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[Trans] 110603 Junsu’s Brother Junho Deletes His Twitter Account

T/N: These are Junho’s last tweets before he deleted his account today. As you can see from the mentions he has given to some of Junsu’s fans who criticized him, the hateful tweets he received from those against him (and for some, his decision to work with Avex) had a great impact on him, leading to the deletion of his Twitter account.]

(Junho) @joni588 I just want to say one thing to you. Though I am grateful that you love and worry about my little brother, I do not believe that I think and worry about my little brother any less than you do. I, too, always pray that things will turn out well and my heart aches so much when a problem arises. I just want you to know that my decision (to work with Avex) was not one that I made thinking only of my own success.

(Junho) @zinnie06 You say that I faulted fans.. Where in my tweets did you get that impression? To you, I am a person who always causes harm to my little brother. I apologize for being such a person.

(Junho) I’m thinking of deleting my Twitter account because I think I’ll feel better if I don’t tweet in Korean anymore. Will me stopping my tweets like this make those who spoke ill of me become genial? If I just give up everything, would that make things run smoothly for them(JYJ)? I don’t know either. This situation wears me out as I can’t tell you everything about what’s going on..

(Junho) I’m so sorry to the people who have shown me their support till now. From now on, I’ll work hard and not let my mind wander to other things. I think I gained a lot of strength from your support when I tweeted while I was traveling overseas. I would like to thank you all once more. Thank you all, and I love you. Take care of your health.

(Junho) I’m not deleting this account because I’m scared of those tweets or because I’m avoiding them. I started this account knowing that things like this would definitely happen because I work in this particular industry. Because I read each and every mention that I receive and because I keep reading such tweets, I keep thinking about them and I find myself unable to concentrate, so I laid down this decision in order to completely immerse myself in my work.

(Junho) I am still such a small presence in this life. I’ll be on the same level as others only if I work harder than them as I started my career much later. From now on, I’m going to do nothing but focus on my work. I’m always short on time anyway. I will keep the hearts of those who have supported me till now in my heart and focus on my work completely without thinking of anything else. I will keep working and working hard.

(Junho) Last of all, I would like to apologize once more to the fans of Junsu who have had a hard time because of my decision. I believe that you will protect my little brother till the end. Take care of your health and be happy.

Source: [Junho’s Twitter account]

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  1. T.T, I love your lame joke at twitter

  2. this is…T_T..i’m speechless..

  3. poor junho, who said that to him need to look at theirself again, i think. All he does is trying to archive success in life and they say he is hurting his little bro. SO SAD TT

  4. I feel embarrassed even though I didn’t write stupid thing to him.

    • i feel extremely embarrassed. It’s these hateful fans that represent all of us. Didn’t they even stop to consider that their actions could make Junsu resent us?…even slightly, after all blood is thicker than water.

      this is sooo sad AND bad. i am embarrassed beyond words.

      Junho hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. ah Junho, don’t let a few jerks ruin things for you.Lots of people love you (like me) & know how close you & Junsu are,You both have my warmest feelings & regards, screw the jerks! Keep on with your wonderful work!

  6. I feel sorry for him, I don’t think it’s fair that he had to delete his account due to hateful comments…

  7. sad really, but why he took it so seriously. there will always be bad comments in this industry, closing off twitter wont help at all. hope junsu wont be sad about it

    • Because the people saying hurtful things to him were being serious?

      • if they are not serious, they will not say it. but that’s beside the point. just saying he should be stronger, because no entertainer will escape from some sort of bashing

      • A person’s strength is not solely dependent on whether or not they choose to put up with hateful remarks. He clearly put a lot of thought into this and none of this words show that he’s doing this because of weakness.

  8. WTH! Some fans being overboard here. Do you think Junsu would be happy? Argh. The boys are important but they’re not everything. We should think of other ppl’s feeling. Moreover someone whose really close to them. Some fans are just SO GREAT.

    • i’m sure junsu would be hurt (hurting his brother is hurting him)…
      maybe even more for he’s one of the reasons to his brother’s pain.
      i’m quite certain, knowing that the Kim brothers are really close, that the decision made has been talked among themselves.
      why don’t people just let them be?…they might get fed up and just quit. we don’t want that do we?

