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[Trans] 110608 U-KISS “To Continue The Legacy Of TVXQ”


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U-KISS will reenact the legacy of TVXQ in Japan.

Recently, U-KISS announced that they would be entering the Japanese market with Avex. Avex gave U-KISS’s potential high praise and gave Watanabe-san, who used to be in charge of TVXQ, full reigns to U-KISS’ Japanese activities. Avex also appointed all staff members who helped TVXQ reach the top spot in Japan to help U-KISS as well.

U-KISS’ agency NH Media stated, “Avex has confidence in U-KISS. They have discovered potential that comes close to that of TVXQ. We have confirmed their plans to provide the best and most active support possible.”

The support from Avex is fuelling U-KISS’ Japanese activities. Their first album, which is to be released on August 24th, includes the title song <0330> of their Japanese license album <Bran New KISS>. They plan to have a major debut single release in December and hold a nation-wide tour early next year. They plan on maintaining a packed schedule as they fly back and forth Korea and Japan.

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  1. oh, ok. i have nothing against u-kiss. i just hate avex. ^^

  2. that won’t happen ==a
    no one can compare to TVXQ :)

  3. “They have discovered potential that comes close to that of TVXQ.”
    oh okay,,, close… OUR TVXQ IS THE BEST and no one will replace that in my heart kekeke

  4. Am I the only one who find this article a complete joke?? Jus saying.. No1 Cn ever replace db5k achievements in japan so wat is avex talking abt here?? LOL!!

    • Avex People are sufering so much from Tohoshinki (money) loss that they don’t know what they’re talking about anymore …

      it’s understable , they are in so much pain …. ^^

  5. believe that it is easy to get a group like dbsk5
    where all members are loved and respected

  6. somehow i feel sad reading this article. haih.

  7. are they will use toho dancer too? :(
    sigh..I really like them, they are just like DBSK members family.

    This day so many idol group want to be like DBSK, should I be happy or should I be sad hear that….
    and what that mean about this statement ” U-KISS will reenact the legacy of TVXQ in Japan”?…
    by the way Avex remember you are still have HoMin, don’t forget them!!! OK!!

  8. What’s wrong with all those groups that after TVXQ’s fame????????

  9. At least, it is not the members who said like that.

    I’m a hardcore cassie, I don’t listened to any other kpop song except TVXQ, and of course there will be no one that could replace TVXQ for ME. But in my opinion, there is no one that can’t be surpassed in music industry. Though even other fandom know, it will be super duper difficult to surpass Tohoshinki.

    “They have discovered potential that comes close to that of TVXQ” It is strange for me, even my friend who loves U-Kiss soooooo much said that their singing ability are nothing compared to TVXQ. Because fans (me too) often become so bias. We aren’t music expert so we couldn’t discover that potential. Good Luck for U-Kiss!

    Bigeast, I belive in you!

    • @TVXQRocks I’m sorry, I mean I don’t listened to any other kpop groups more than 1 or 2 times each (it must be live). Because my mother said “How come you love them best when you don’t have ones to compare?”. And I think it does make me respect TVXQ much more. My mother loves TVXQ too, but only their voices, songs, and their live perf, not the “people”. I don’t have any other kpop songs except theirs ^^

      @nati184 I can’t say they are the best, because I haven’t listened to other great singers in this world yet. My ears do enjoy listen to their lives more than their recorded ones, but I don’t know music technique too much, so I can’t judge them. But they are my favorite singers. Thank you as well ^^

    • I’m being kind of unfair here, cuz I’m TVXQ’s fan, but seriously, there isn’t exist (at lest now) the group with such a talent and singing ability like a TVXQ. Where else you can here the group that sings better live that on the CD?
      Anyway, love you’re comment, thank you for your opinion))

    • hahaha~ me too :D
      I just care about TVXQ..
      My laptop is full of TVXQ~
      I dont really pay attention to other Kpop group..

  10. “Avex also appointed all staff members who helped TVXQ reach the top spot in Japan to help U-KISS as well.” Well, all I can say is that, somethings just dont depend solely on the staff members who helped the artists but also the artists themselves. Of course, it’s important to have professional staff members but DBSK worked hard to clinch the top spot in Japan, be it the Japanese language, their vocals or their dance quality.

