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[Trans] 110425 From Seaweed Monster To Thomas… Hilarious Nicknames For Stars

When looking at nicknames that fans have made for their favorite stars, we can gauge the fans interest in them. For idols especially, being called by their nickname is much more common than being called by their real name and the stories that lead up to the birth of these nicknames are different for each star. Some nicknames are derived from the stars’ names while others come from the stars’ character or talent. We’ve put together the most intriguing nicknames that are filled with the love and mischief of fans.


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◆Emphasizing a talent or characteristic…
JYJ’s Kim Junsu(25) is called ‘Dolphin’ by his fans. The nickname was made based on a comparison between Kim Junsu’s vocal talent and that of the dolphin, with the mammal’s ability to produce sound waves too high in frequency for humans to hear. The nickname was created due to the singer’s vocal range that easily encompasses high notes. Recently, Kim Junsu was deemed the most vocally talented idol member in a survey and fans responded to this with the compliment, “Our dolphin boy Kim Junsu has done it again.”


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◆Coming from their looks… ‘It’s possible’
JYJ’s Park Yoochun(25) was the target of many fans’ complaints when he decided to grow his hair out to a length that made it seem somewhat shaggy and bushy. Many fans commented on his wavy, long hairstyle and said, “It reminds me of seaweed,” thus giving birth to the nickname ‘Seaweed monster’. When he returned to a more neat and short hairstyle, it became such a hot topic that the words ‘Park Yoochun’s haircut’ became one of the most searched phrases on a popular portal site.


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  1. I think Dolphin is perfect for junsu
    but junsu can’t swim right?
    or is it Jaejoong?

    • jaechun said junsu can swim a bit but jaechun cannot swim.. a dolphin which cannot swim well :D

      • So Junsu can swim
        But Jae and chun can’t?
        thak you

  2. Our dolphin~~.<

  3. LOL what Yoochun was called a seaweed monster?!!! xDDD
    Poor Chunnie.
    i thought Junsu’s nickname would be duckbutt or smth tho :X

    • I Support you!!! >w<! Susu forever duck butt! XD!

  4. ^^ doesn’t Junsu’s nickname also come from “The Kings Man Parody” when he showed he could make the high-pitched dolphin screech noise and when they played the dolphin number game and Junsu lost both times and was named “dolphin”? ^^

  5. Why not ‘Chunface’? Suits him better!

    • Lol I prefer Chunface to Seawead moster too!!

    • i think ‘chunface’ is more of an international nickname for yoochun~

  6. junsu is our Duckbutt Dolphin

    yoochun is Seaweed Monster lol no he’s the man with a wide forehead, official dork

    yunho is Tteokbokki and THE Leader, our leadja

    minnie is …Lord Voldemin LOL the evil lovely maknae

    and jaejoong is boojae the most beautiful god-like Angel on planet earth.

    • xD like this! ^O^

    • wahhahaha!!! yes, their nickname should be like what you said:D chunnie is not a seaweed monster><" he is our dorky chunface:D hope he won't find out this postD:

    • Definetly! Definetly! XD!
      Min best nickname x3 ~ Lord Voldemin lOl~

    • What does boojae means?

  7. I wish SYC could make another post on this about all the members, the things that ida is mentioning…their funny posts are the greatest ^^

  8. Seaweed monster. LOL
    I thought the nickname would have been about his forehead ^^

  9. Junsu is the duckbutt’s dolphine

    n yoochun is a wide forehead..xixixixi

  10. oh, my dolphin, so precious! i actually liked yoochun’s long hair on all his ‘the beginning’ pics photos. maybe it was the makeup, but he looked HOT!

  11. LOL!
    Sea weed monster for chun? Kekekekekeke!
    So hilarious!
    Aaaahhh our dolphin duck su :3 kekekke
    Ps: what’s wrong with kyu expression? :P kekekeke

  12. Duckbutt is cuter….. but dolphin is fine. Duckbutt dolphin ?? Hmm… will become a weird-looking creature. hahaah. ok ok… Still our cute and talented JUNSU.

  13. Our beloved dolphin, it is also because of he always lose in their “dolphin IQ” game, right? The boys intentionally targeted him as the “dolphin”, haha.. i laugh so hard when i see that variety show. Junsu also showed his ability to imitate dolphin’s sound.
    I also like how Changmin called him Jun-chan.

    ** wander whether yoochun is already recovered?

  14. Yoochun’s hair is ALWAYS a hot topic. Always. I love how fandom goes absolutely crazy whenever he changes his hair. Some fans (me included lol) gauge the era of any given picture taken by Yoochun’s hair haha because he never repeats the exact same hair style twice and he always has something crazy going on for each new album XD

    worst has got to be chicken head hair during rising sun era. I…still don’t understand that one ^_^”

  15. I liked his seaweed hairstyle T__T I miss those times… actually I envy him for his great hair.

  16. lol what?? seaweed monster? now, that hilarious….kekeke…(but, yeah his hairstyle always become a topic)
    I thought it should be “chunface” coz he love to show so many expression right? Maybe others people does not notice this…

    and the dolphin boy. That one is never died! It is given by the members themselves right and it is a BIG sucess! or maybe “airport Xiah/Junsu”? the members try to put new nickname for junsu when they always mention about it in AADSK3. haha XD

  17. Junsu should be the combination of 2D > duckie and dolphin!!
    And you crazy fans! Calling Chunnie seaweed monster?! XD
    Wakakakaka~ Kinda agree~ Lucky that he finally got a haircut!

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