  9. those anti’s should really stop doing that. I’ll miss his pictures upload of xiahki and hoki . also his conversation with junsu.

  10. ;__;

  11. OMG..i feel so sorry for Junho..he is Junsu’s twin brother for God’s sake..just can;t understand how some people are proudly calling themselves “Junsu’s ultimate fans” when what they do all d time is harming and causing sadness to Junsu’s closest friends and family members..

    I hope Junho will be able to go on and be as successful as his brother..

    Delusional fans are the worst..

    • +++++ delusional fans are the worst.. coz they tend to hurt others that ourboys love…didnt they know…when they hurt someone the boys love…it’s the same as they hurt the boys too…


  13. stupid believe this would be glad to junsu
    Junho poor it must be tough
    Junsu must be suffering from his twin loves

  14. I can’t believe people would bash on him … he didn’t do anything wrong T^T
    Ughh this is so ridiculous … hope those haters are happy now -.-
    I’ll always support u Junho 哥哥 ♥

  15. as a junsu-biased fan, really, i’m quite embarrassed of other junsu fans who told criticise him.
    they’re brothers and this would surely affect them one way or another *sighs.

  16. I don’t know why fans think that they know better than Junsu himself about his own brother’s decisions. Is it so hard to see that Junsu still loves his brother and supports him wholeheartedly and for fans to accept that too?

  17. I’m crying TT_______TT
    God~ why must he receive those bad comments?
    He did nothing! really~
    All he did is always supporting his brother..
    What the hell with all those people?! seriously.. they are so AWESOME! ==”
    Junsu must be so sad~

  18. Junho needs a thicker skin.
    You can’t run away everytime people start saying things you don’t like.
    You don’t run away from accusers, you PROVE THEM WRONG.
    I guarantee you a great deal of the ppl who tweeted him were prob antis who jumped on the chance to make waves.

    • A+++exactly

    • You can’t always run from things, but you can cut the negativity out his life and that is HIS choice. There are some extremely ignorant, delusional fans in KPOP and Juno did nothing to deserve the stupid comments directed at him. It would suit these jerks if Junsu decided to leave twitter too! That is not my wish, but it could backfire in that way.

      • hes in the entertainment industry,there is no cutting negativity out.
        It is always there. Its how you deal with it that defines you.

      • Are you excusing the behavior of the “fans?” I understand that he will need a thick skin, but that doesn’t justify the behavior of those IDIOTS that harassed him on twitter. I think it’s a good idea for him to step back from twitter and focus on his work. Twitter is full of azzholes who love to hate on people for no reason. Juno is human and you can get tired of being dumped on by people.

      • who’s excusing the behavior?
        Try (even though I know its hard) to not put words in my mouth ok?

      • Based upon your posts, you seem to have very little sympathy for Junho. You jump to criticize him about not having a thick skin first. Those are your words, not mine.

    • he’s proving by working hard in Japan right now anyway..
      and he also said he quit twitter not because he’s afraid but he wants to focus on his work. he doesn’t need hate tweets to distract his works.

      • the fact that he ALLOWS them to distract them only reinforces the fact that he needs a thicker skin.

    • I agree.

      They would probably keep bashing him since they feel like they ‘won’ over him.

    • He may be an entertainer, but he’s a human first, and there’s hardly anyone in this world that wouldn’t be affected by having insults and bad words directed at them constantly. Like bebe said, he’s only choosing to cut this extra source of negativity out of his life. He wants to prove them wrong by working harder and showing good results.

      And don’t forget, Junho has only recently joined the entertainment industry, so receiving such hate on this level is a new thing to him. Maybe he’ll develop a thicker skin as time goes on.

    • that’s right, prove them wrong on twitter /sarcasm. honestly, it doesn’t matter whether he closes it or not, twitter isn’t his career, it’s not like he’s going to stop singing, therefore he isn’t running away from anything. and how exactly would he prove them wrong? he has no control on the fate of JYJ, what he said was absolutely correct, if he gave up that opportunity for a contract, would that have made things alright with JYJ? no. it’s not about being selfish, it’s being practical and logical.