  11. … why isit like this >.< i am a cassie… and i like u-kiss too… what the hell is with avex….

  12. Ughhhh…What is Avex trying to say= =** HATE THEM!!
    Poor u-kiss….I quite like them but because of this news, there might be some misunderstanding and create hateful fans…
    OMG…..what a headache- -^

    • Don’t worry. Avex is the one who said it, not the U-Kiss members.

  13. the article doesnt say UKISS is replacing Tohoshinki

  14. They need an X-Factor to break into J-market. Like Tohoshinki..they are a unit of handsome young men who each of em can REALLY SING – compared to other idol group in Japan *coughJEcough*.

    But what do these guys have..? in fact, what do other idol groups from Korea have in other to break into J-Market..when each of em sound..the same?

    • I just find it rude that U-Kiss will renact the legacy of TVXQ because that’s just becoming like every other korean band who wants to gain fame in Japan. You should make something that is unique or different from others. But then, they weren’t the ones who said it because I know U-kiss well enough to not be that stupid, unlike some *coughavexcough*

    • “sound the same”
      my thought exactly..

      • sorry i dont know why it came out as a reply to you guys >.< as you were~

  15. If they are appointing staff from the toho group to go to UKISS, then who will be taking care of the tvxq duo Japan promotions?!

    People should stop using tvxq’s name to gain attention from the public. I don’t really see a need to announce this, avex.

  16. The only one who can “continue the legacy of TVXQ” is TVXQ themselves. Full stop.

    I just hope that Avex will continue giving the best support to HoMin. I’m worried, since Avex has the history of neglecting old artists for the new ones.

    And I’m f*cking tired of people using “TVXQ” to promote themselves.

    • “And I’m f*cking tired of people using “TVXQ” to promote themselves.”

      and how i Love this ^^♥

    • Japan loves 5 men group (or more members) with singing and dancing abilities,
      since 2hoshinki are 2 people now, they still attract their own fans
      but won’t do the same effect to the general japan. public,
      look at Tackey&Tsubasa, they were extremely loved in japan in their beginning years as a duo, but their popularity fade away
      Avex don’t see benefit in promoting HoMin as a duo, so they need a new group with 5 and more members to milk money from, dang there’s UKiss

      • what do you know about?
        even tvxq latest single is like the 2nd biggest cd’s tvxq ever released.

        and new fans are popping up everywhere

        straight your fact first.

        tackey and tsubasa, i’m sorry, but just like others JE’s idols, dont have good talent. their singing and dancing are incomparable to tvxq.

        its not about the benefit or not, tvxq is really profitable, but as a company, its about gaining more.
        more artists, more money.

    • A++++++++++++++++++

    • I’m worrying about the same thing, is Avex neglecting Yunho and Changmin?!!!>__< We can only hope…

      And I totally agree with your last sentence!!!

  17. What’s wrong with all these groups mentioning TVXQ every where and every day??!!
    I have nothing against U-Kiss, but I simply don’t see they have my boys’ potentials and skills, obviously Avex is just trying to tell the world that they can just create a new TVXQ-like group so easily, and TVXQ is replaceable.

    But I’ll tell you Avex and all those thinking they could become the second TVXQ, in your dreams!!! TVXQ is never replaceable and their legend will live forever, Cassiopeia & Bigeast will always stand by them.

    • “TVXQ is never replaceable and their legend will live forever, Cassiopeia & Bigeast will always stand by them.”

      I love ur comment~ :D

  18. I’ll believe it when I see it… that is all I’m going to say.

  19. AJ is really cute. And Hoon kind of looks like Yoochun, lol.

  20. I’m wondering whether we should say “TVXQ Wave” instead of “Hallyu Wave” when it comes to Kpop in Japan.

    TVXQ is the one who made Japanese people chang their prejudices toward K-music & become interested in Korean singers, thus the Hallyu Wave in Japan shifted from K-drama to K-music. TVXQ made it hella easier for Kpop idols in Japan. It’s not my bias saying, it’s what Oricon editors, Japanese entertainment reporters & other music critics stated.

    Not only that, most of Kpop idols entering Japan will always use the name “TVXQ” to gain some attention: “female TVXQ”, “2nd TVXQ”, “TVXQ’s label mates”, “TVXQ’s strongest rival”, “TVXQ look-alike”, “will reach TVXQ’s level”, “will surpass TVXQ”, etc… Obviously it’s more like they’re driving on the “TVXQ Wave” than “Hallyu Wave”.

