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[Fanaccount] 110609 SM Town in Paris ~ Day 1

So, i think i will make fanaccount for the 4 days of the SM Town in Paris, since it will last 4 days for me.
Day 1 is over : the arrival at CDG airport.

And it was just a freaking mess.
Yesterday, we saw fancams of SNSD’s arrival, and it was respectful and very calm. i’m not fan of the girls, but I was glad for them that they didn’t have problem.
Today was really something else. We were kinda expecting it actually (3 bands arriving, including SHINee, who got in my opinion the worst groupies as fans)

The flight was scheduled to arrive at 6:20PM, and I arrived at the airport with [info]museelo a little before 1pm. there were only 4 girls who were already there.
So it was pretty calm for a bunch of hours, but at arround 4pm, much more fans came, and started waiting everywhere, including in the people’s way >.< And since the korean cameras were there, everybody was yelling, they told us to make noise anyway, to film us. I was having a DBSk banner + a paper with “TVXQ hwaiting” on it, and a Yunho SM Town uchiwa ^^ , and the camera filmed me a lot. They interviewed me about “are you learning korean ?” or “why do you like Kpop ?”


I answered calmly, wanting to show them something else than “the groupie side” of Kpop fan, that some Kpop can be mature etc. We wondered a lot about “what is the best location to wait for them”. At the beginning, we were near the arrival gate, but we ended more around the exit gate. A lot of Yunjae fans where here, with lightboard, huge banners, I was so happy so see them ♥ The flight was delayed. 20 minutes at the beginning, then 40 minutes. I heard them arriving before seeing them. Fangirls were yelling so loudly >.< Then we saw a freaking bunch of bodygards and policemen, and then, the king. Yunho was in da place. I was only able to see him, and I was like “omg omg omg omg”. He passed by me super close, and then, that when I just noticed Changmin, wo was just behind him XD popping in front of my eyes. He was wearing a hat.
Then, the real shit happened, because there was SHINee following. And seriously, some of their fans were really disrespectful : they were folowing them, walking on the other fans, pushing them. I was only able to see the back of Taemin’s hair, because I was struggling to stay still and not falling.
Then, I kinda manage to see Luna from f(x) waving at us, and it was over. I backed off for safety, and when the psychopath had left, i went out to see if we can see something inside their black van. The answer is no. Apparently, some dumbass were knocking at the van’s windows, so the boys closed the curtains.
I stayed until the vans left, waving my TVXQ paper and uchiwa, just in case they were watching outside.

Then, I got interviewed once again, and the guys asked me “How does it feel to see Dong Bang Shin Ki in real ?”. Honesty, the only thing that popped in my mind was “gaaaaaaah I’m in heaven”, but I tried to answer something more elaborate.
I took me some dozen of minutes to go back on Earth (I haven’t still fully landed yet), to realized that I got Yunho and Min at less than 1 meter from me, and that they were freaking HANDSOME !!!

TVXQ arrival at Paris airport 08/06/11

Tomorrow, I plan to go to the airport again to see Suju’ arrival, and I’ll attend the rehearsals of the concert since I have a soundcheck package. I hope we will attend Homin’s rehearsal !!

credit: Leia_chan


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  2. U R so lucky! Hope u’ll keep writing fanaccounts, I like your style. It’s always good to get the info firsthand.

  3. She is so lucky…airport, soundcheck package, and the concert

    “including SHINee, who got in my opinion the worst groupies as fans” that’s the only comment that bothered me from her fanaccount. SHINee have the youngest fanclub members so you can expect them to act all crazy when they see their idols, but a few years back ppl use to say these things about Cassies (some still do). I just expect more from Cassies since ppl always looked down on us. /rant

    lol at her calling Yunho “The King”….the boy is flawless
    don’t know how idols can keep calm when they are surrounded by screaming fans

    • Hi !

      Ok, so I knew that some people won’t agree with the comment about Shawol. Not all their fans are like that, if course but they really have a lot of screaming and disrespectful fans (pretty young). At least in France. All French fans of Kpop will tell you that their fear them for that.

      And what happened yesterday was due to this part of the fandom that created this mess. Even other shawols are ashamed of them here

      • i find some of the shinee fans here a little too crazy/hyper too,but since they do have mostly very young fans so i just ignored them.
        as long as they don’t do any harm to other fans^^

      • Leia bb~ u are so damn Lucky ;_____;
        so glad for u babe~
        wait for ur fanacc ^^ fighting!

    • Although SHINee fans “act all crazy” due to being the youngest fanclub and will perhaps mature like us Cassies, it doesn’t change the fact that they were “disrespectful.” As of now, they are in fact a little aggressive compared to others, and there’s nothing wrong to point that out. Being a Cassie and having been called the craziest fanclub does not mean that we can’t judge their immaturity either.

  4. OMO… i`m a little bit jelous.. no, i think a big..big jelous!!!!
    she`s lucky fan i guess…
    hmm… yes i agree too… a few years ago is same to some of cassie`s fans.. maybe now is time to be matured as well….

    HoMin the best among the best!!!!
    take as well ure health..that will be good too… ;)

  5. “A lot of Yunjae fans where here, with lightboard, huge banners, I was so happy so see them ♥” – ahhh~ you made me happy))
    “Then we saw a freaking bunch of bodygards and policemen, and then, the king. Yunho was in da place.” -LMAO that’s my favorite line ever! The King is in da place, bb~
    Thank you for sharing))

  6. What does “[info]museelo” mean?

  7. Museelo is a Cassie friend who went with me ^^

  8.’re so lucky, thank you for letting us know
    Are there many cassies who will attend SMTown? *silly question*
    Are you European? Did you call yourself Phoenix too? I love how European who loves TVXQ has Cassioepeia as a full name and Phoenix as a nickname ^^
    I hope Homin will receive a beautiful red ocean
    Looking forward for your next fanaccount

    TVXQ fighting!

    • Yes, I’m from Paris
      For the number of cassies who will attend the concert, I don’t know… we’ll see tomorrow.

  9. I hate and love this situations at the same time.
    I’m gald you got to see them, I would be as much excited as you if were there, but those crazy and disrespectful fans scares me out…

    • IKR. You can show love to our guys without spazzing out

  10. I love to see both of them smiling!! goodluck to the concert HOMIN Fighting!!

  11. ” And since the korean cameras were there, everybody was yelling, they told us to make noise anyway, to film us.”

    Guess there are filming for SMtown FB page… Wow, U r gonna be on cover page!! :)

  12. LUCKY GIRL~!!!!

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