      • Lol keep trying hun.
        I was talking about in his career but I guess that went over your head huh?

    • bmw81187, I know of you and have seen the comments that you make. you have a mean, mean heart. You love to lash out at anyone that you think is against the 3. I understand supporting your biases but you take it to a whole different level. The venom you have is disgusting and it doesn’t do your biases any good. It’s fans like you that created this chaos in this fandom. I’m sure if you had the chance, you would be one of those that bash on Junho just b/c you think he is going against the 3. As they say, what goes around comes around.

      • I don’t understand why you would assume all of this. She merrily pointed out pretty much what every entertainer has to go through, be it through twitter or any media. Whether Junho likes it or not, the media and the public will eventually criticize him. Like Junsu have said in the past, they do search through and read those news, that are hurtful to them. But he passes by the negative ones. All bmw is saying is to not let something like this effect Junho’s performance, because any performer, even TVXQ had gone through extremely rough bashing, from any side, and they’re not letting anyone else show their weakness.

  19. i honestly can understand his decision. fans are way over reacting and do they really think that those brothers don’t talk to each other about things like that? i don’t believe that junho just did what he wanted to, i’m sure he talked to junsu about that.
    and everyone complaining and writing bad comments to him, what should he do then? he’s seriously just a human too. And he loves his and junsus fans and never did anything wrong (as far as i know). so leave him alone. it’s hard enough to have a brother as famous as junsu. he has enough problems not being “junsu’s brother” but Junho

  20. And I don’t feel be should have apologized to Junsu’s fans. The man did nothing wrong!

  21. someone so eager to trans things like this but not other positive news…..

  22. i feel so bad for Junho..from his tweets and the way he talks about Junsu and vice versa,we can see that they have a relationship closer than anyone else.

    i remb first off those nasty remarks by the antis nearly got to Yoochun and now Junho..sigh.
    i’d miss reading his tweets to Junsu..all the best for your career,Junho oppa ~

  23. There are few possibilities…
    one; the antis in disguise of cassie tried to cause chaos… since twitter is public things, we can’t differentiate who is fren or foe, isnt?
    second; there are few cassies that love our boys TOO MUCH, to an extent they are bashing Junho for working with Avex…

    whatever the reason are, everybody have their own rights in making decision… I believe Junho already discussed this matter with everybody, including Junsu. The least thing everybody can do is respect his decision.

    Poor him, but I hope later he will grow stronger in facing this kind of thing. KIM TWINS FIGHTING! :)

    • These antis are not Cassies anymore. Cassies are only TV5XQ fans, and most of the crazy ones are now JYJ-only fans, or whatever they want to call themselves…

      Be strong, Junho, you did nothing wrong. Work hard and forget all this useless bashing.

      And my fellow Cassies… Let’s show the rest of the obsessed fans some class. We’re better than that.

      • @lolwut believe me there are some crazier fans out there. Try reasoning with YunJae (of course there are a few sane ones) or Hotel fans and you can seriously feel your intelligence dropping

      • Agreeing that JYJ-only fans are seriously crazy.

      • “most of the crazy ones are now JYJ-only fans, or whatever they want to call themselves…”
        you’re so out in left field you’re not even in the ballpark anymore.
        JYJ fans, while they may not agree with Junho’s decision, are not bashing him.
        I know this for a fact.
        That and don’t make me talk abt some of YOUR people, you already make yourself look bad by calling out a group of people and putting them all under the “crazy” label. Hypocritical move, especially since after that you talk about “class”.

      • @tokkiui @lolwut Excuse me but the crazy one are not just some JYJ-only fans but also DBSK2 fans as well. Don’t forget the insane and delusional Hotel fans, YunJae fans, AKTF5 fans, fake-AKTF5 fans, and pretty much all the other fandoms. The whole itself have reasonable people but there are always a few that ruins it for the group (prime examples being yourselves). It’s unfair to only point out one side and intentionally leave out the other because it’s favorable for you to spread your hatred of JYJ.

      • “And my fellow Cassies… Let’s show the rest of the obsessed fans some class. We’re better than that”

        And that applies to you … Not.

      • @tokkiui please don’t generalize them all. all fandom have their share of crazies, including cassiopeia. fans are double edged sword. some nice, some went overboard.

