is JYJ or HoMin… their still 5 that BIGEAST AND CASSIE`s
    always love…. yes me too… :)

    so,lets be a grow up fan…..who`s ure choice its up to u`ll…
    but respect each other…that`s what they told us right….

    for me… i love both of them…i will support them no matter how difficult in future..cuz i know the name AKTF… friends will never end!!!!

  16. O_o the comments above are getting out of hand I think… especially the language…
    Anyways I am friends with some BigEasts and I more or less know their fandom, Avex can go and re-open even a restaurant if they want to xDDD but BigEast will always be supporting ALL FIVE members of TVXQ~! They are strong like Cassiopeia. SM/Avex can manipulate and do what they want but in the end it’s OT5 that will always be by all the five stars as they always were there for them…
    They can name this fandom whatever they like it but in the end they will not change for whom our hearts bits for. This… they can’t take it from us. It’s simple as that. I will always support YunJaeChunSuMin ^o^/

  17. I think, in here everyone is nice and still love JYJ or Homin with their way but please be respect to other private person and try to not use bad word to other EXCEPT for SMonyet!! I hate SM mostly because that TVXQ5 is disperse!!!!!! SM don’t have heart they ONLY think about MONEY!!!!!!!!! SM HURT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Where have they all gone, the ones that spend time supporting, instead of attacking other fans? :(

    • a lot of fans seem to just read articles and move on. most comments are from people that seem to have stronger opinions in the fandom it seems….

  19. Its so lonely in the I-fandom. Will anyone ever give us an official fanclub. Anyone? Please :(

  20. I read some of the comments here… it’s obvious that NOW we have two groups TVXQ and JYJ . bigeast and Cassiopeia are belong to Tohoshinki and cus Homin decide to stay there they are TVXQ now!
    but JYJ they should’t post pone it more and they should make a new fandom. for sure many of the old fans gonna be in both fandom or choose one of them but as both 2 groups continue working they gonna make new music and attract new fans who really not care about past.
    but 5 of them together is belong to past to the cd’s we have and performances they’ve done. new days coming and this renovation is necessary.

  21. peace, when they having their concert, bigeast and cassies are still the one who went and support and unite together, being a fans is something start from heart. Its just that being a member could own more benefit like purchasing limited edition thingy… So can you leave the title alone, i mean the membership thingy…

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