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[Trans] 110727 Seoul Broadcasting Awards – TVXQ Wins In Singer Category

The works and individual winners’ list for the 38th Seoul Broadcasting Awards were revealed on 27 July.

Awards were given to 27 works and 24 individuals, with TVXQ winning the individual award for the singer category. The individual awards are given as recognition of hard work in various fields such as the journalist award, new media broadcast, sound engineering awards and writer awards, and TVXQ’s award is the only one within the individual category that was nominated by both KBS and SBS.

The Seoul Broadcasting Committee will be announcing the winners of the daesang awards at KBS Hall on 2 September.

For these awards, daesang winners will be awarded 10 million won, each winner in the works category awarded 3 million won, and each winner in the individual category awarded 2 million won in prize money.

(Irrelevant portions omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Yonhap News]
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  1. Congrats TVXQ woohoooo…. :D

  2. Woo~ :D That’s my boys!


    DBSK V2.0, FIGHTING! ♥

  3. WOOT! WOOT!

  4. cukae,,,,,,tvxq ,,*-*,,we love u ,,@,@,, fighting,,,,””,,,,

  5. Yeaaaah~! XD

  6. Сongrats to our boys! TVXQ is the Best=)

  7. I already see how SM would let the winner money go to the boys >.>
    They would probably take it as compensation for all the promotions they did for the boys >.>
    I am happy Yunho Appa and Min won but I feel bitter about their payment for all the hard work and all the injuries and sweat…
    SM may say that they gave them the whole money but somehow I am long past the period when I believed SM words blindly…

    • me too,the only good thing about this is that prestegious award,after working so hard to comeback i’m proud of them

  8. Kinda hate it when everything involves money,but i’m proud and happy for them winning the award :)
    Congrats Yunnie & Minnie <3 !!

  9. Whooa..Congratulation! ^^

    Cassies are so proud of you, Yunho, Changmin (and Jaechunsu too of course). And more happy that the award is “singer category” not “idol category”, keke.. All 5 of you are true singers =D You could prove the world that you still do well even in the hardest period.

    Yunho, Jae, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin, Cassie fighting!

  10. Congratz~!!! Finally they acknowledge you as singer!!

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