      • @Emmi
        Let me be clear, JYJ is my bias. I understand that kpop fandom in general borders on psychotic a lot, but from what I’ve seen JYJ-only fans are a special breed of cray-cray. It’s good to support the artist you like and stand up for them, but it’s another to think that they can do no wrong and everyone in the world is out to get them. Having a bias doesn’t mean you should lose objectivity, but unfortunately, I see it happen a lot around fandom.

  24. Aww, Junho…
    I didn’t know he was having such a hard time. If the tweets are making him lose focus, then I understand him deleting his account. It must have bothered him to be accused of not caring for his brother when we all know how much those two care for each other.
    I wish him all the best. Fighting!

  25. Junho oppa T ________ T
    That’s really not you false, you have no need to apologize those fans like them!
    We know you are a nice brother ever! Don’t care them!

  26. ohhh poor him

  27. i feel bad for Junho :(( seriously those fans or haters, whatever are going overboard. must they have to tell him that? hes doin nothing wrong.. ugh. how come they tell that to Junho>?how dare they call themselves as Junsu fans when all they do is hurting his bro’s feelings? really, some fans are reall stupid ide.

    I hope Junho will be as successful as his little bro.. goodluck Junho

  28. T____T feel really sorry for him….T____T

    how can the fans do this? and now saying he’s not strong enuf and is running away…does empathy exist in this world..he is just a boy who’s not much older than us.

    cheer up pls junho oppa

  29. i checked those two accounts he replied to. seems like an alternate account. newly created and the content of their account is all bout replying to Junho. hmmm

    • antis posing as fans.
      Seriously this is so obvious.

  30. poor Junho, why did they do this to him? I’m so angry at them~! >.<

  31. This must be so painful to Junsu to see that his fans are causing this much heartache for his brother. Can sweet Junsu have such hateful fans?

    Twitter is so great, but for anyone connected to JYJ it is so hurtful, including JYJ too.

  32. Fuck those people who made Junho delete his twitter.If you dont like him,then simply leave him alone.

  33. T_T Poor boy, why can’t people leave him in peace? He’s done nothing wrong, omg :( Will miss his tweets, but if deleting the account will make he feel better, than it’s ok missing him ;_;

    I just wish people could stop causing pain to JYJ and his relatives… it’s sad to see so-called “fans” acting like that… t makes me so mad D:

  34. People, anti-fans are not gone.
    They are and always have, posed as fans to stir up trouble.
    How would this situation be any different? You really think all of those people were fans?
    C’mon now people THINK!

  35. okay for they to call themselves junsu fans..thats just wrong
    clearly all junsu fans know that saying mean things to junsu’s older brother would hurt junsu also!
    so those are not real fans!
    those have to be anti-fans!
    i feel bad for junho…
    people need to stop hating on ppl who didn’t do anything wrong >.>
    and need to stop hating in general, it’s really annoying
    its ppl like them that help make ppl leave the fandom, and it makes all of us look bad
    i hope they apologize! ugh (i noticed how its always korean speaking ppl who send hateful stuff like that, i rarely see any english ppl sending hate stuff…tho i did see some before…aish..ppl now a days…)

  36. I’m disappointed with the people who targeted Junho. I’m sure he weighed his options with great thought. He possibly has concerns of his own, but he knows his brother loves him. They have to live their own lives…despite his brother & the others having issues with his chosen record label doesn’t mean he shouldn’t make his own living. If a problem arose or someone spoke poorly of Jun-chan…I’m sure Junho would be loyal to his personal values to family. I’m sorry he felt he needed to delete his twitter, but personally I feel he should have just dismissed those individuals. At the end of the day, Junho has to live for himself and remain admirable only in the eyes of his loved ones. Antis (?) need to cut it out. I don’t see the benefit of downgrading a person. If they feel like they can do a better job than the people they despise…then apply yourself and make a point by doing so. Stop being butt hurt all the flipping time!

  37. junsu will be so sad if he know this..,
    junho oppa~~ u dun hv to delete ur twitter account.,

    he such a cool bro.,always upload junsu childhood pictures.., T_T

    miss him now on twitter :(

  38. Oh,, oppa… What people that can said it to Junho Oppa.. It’s not his fault, it’s his decision… Oppa I’ll always support you.. Ganbatte!!!