    • @Lee Well said.
      I bloody hate people who use TVXQ’s name to get attention.

    • Totally agree with you!

    • *change

  21. Yeah. Oh? Really? Sure. *gives off a sarcastic smile*

  22. *sigh*…they don’t need to say they’re continuing to ‘try and be tvxq’ because if they’re actually that good, ppl will see… so obviously, this is just a marketing line…that has failed…AGAIN…

    ppl should wake up and stop comparing themselves to TVXQ because as a VERY biased cassie, no group can match up lol

    At the same time, I feel relieved that TVXQ has become a group that other groups have looked up to….ahh i sound like I’m contradicting myself… >.<

  23. All I can say is :” Good luck 4u, U-kiss” . If this artical didn’t mention TVXQ, I wouldn’t even bother to read lol. Somehow I felt kind of pity for these band who was mentioned as “new TVXQ”. But if Avex want to do so, let them be. I’ll open my eyes wide to see how far those band can get.

  24. nothing against avex, but they shd truly appreciate the artistes for who they are.

    i’m half suspecting they’re feeling bitter because SM had SNSD signed with another recording company instead of avex (probably due to the initial jyj-avex alliance)…

    if u-kiss is capable of reaching the top, then kudos to them.

    stop quoting tvxq’s name. they ARE still at the top.
    leave jyj alone.

    • nobody said anything about jyj..

      thank god at least finally avex can see the light, and not unsigned or kick out yunho and changmin..
      well, even they did it, i guess yunho and changmin gonna move to universal then.

      • You idiot she means Avex is still blocking JYJ. If they are *so* confident that U-KISS will follow the TVXQ legacy then why are they still bothering JYJ and what has happenend to Changmin/Yunho’s activities in Japan?

  25. lol..

    well i hope Ukiss does well. But about continuing that legacy… i’ll leave that to mah boys XD

  26. if u kiss cant top korea, i cant see why they will top japan, i hav nothing against them just saying. having the best stuff wont guarantee you’ll become the best

  27. what’s with the title ?
    U-KISS “To Continue The Legacy Of TVXQ”
    why continue? there’s still the present tvxq?
    Avex, what are you thinking? aren’t you in good terms with sm ?

    • That is what caught my attention. It’s like Avex isn’t putting much into the current TVXQ because they are too busy trying to find the next TVXQ

  28. i loveeee dbsk and i really like ukiss too but i gotta say u-kiss’s vocals are definitely not as strong as dbsk and in fact i dont think any group can be as good as dbsk cause they are just notttt replaceable at all. so “2nd-tvxq” or whatever is nothing but mere terms used to popularize the groups. however, this is what nhmedia said, not ukiss so i believe the ukiss boys know where they stand, but good luck to them!! and i guess avex is just feeling sore and tryna sound like losing dbsk5 was no great deal zzzz who cares, just rmb to aktf cassies!!

  29. I genuinely and strongly dislike when any person think that a group can “replace” TVXQ by being as good as them or surpassing them. There might or might not be groups out there that are better than the five of TVXQ. Even so, comparing these groups to TVXQ is ridiculous; because they are not TVXQ.

  30. why does people keep comparing other korean bands with tvxq!
    i know i know~ because tvxq is always the best no matter what~! :)

    i don’t really think that u-kiss can be like tvxq~!
    and i don’t like, i hate avex. they chose u-kiss over tvxq tsk tsk.
    thats like a bad.bad decision.
    we will see if they are really that great~!

  31. Avex is really becoming desperate now. They feel the need to maintain this we don’t need TVXQ stance even though they are so transparent. I have always been fond of U-kiss and followed them from debut onward but U-kiss sadly doesn’t have the vocal capacity or even the physical attractiveness that would make them even half as popular as TVXQ. It is really dirty of NH media and Avex to use TVXQ like this and put U-kiss in this situation. TVXQ will continue their own legacies when they get back together and for now they carve their own ways as two sub groups. No one will replace TVXQ period.

