Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 8, 2011

[Pic] 110508 Yunho for Evisu

credit: uknowbaidu
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  1. *O*

  2. OMG !!!!
    he’s so darn gorgeous !!!!!!!!
    he defo is not a HUMAN !!

    thnx for sharing !

  3. OMG !!!
    He’s so darn gorgeous !!!!!!
    he defo is not a HUMAN !

    thnx for sharing~~

  4. hot hot hot hot yunho :)
    no one can beat this guy with model bure hottness & sexy ..

    love ya evisu for this lovely candy yunho sii

  5. oh yeah….0_0!

  6. I love Evisu for this >.<

  7. Hehe…I have that last shirt…it looks really good! Especially the back! The front looks slightly plain~

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  9. so handsome :9

  10. My God he is beautiful!

  11. no offense, but he looks like a porn star with that makeup, even w/o taking off his clothes.
    i wish they’d stop making them look like they have grease on them on the pictures.
    and the clothes looks pretty gei to me.
    Yunho, come and let me dress you up better.

    • This looks like porn to you? I don’t see it, but whatever. To each its own.

      • I ready what you said. The word porn stood out. There is nothing that makes me think porn star about these pics. But we can agree to disagree.

      • just giving my honest opinion.
        and no,you misunderstood what i said, it doesn’t look like porn, but yunho’s image is like a porn star guy in this picture w/o the nakedness. he needs to lighten the make up, cuz he doesn’t look handsome here.

      • his image in those pics is like a porn star, i didn’t say it was porn
        please read slowly

  12. i feel like i’m watching porn ._.

  13. Love him <3

  14. wow, yunho is so cool here
    So hot and gorgeous <3

    thx for sharing

  15. hmmm…cute…:D

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