  39. i dont think those who make junho deleted his ac are considered as junsu’s fan~
    if u love someone..u shouldnt hurt his family..

  40. I don’t see why fans feel the need to attack people =_= Especially if they’re Junsu’s fans.
    Junho and Junsu are SO close. If you love Junsu, why the hell would you attack his twin brother, whom he loves?

    I pray for Junho’s, JYJ’s, and HoMin’s more sweet, calm and successful future T__T <3

  41. Yah! Idiotic jyj stans strike again. Junho has the freedom to join the company which can
    Best elevate his career. Same for homin, they don’t have to spend money and years sue if they are satisfied with sm and put their career on jeopardy. U guys think junsu will be happy if u bash his brother? When u meet junsu at a fanmeeting, tell him how u bashed junho and see if he will smile at u or look disgusted. Anyway how can it help if junho doesn’t join or homin doesn’t leave? Will it help? I think it’ll be even worse cause SM or Avex won’t need to care for junho or the remaining member’s image and will boycott jyj openly without fearing that peple will take it out on homin and junho for their actions. Also many other things that will be worse..too long to list out

    • @Don , clearly you’re the one who needs to read it again because it clearly states ‘ Junsu fans ‘ who bashed on Junho. So stop generalizing all JYJ fans for being the only ones who start shit because you’re obviously making HoMin fans look bad now.

    • Very annoying that you generalize all junsu fans as junho and homin antis. I’m junsu’s fan and I feel nothing about homin or junho.

      And, just so you know everyone has people that don’t like them. Also, there are homin fans that are jyj anti’s and etc. So, I don’t understand how homin is involved in this article.

      • Why I wrote them in together with junho. Same category. Blamed for joining/notsueing the company. I’m not blaming junsu’s fans. I’m blaming jyj stans. It’s clearly them who did it. Homin are in avex so do u think homin stans will bash junho for joining? Jyj stans bashed junho because they hated avex for betraying jyj. So am I not wrong to say they are responsible for this case? Do they think junsu will agree and feel happy in a fanmeeting when they told him about how they bashed junho? They’re
        Hurting junsu, junho and their parents to see their son being bashed.

      • It’s the fact that you assume it’s jyj ‘stans’ who did all this mess. As I recall there are some tvxq5 fans who are Junsu’s ‘fans’. How are they any different than your so called haters (which according to you equal to jyj stans)?

      • @jaedee

        Seems like u still don’t get me. Read above post. If it was by ot5 fans, won’t it be slapping themselves? If they Bash junho for being in avex means that they also bashed homin for being in avex. If they can even bash junho, a family member, it means they bash hm more badly. So how can they be ot5? Read my comment again. It’s by jyj stans, Understand?

    • Why would you assume they are JYJ stans? Not Cassies or purely antis of either DBSK5 or JYJ? You know from my experience, Cassies are way more “idiotic” and brash than other fans because they take pride in their numbers and gang bully others in order to take them down. In fact, I would not be surprise if most of those hateful tweets are from Cassies since they have a history of bashing anyone that “dares harm their boys”. Most JYJ fans do not blame Homin (or care about then either way unless they mention JYJ in interviews and whatnot’s) or Junho; in fact I don’t believe any real Junsu fan will hurt their idol’s twin brother. A bit counter-productive don’t you think?

      I don’t understand the last part of your argument because it was too choppy but your statement, “I think it’ll be even worse cause SM or Avex won’t need to care for junho or the remaining member’s image and will boycott jyj openly without fearing that peple will take it out on homin and junho for their actions.” Don’t Avex and SMent do everything (from blackmail to false accusations) to stop JYJ’s activities already so…what’s the point that you are trying to make?

      • Don’t be so naive, even if these people say they are junsu or jyj fans, are they really? It is not uncommon in Asia for anti fans to pose as fans of a group and then bash other people so the blame is not on their artist (like people having a negative image of their artist because of the immature behaviors of their fans). Search korean news articles and you will find several examples of this.
        Even if those selected ones that he replied to are jyj fans, not all of them will be written by them (like what you imply). In fact, would he replied to any that are not junsu’s fans? He cares about his brother and don’t want jyj fans to keep misunderstanding; the other ones wouldn’t matter.

