Posted by: sharingyoochun | June 5, 2011

[Pic] JYJ Backstage with Tommy Trejo

JYJ Backstage with Tommy Trejo in San Jose.

Credit: Tommy Trejo@Facebook+USAlovesJYJ


  1. Who’s Tommy trejo ?

    • I searched him and the closest match said “VPD branch manager.” I think VPD stands for Video Product Distributor, a company.

  2. erhmm..who is he??
    can someone enlightened me??

  3. A very good question. So… Who’s he?

  4. who

  5. Jae looks so much like this guy in the year under me it is a little hard to believe…. Ugh I want to get with that guy…. I stare at him like everyday… XD

    • You lucky, lucky girl -_-

  6. :D Jae, Chun, and Su look like such…guys here ^^ <3
    Like just three regular guys having fun and goofing off :) I always liked that about DBSK ^^

  7. Ooooooh Tongue :D
    & Chunnie looks even skinnier,the collar bones,the small face,the thin arms…sigh eat more oppa T.T
    I hope he gets enough rest with his hectic schedule!

  8. Junsu looks younger!! :D
    Chun looks worn out T__T
    and Jae looks like Jae XD

  9. […] [Pic] JYJ Backstage with Tommy Trejo […]

  10. I love, love these hot guys. Chunnie looks tired and skinny– he needs plenty of

    rest, Junsu is glowing and my Jae is always Jae…(^_^) cool Cali dudes all the way //

  11. JaeJoong super cute >O<

    thank you

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