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[Pic+Trans] 110610 TVXQ – Superstar Single

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[Superstar] 2011.7.20 on sale

■ CD + DVD (¥ 1,890)

1. Superstar
2. I Don’t Know
3. Superstar-Less Vocal-
4. I Don’t Know-Less Vocal-

I Don’t Know-Video Clip-
Off Shot Movie

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■ CD Only(¥ 1,050)

2.I Don’t Know
3.Superstar-Summer Heat Remix-
4.Superstar-Less Vocal-
5.I Don’t Know-Less Vocal-

credit: baidu
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  1. Changmin is extremely HOT



  3. Yunho is very handsome^^

  4. the pics are very very very good

  5. Damn, those pics are freaking awesome! 0.0 Yunho is super hot 0.,0

  6. woahhh!! sexy stares ♥

    thx for sharing dear!!

  7. That is fantastic photography, wow! Yunho and Changmin fighting!

  8. twins handsome brother;)

  9. they really are superstar :D

    they look awesome!!!!!!

    i’ll preordered it for sure ;)

  10. hot changmiiiin!!!! :O

  11. they look like boxers *_* (you know.. from boxing, not the dogs -_-)

    me like it ~

    • totally agree!

  12. WooHoo!

  13. _< oh god, close ups <3

    Can't wait!!

  14. “I don’t know” have a MV? Damn, I want it!

  15. i love the first pic <3

  16. Twinshinki Superstar’s!
    Fierce, sexy stare’s

    Totally lickable!!! lol

  17. I want them!!! They are my superstar!!

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