      • Read comment above. It’s clear who did it

      • @Don How is that at all clear who did it? Those are merely your speculations which isn’t very logical or easy to read/understand because of your grammar. Not hating but why do you keep bringing up the scenario with a fanmeet, it isn’t that strong of an image or point.
        So you are saying that JYJ fans hate Avex therefore they hate Junho because he is joining Avex but Junho is Junsu’s brother so wouldn’t DBSK2/Hotel fans bash him either way? Is blood or company more important? You obviously cannot know what any fan will do so how can you so decisively state that it is JYJ fans who was responsible for the bashing?
        Also you didn’t answer the last part of my previous post.

      • @emmi

        Didn’t u read the tweets and didn’t u read junho’s reply? Read again.

        I would like to apologize once more to the fans of Junsu who have had a hard time because of my decision

        . If I just give up everything, would that make things run smoothly for them
        To you, I am a person who always causes harm to my little brother. I apologize for being such a person.

        @joni588 I just want to say one thing to you. Though I am grateful that you love and worry about my little brother, I do not believe that I think and worry about my little brother any less than you do. I, too, always pray that things will turn out well and my heart aches so much when a problem arises. I just want you to know that my decision (to work with Avex) was not one that I made thinking only of my own success.

        I have read those tweets, i checked their account. It’s by them -.- and even if u didn’t read, it’s obvious it’s them from junho’s tweets and Why would homin stans bash junho for being in avex and ‘betraying’ jyj. It’s like slapping themselves and saying that it’s bad for homin to be in avex

    • Sorry but it seems like you are pointing fingers or trying to find someone to blame. I’m a JYJ fan and I know for a fact the we “JYJ stans” did not harass or insult Junho on twitter in any way or form. We supported him and understood him because he is Junsu’s brother and he has the right to decide what to do in his life. So stop trying to blame JYJ fans. Thank You

    • ANYONE can be at fault… you wouldn’t know… one thing for sure, those are immature or probably young fans that were drawn by their emotions.
      so DONT generalize which STANS are at fault…. OR you wouldn’t be any different to those immature fans.


      • Read comment above. And I’m not stan. I’m fan

      • And i’m not criticising jyj. They’re not responsible for their fans’ actions. I’m blaming the so called ‘fans’ who bash their family

    • from what i read i understood that JYJ stans and fans should be thankful to HoMin for staying with SME&AVEX and Junho for signing with AVEX…’cause other way the companies would crush JYJ without a second thought… and i agree with this but from here to blame only JYJ stans it is a little too much without a real proof… (proof doesn’t mean the stupid comments from ination forums of JYJ or HoMin)

      • I was on twitter when junho tweeted. If u read the tweets and translations, u’ll know and even if u didn’t, just read junho’s tweets..Read the ones I bracket ( )
        (I would like to apologize once more to the fans of Junsu who have had a hard time because of my decision)

        . If I just give up everything, would that make things run smoothly for them
        (To you, I am a person who always causes harm to my little brother.) I apologize for being such a person.

        @joni588 I just want to say one thing to you.( Though I am grateful that you love and worry about my little brother, I do not believe that I think and worry about my little brother any less than you do.) I, too, always pray that things will turn out well and my heart aches so much when a problem arises. I just want you to know that my decision (to work with Avex) was not one that I made thinking only of my own success.

        From his tweets, u’ll know the tweets he read and what it was about, by who, and the motive. Who except jyj stans care that junho ‘betrayed’ junsu by being in avex? Ot5 and hm stans won’t blame junho because if they say jh in avex means betray, iit will be slapping themselves saying that hm staying in avex is also wrong and betray. It couldn’t be ot5 who bashed since if they can even bash jh, a family member, it means they think being in avex is wrong and if they think being in avex is wrong, they would have bashed hm and became
        Stans right? I also wonder why some stans bash hm for being in avex but they defend jh. These stans are hypocrites.

