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[Trans] 110713 Part 4: Kim Jaejoong’s Ideal Girlfriend, Hoped That She Is Skillful In Cuisine And Housework‏

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JYJ Kim Jaejoong clarifies the misunderstanding that resulted from his previous talk on his ideal type.

Kim Jaejoong ever expressed in an interview during February that, “Someone who is like a housekeeper is my type that I liked.”. Such unique comment attracted everyone’s attention. He then continued with, ‘Please come here faster. I’m dying,’ such joking words made many female viewers’ hearts pounding.

Reporter was startled to hear the ideal-type-is-housekeeper speech by Kim Jaejoong and thus expressed self’s doubts about it, to which Kim Jaejoong explained, “I think I did not say it clearly. What I meant is that I like girls who are particular about housework and would have to know how to cook and clean up hygienically.” “I like to cook and clean up, of course I would like girls who will do all these with me.”

As a public figure being JYJ, there are privacy restrictions. Thus was not able to meet friends freely, and was not able to date at ease. To this, Kim Jaejoong joked, “Honestly I do feel lonely at times. If there are any good woman, please introduce her to me.”

source: tvdaily+koreastardaily
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


  1. Haha, I’d introduce myself, honey, but I hate housework. Darn…

  2. i need to join cooking class asap!!!

  3. I hate housework….but I can do it for jae!

  4. Jae!! i’m right here!!! xD

  5. Aww this isn’t the first time he says stuff like this… I hope that he isn’t thinking about the fans feelings and finds a nice girlfriend very soon!!

  6. Hurm.. housework shouldn’t be a problem..

    cuisine on the other hand.. *eyes recipe book*

    I positively love how he calls out for his future girl <3

  7. hahaha *raise hand* come here baby ~ I’m good at cooking and doing housework LOL

  8. Home Economic classssssssss…. Here I Come!!!!!!!!!!
    JJ babe wait 4 meeeeeee~

  9. for you i’ll be your maid heheheh..just for you jae!

  10. Cooking? I have no idea T.T but housework and cleaning? I can do that! ^_^

  11. OMG I also love cooking and a huge cleanliness freak! Is there a home address I can deliver myself to? LOL
    But all I can do is imagine T_T
    God, I never had a guy help out in the kitchen with me before, they all have no clue what to do except for my Dad since he`s a chef hehehe
    It would be so cool to have a guy like JJ who`s so passionate about cooking…

  12. Why do I get the feeling that Yoochun turned all the Dong Bang boys into clean freaks…. XD

    • And that is why every interview I read about their ideal types…. I keep thinking either Yoohwan or Yunho are my ideal types because they are more laid-back. Haha Yoohwan complains that if he even leaves a ring of water from a glass on the table Yoochun freaks out and Changmin threatens to leave the Dong Bang appartment when it is in disorder ….. What can I say I’m with them. I’m an untidy person. I guess Jae isn’t for me…. XD

  13. Joongie, i’m so more than wiling to cook & clean for you honey

  14. Cleaning is easy,but ughhh cooking…i don’t know how to cook,but i def won’t mind learning from JJ oppa or his mummy !!
    How do i sign up for this,JaeJoongie T-T

  15. Jae what the hell u want to marry a house maid then ? hell jae you rich hire a house maid for your wife and u want cousine hire a cook leave the wify for taking care of the babbies and the hubby ur rich man nowoman can do all the house work herself then she’ll grow ill and die early back in the old times the wife had her and her husbands mother and sisters and female neigbors all piching in to help no one does everything alone and people were poor back then but the rich had slaves to serve them now its servants with a handsome paycheck for their efforts does the wife get a paycheck ? the wife should get a maid where is treating your woman like a queen sheesh jae hook up with me i’d know how to spend your money i’ll hire a cook and a maid for us so we can have the mood to be together i mean when the wife is so tired after all the house work how can u expect her tobe lively for you when she is so tired house work is tiresome let someone ells do it if u have the money

    • haha, well just an opinion, some women do prefer to cook and clean for their husbands instead of having a stranger do so ^_~

      • I’d prefer so, many times the housekeeper became more than a housekeeper; if you annoy her who knows what she might do to your food…I just have little faith in what is not cooked by me, especially.

  16. Ha Ha Jaejoong sure can joke,with the modern technology and in Korea all types of appliances can easily obtained.I can cook but I don’t like to clean up. So it is not easy for someone to meet your criterias and all these can be learn through day-to-day living toghether. I rather Jaejoog say to meet someone who have a good sense of humour,mutual understanding and mutual respect with his girl friend to be.,With your fame and popularities to meet your ideal girl can be done .Yes handsome and capable and elligible like you – take your time to find the right one……………this is just an opinion and discussuion to your “ideal type”.

  17. Hahaha, he’s so funny.
    It looks like he’s tired of searching, so he let other people do it for him:”If there are any good woman, please introduce her to me.” (LoL)


  19. Wow, someone is frustrated o_0!!!
    When the time is right, you find your girl!

    Keep the faith alive!!! 재중 파이팅!!!!

  20. I love cooking but I pretty much dislike housework, but when I start doing housework no one can compete with me, I’m a perfectionist but I do that not so often also because I lately tend to have things in order to do less housework….thus meet me JJ, haha!
    Well away from jokes, I’m no celebrity at all but I’m lonely myself so I know what it means and for them is probably worse because of “expectations” and if we’d start to date a celebrity not being one ourselves it would still be challenging, well I think for celebrities dating it’s challenging no matter who they date with plus there is that intriguing thought “do you love me for me or for my money and fame”!

  21. Well i can handle that im an culinary arts student so i know how to cook… XD…and also i help a lot my mom about the household chores…
    ^^so i can say i have the chance…hehehe..just wish i’ll meet him once..

  22. hmmm OMONA im good in cooking and cleaning the house <3 if my parents was so tired when they went home i probably cook for them and clean the house for my parents <3

  23. well… Even though I don’t know how to cook
    but wouldn’t it be sweeter if you were the one to teach me how

    heheheheehe always dreamed about it :) hope it comes true

  24. I need to start doing housework now! But….is it ok that i’m like half your age??? D:

  25. so,starting from now , I am going to try to become a good house wife for you.

  26. It saddened me to know that clearly… I AM NOT Jaejoong’s type of a woman.. I can’t cook and i dont like doing house chores either.. I am too lazy.. But when we meet someday.. I’ll try to be your ideal girl oppa!

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