Posted by: sharingyoochun | June 11, 2011

[Vid] 110911 Yoochun KBS2 A very noble-looking stars

My noble man

credit: DBxTOHO9


  1. who are #2, 1?

    • oh, nevermind I found the list
      1. Go Hyun Jung
      2. Won Bin
      3. ★Park Yoochun★
      4. Lee Min Jung
      5. Daniel Henney
      6. Lee Min Ho
      7. Kim Jae Won

    • and he does look noble especially when he is not that thin and his eyes are not that big..

  2. he indeed look like a very noble looking star..yay yoochun!

  3. I always knew that. He looks like he comes from a royal linage. In short he looks like an aristocrate (upperclass/nobleman).

  4. yep…definitely…that’s why people and fans label him as dandy boy coz he looks like he comes from a rich family and never had any difficulties before…if you remember YSMM when HoDong said ‘you look like you never had any difficulties’ as if saying he was born with a silver spoon….and yet he had struggled badly during his childhood-I’m just thankful he turn out to be who he is now.

    what he did is noble in my opinion. he is a noble star.

    • :) agreed

  5. Agree 100% with #1 Go Hyun Jung (She’s beautiful and deligate looking – She has that special aura too). Won Bin is also Handsome. #4 Lee Min Jung is a definite Yes! Yes! Yes!.
    And Henny is also extremely Handsome. For the most part #1, #3, #4, #7(Though he’s too thin now, so he’s not as pretty as before) have auras that goes beyond just being pretty or Handsome. Their nobility/rich/royal image comes from their aura and not necessariy their goodlooking face. This is why I love Mishil (Go Hyun Jung) in Queen Seon Duk even though she was acting evil.

  6. what show were they on in the end? happy together? anyone know where i can watch? =)

  7. My first impression of Yoochun is…, we have another rich boy in kpop. with his fashion sense and royal manner.

  8. I love love love love it
    Some things show him as TVXQ members, there is Yunho too. Yay! ^^
    Wow, his ranking is higher than Danniel Henney’s. Congratz Yoochun!

  9. my favorite pic of noble chun! i’ve always thought he looks rich and like a prince. and his image always suits shades and sports car a lot.

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