  42. When you work in the music industry and you are in the public eye you have to have tough skin. To allow yourself to be this much affected by the thoughts of some people makes me think he is not cut out for this. He should have kept his account for those that support him and not become a victim of the antis that korea is so famous for having.

  43. oh my God!!what r they thinking???
    the antis are so mean!!
    they’re really crazy..
    Junsu must be so sorry then..omo,he’ll be so lonely then since he’s always tweeting his brother..
    they’re so idiot,the antis..
    really,,I can’t understand why did they blame at Junho..
    poor Junho..
    I really didn’t know bout this matter,,so surprice that there are some people who hate him..

  44. I feel so sorry for Junho oppa…
    We might question his decision, but we shouldn’t go after him rudely until he have to delete his account!!
    I think some cassies need to show some more respect here…
    Do you guys really think that Junsu’s dearest older brother would do anything that would hurt Junsu???

  45. In the end, it’s best for Junho to do what will make him the most happy. Some people may say that he’s letting netizens win by deleting his account, but if it was making him more sad/angry than anything else, then why should he go out of his way to maintain it? Sometimes being strong is knowing when to walk away.

    I’m really starting to look forward to his Japanese debut!! Especially since he’s supposed to release his single on my b-day. Good luck, JUNO! <3

    • I agree

  46. ANYONE can be at fault… you wouldn’t know… one thing for sure, those are immature or probably young fans that were drawn by their emotions.
    so DONT generalize which STANS are at fault…. OR you wouldn’t be any different to those immature fans.


  47. Immature JYJ’s fans -,-”
    Oh please! I think junho already thinking about working with avex thousand times!
    I’m gonna miss your tweet T^T
    I’m gonna miss you :(

    • @bebe @ angangwoo
      Can you give me an example of a JYJ fan attacking Junho too? Because I have not seen any either.

    • reality check! I’ve seen ot5 attack Junho too lol.
      Don’t generalize people.

      • When, where?

  48. Junsu will sure be proud of those fans!
    For those who are dumb: this is sarcasm.

  49. I’m a JUNO fan, a ZUNO fan, not a JunSu fan and I’m crying right now…
    How someone can be so mean?
    fans? no! they’re a punch of shit!

    JunHo is the most kind person in the world and I’m… so so so sad… what can I do?
    I’m missing him now… what can I do?

  50. I’m not a Junho fan, but I feel very sad reading his tweets… I mean, for goodness’ sakes, they’re brothers… I’ll be honest, there’s a part of me that thinks he’s sort of using Junsu’s fame, but to actually go so far and tweet him hate messages is way too much. Use or not, they’re brothers with a close relationship, so I don’t think Junsu cares; in fact, he’s probably even happy that he’s able to help his brother. I hope Junho won’t feel too bad… >< it totally sucks to suddenly have so many antis who are fans of his own blood brother… ~.~;;

  51. This is unbelievable!!!!

    Those insane, overdefensive and paranoid stans that helped to destroy the relationship between Yunho and Changmin and Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong are now aiming to Junsu own brother??
    This is ridiculous, how can you do that????
    Is his own brother, his own flesh, the person that Junsu loves so much!!
    I knew that something like this will happen, I knew it and I told it so. So fucking sad, I’m so sorry for Junho and Junsu.

  52. wow why would ppl do that to him T_T
    fans are sometimes a little too much…

  53. ….. :(

  54. -____- sighs. If Junsu is ohkay with Junho working with Avex then it’s ohkay. This is so sad. Us, fans are in no position to comment about Junho’s choice, so this is totally uncalled for, and I’m sure Junsu is feeling sad about this. Since bashing Junho=to bashing Junsu

  55. oh my poor junho he didnt do anything. we all know how much these two care for one another. by hurting junho, u’re hurting junsu too!

  56. Awww Junho :( :(
    You’re a fantastic guy with a huge heart. Don’t give up fight.
    Please come bck to twitter, ur tweets always put a smile on my face.
    Please come bck please.

  57. OMG! why those fans acted like that? They think junho really mean to hurt his twin broher? I’m sure he really close with junsu, he love junsu more than the fans and he will always protect him more than what we can do for our junsu. Be strong junho oppa!

