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[Pic] 110516 JaeSu at Press Conference in LA

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  1. Lol they exchanged pose xD

  2. Hahaha opposites

  3. Junsu looked totally amazing :3

  4. HAHAHHAA LOVING pose swap from them two….
    and OMG, JJ’s hair….*so seeeeeexyyyyyy*

  5. wooo I love Junsu’s hair like that

  6. hehe my OTP! o( ̄▽ ̄o)(o ̄▽ ̄)o ♡
    ahh I love how they’re always cute like that with their poses!
    hope we can get some accounts/videos/more pics from this!
    gotta say that I LOVE the hairstyles ;)

  7. OMG!!!

  8. Jaejoong looks so shrimpy in these pics :/ i hate lame camera angles

  9. I think they’re just exausted
    But they simply look bored ^^ .

  10. i this they didnt sit comfortably in these pics. they dont look relax!

    • mte
      The chairs doesn’t look comfortable ==;

      • Does anybody know if a lot of media showed up? Also, with their limited English skills, they were probably uncomfortable. I know they are going to put on a great stage though. I just think they really missing Chunnie!

  11. They are too cute. I wanna bite them.

  12. No, not shrimpy with those long legs and cute hair….who knows, maybe the question was very serious….

  13. junsu look so hawt here!!!! >.<

  14. exchanging pose?

    the chair looks weird…
    but maybe, they missed Chunnie…
    chunnie, quickly join your brothers!!!

    but anyway dear hottest guy on earth…

  15. junsu looks reallyyy good. i bet they’re missing their brother chunnie ^^

  16. >O< JaeJoong you're so cool and handsome ^O^

    thanks for sharing

  17. […] [Pic] 110516 JaeSu at Press Conference in LA […]

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