Posted by: sharingyoochun | June 22, 2011

[Pic] JYJ in Vietnamese Magazine (Hoa Hoc Tro)

credit: miajyj
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thx BirdieTran for the tip


  1. cái này do ai đăng vậy nhỉ,sao fan quốc tế lại biết báo việt nam,lại còn là hoa học trò nữa chứ,dù phởn khi đọc nhưng cũng không ưa báo này,vốn thế mà,lượm nhặt tin,viết tùm lum,chẳng mấy khi xác thực tin

    • Engrish please ^^

      • shes asking how did SYC find that magazine. . . . they are bringing fake news and info =.=” . . . .

        In Vietnam all fanclubs hate such magazines, lol

  2. […] [Pic] JYJ in Vietnamese Magazine (Hoa Hoc Tro) (via fashion follows yoochun) 21 Jun credit: miajyj shared by: thx BirdieTran for the tip … Read More […]

  3. sao lại đăng ảnh của bọn Heo Học Trèo thế này ;-*

  4. I can’t read this magazine and am confused. The pics are all the weirdest photos possible. If they love JYJ, they are really showing their cuteness. If they are showing it in some negative way, they certainly looked hard to find the photos that would make them look strange.

  5. i’ve read it
    it’s OK ^^ ( oh my Engrish ><)

  6. Some information in this magazine is not true. I wish no one will translate it into Eng.
    (sr, my eng’s so bad)

  7. hehe~ I’m Vietnamese and I do not like this magazine,it’s name 2!, anyway: first pic is the cover of 2!, the article of 2nd pic is ” some of JYJ’s gags”, and the remaining abt JYJ fever in VN – positive news ^^

  8. newspaper about the goodness of JYJ

  9. I’m Vietnamese too ^^~
    Sometimes, Hoa Hoc Tro magazine not true, but if you want to see JYJ’s poster in Viet Nam, you can find at 2!Magazine – 214, I think the picture in 2! beautiful than Hoa Hoc Tro and of course, special too ^^. Because 2! said that they want to give this poster for JYJ’s fans, as a present for everybody, who love JYJ so much!!!
    P.s: Sorry, my English not good, forgive me ><

  10. haha, how can i say, i’m vietnamese but i hate this magazine. They don’t talk the truth and make people think our boys is so bad.

  11. Ooh sounds really cool for jyj

  12. ukmmmmm I’m Vietnamese too. For me, i just read HHT for fun, not to get informations coz this magz sometime gives fake news and its infos are quite slow. However, it’s good to see my own language magz here!

  13. Haha~~~ there is me (wear a red T-shirt) in one of those photoes

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