  58. From what I understood in this hoopla.

    SOME jyj/cassies bashed Junho.
    Not MOST or ALL.

    but “SOME”.

  59. ahh.what’s happening?why fans are like that.he loves his brother so much.we can see it the way he tweets his brother..we should respect his decision because his parents and junsu does.who are we to judge should restrain themselves sometimes..i think this is the reason why yuchun doesnt tweet that often..

  60. ^
    … and so….yeah…when something like this happened…’FANS(?)’ even start to POINTING-OUT-THEIR-FINGERS~LOLOLOLOLOL~
    KEEP IT UP,GIRLS!!! :p :p :p

  61. I have no idea why those fans had to write those hateful comments to him!! I mean they should have consider what he would feel when they wrote that….n besides Junsu won’t feel good about this either!! Who would be happy to find out that people talk bad about their bro??? I really don’t understand what’s going on these days!!

  62. and I wish it wont make fans war again. Guys, nothing’s perfect, so do fans. there’s always fans who’re over protective. I’ve seen many fans that went overboard. And I hope they can be minimalize because it’s a lot better if we love without hating others. Cheers~!

  63. All I can say is that I am extremely disappointed in Cassiopeia. What is happening to us? We are usually not jealous, mean or rude to people. Cassiopeia is getting a bad reputation. Junho has no contection to Junsu in shobiz ugh, people need to see that shobiz and private life are 2 WAY DIFFERENT things. Junsu supports Junho and will always, we should too. His songs are catchy and he sings and dances well. He has every right to follow his dreams on his chosen path as everybody else.

    We are Cassiopeia. We are proud, intelligent, kind, loyal and loving to Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong Changmin and Yunho and those who support them (yes that means BoA too…ugh I hate this fight to no end) and we always do it with class, and I see nothing but hateful storm on a human being just working hard and do what he wants to do in life. Junho will never
    not support his brother. We must no be blinded by love and we must see the entire picture. You cannot deny that AVEX is not a brilliant record label, just bacause JYJ have problems with it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. If Avex offered me a recording contract tomorrow, I’d would probably take it. JYJ was not hurt as at all by Junho’s choice. The have a freaking World Tour for crying out loud.

    I am just really hurt that something I love deeply did such a nasty act.

    • Kim ZUNO Junho Fighting.

    • I am coming to the realization that a lot of people who call themselves Cassies really aren’t. I completely agree with your post

  64. C’mon fans are so ignorant and childish. Having once been together in the same womb for like 10 months, I hope nothing affects the twins…they’ll stay strong…forever and ever.

    The phrase ‘Always Keep The Faith’ is rather apt here. Jun twins hwaiting!

  65. Why don’t they just leave him alone! He can take any job he wants. His brother’s career has nothing to do with him! I say all the best to Junho!

  66. awww no Junho~ :'(

  67. LOL..look like someone have the change generate and point finger to other group..anyway JUNHO fighting, i know you can do it because your still have alot of JYJ fans like me support and love you and JUNSU!!!

  68. […] [Trans] 110603 Junsu’s Brother Junho Deletes His Twitter Account T/N: These are Junho’s last tweets before he deleted his account today. As you can see from the mentions he has given […] […]

  69. Alright, see, this is exactly the effect they want.

    People. Please.

    I know we’re divided right now into only JYJ or only 2BSK or whatever, point is: THERE IS CRAZY IN ALL THE FACTIONS. All sides are equally capable of this. Cassies in general are “crazy” and are more than capable of this.

    Every side has their “crazy fans”. They do not represent the whole of the faction. Cassies more than anyone should know this.

    So quit the infighting. Because it leads to the crazy people making some stupid move like this and it will only bring ALL of us more harm than good.

    Don’t blame the faction, blame the ignorant idiots that did this to us.

    How can they stop treating us like crazy groupies when the majority don’t stop treating them like idols?

  70. I didn’t follow him, but I’m sad he deleted his accont… :(

  71. Hi everyone…I just posted up a new blog entry on Junho’s decision to delete his twitter account. Please feel free to read or leave a comment. Thank you ^^

  72. TT^TT
    why does this happen?

  73. Heya! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new
    iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and
    look forward to all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work!

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