  32. um no how about homin will continue the tvxq legacy…geez it’s not like tvxq is dead or anything

  33. ummm should i think that Avex totally forgot about Homin?! and SM is ok with it? that’s really stange~ i mean lol Avex saying it in SM’s face and before that Avex wanted JYJ back?!

    its like if Avex and SM are not well together or something, LOL do they have problems?

    oh well anyways~ TVXQ5 doesnt need Avex, its not like if its the only Japanese company there LOL and what ever Avex gave TVXQ5, staff or dancers or what ever, they are not the real reason for TVXQ5 to be Legacy if it is, they wouldnt continue being No1 even when they are apart right now LOL

    i cant wait till they get back together <<< yep i still keep the faith ^^

  34. JOKE.

    With all due respect, I think U-Kiss is a decent vocal group, but to be at the level of DB5K?

  35. *sigh* Here we go again… Well, at least the group itself wasn’t as cocky as the last one.
    How does HoMin feel about this? It’s not fair to them, for their company to think of replacing TVXQ when they’re still active!
    Gah, this is why I will always hold SM and Avex in disdain.

  36. they dont need to replace in TVXQ’s seat
    because TXVQ is still TVXQ
    TVXQ don’t break up

    avex just a company, bussiness in Japan music industry
    they dont have human’s heart

  37. you guys are a bit harsh, I dont think you should start hating on U-Kiss. I’m not saying they are even near the level of tohoshinki because THSK didn’t just gain success in one day did they? They were hated by lots of people in the beginning and had to work hard to get to where they are now. I don’t think U-Kiss mean it in a way that would offend THSK, i think they look up to DBSK much in the same way that you and I do.

    • You seriously should actually read this article & what people commented here.

      1. U-KISS didn’t say anything about DBSK. It’s Avex & U-KISS’ Korean management company.

      2. No one here is hating U-KISS. People are hating on Avex & just feeling annoyed that these days Kpop groups left, right & center would use TVXQ to promote themselves

    • And
      3. TVXQ before they went to struggle in Japan, were actually at the top of their games in Korea. I believe TVXQ’s mega fans in Korea and international fans helped them to get good cd/album sales in Japan. AND these sales gained them the recognition that helped them to the top.
      If U-kiss doesn’t even have a lot of fans in Korea how are they going to break the Japan market. However, miracles can happen so we all shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet.

  38. LMAO Avex what the hell ?!!!!
    I wonder what hoin will say after seen this :S ???!
    they should Leave SM & Avex and join JYJ
    and the song of U-kiss not strong like TVXQ

    so no matter what Avex Fail

  39. after read this article i just grab my popcorn and sit on my chair….
    ok let see how far UKISS can catch up TVXQ legacy…
    Good Luck UKISS….

  40. “U-KISS “To Continue The Legacy Of TVXQ””
    in your dreams Evil Avex

  41. Honestly, U-Kiss to continue TVXQ’s legacy?? O.o Kiss my ass AVEX!! U-Kiss vocal talent can’t even be compared to TVXQ’s ok? Wth this article is completely bogus. N btw AVEX, I know you’re desperate for $$, but it’s just too bad. Good luck wif U-Kiss though, cos I honestly do not care even if you go bankupt. Peace out.

  42. CONTINUE THE LEGACY OF TVXQ? continue? legacy? TVXQ is not dead yet. 5 of them can decide who will/can continue their legacy. and Avex, in your case, you don’t effing have a say on this. Stop bringing up the name. eff it. You still have Yunho and Changmin for god’s sake. and wouldn’t let go of JYJ at the same time! If you want someone to ‘continue the legacy’ so badly, would you f*ucking let go of my 5boys once and for all?

  43. LMAO the moment i read this article,all i see is AVEX AVEX AVEX.
    Trying to make fans pissed by saying all those stuffs about appointing tohoshinki’s staffs to Ukiss,Ukiss will be able to replace THSK,etc etc?

    THSK is not dead yet still have HoMin in your company and you’d better take good care of their promotions and careers instead of using another group to continue the legacy of TVXQ as if TVXQ’s dead.

    i love Ukiss though i do not think they’re anything like THSK cos their music style is different,but i totally hate Avex cos they’re sounding like they’re planning for Ukiss to be the next Tohoshinki.
    Let Ukiss be Ukiss and i pray that they don’t suffer in your hands.God bless those lovely kids.

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