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[Trans] 110415 Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart 2011

Seoul – Osaka Music of Heart 2011 – FIGHTING JAPAN!

Tohoshinki, 2PM and other K-Pop artists will be gathered at the Kyocera Dome for the sake of the Tohoku Earthquake Charity!

Performances packed with strong vocals and dances, to deliver the message “Stay Strong! Japan!”

Date 6 June 2011
Event Opens : 16:30;
Performance Starts : 18:30 (Scheduled)
Location Kyocera Dome, Osaka
Price All seats ¥9,500 (Tax Inclusive)
Contents Tohoshinki, 2PM, MBLAQ, U-KISS, T-ARA and other popular as well as new artists. 8-10 teams will gather at the Osaka Dome for the first time, deliver from Japan, Korea, and other parts of Asia, the voice of love and dreams to the world.※The full list of performers will be up when they are confirmed.
Ticket Sales Start 20 April at 12 Noon, Pre-sales for KJ-net members only
Play Guide* Details Normal Play Guide* and Other Ticket Sales will start on 22 May

(Other Details Omitted)
(*T/N: Play Guide = Automated Sales Machines found in numerous convenience stores in Japan)

source : [Kj-net]
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  1. Isn’t this the same day JYJ was supposed to have their charity concert?

    • … and I believe the date is supposed to be June 7th (Tues.) not June 6th.

  2. speachless.. (>//////<)

  3. I think it’s June 7. Not 6.

    So this is the reason why JYJ’s charity concert is still unconfirmed.

    May turned to June.

    Tokyo Dome turned to Yokohama Arena turned to Saitama Arena turned to still unconfirmed venue.

    Why are these people so afraid of JYJ??? There’s just 3 guys in this group.

  4. They cancel JYJ’s concert and put tohoshinki+friends. Why are you so scared?? They can both help out! Its not a competition. This is to help the victims. Lets hope they wont pocket all the money.

    • I agree, it’s great that it’s for a good cause, but I really hope saitama lets jyj do their charity event too.

      • I don’t think y’all get it… I am not scared, I am *flabergasted*

        The tohoshinki concert & friends date was announced and then retracted. JYJ announced their date and it never changed. JYJ gets notification they don’t have a venue to perform in and now this date is the new date for the tohoshinki & friends concert.

        So that how it works huh?

  5. Soooo block JYJ bcz ur scared of the competition? Ridicuolous! This is to help the poor victims.. Why are like this avex??

  6. hope the money will really go to charity.

  7. This whole blocking JYJ thing is childish, but unsurprising, however why would you do it in a way that blatantly embarrasses yourself and everyone you represent? That’s just plain stupid.

  8. I just hope they raise al lot of money for the cause. Japan needs all the help they can get! But it sucks that JYJ isn’t allow to do the same.

  9. wow too many artists, the higher the operational costs, it will lessen the money due for charity, but anyway still thankful they try to do something for Japan

  10. Speechless…

  11. LOL..

    what a joke..

  12. the more unfairness JYJ gets, i believe the bigger they get..if they cant perform in a country..they can perform anywhere else in the world and become real international star..SM, Avex are just obstacles for them..but the world is about to embrace them. let’s not worry over unethical and insecure bunch of people claiming to be big shots and rulers of the entertainment world..

    JYJ will succeed and no one can stop them..that’s what we should believe wholeheartedly..

    as for Japan..they have contributed alot and will do more to help with or without a charity concert..they are genuinely kind people that wont let these kind of obstacles prevent them from helping the japan they love..let’s believe this too.

    • I agree with you. JYJ has grown leaps and bounds since 2009 when the legal issues started. They are able to show their own beautiful colors instead of the packaged, controlled SM caricatures. JYJ members are maturing beautifully, both inside and out. Their fan numbers will continue to grow, they will continue to receive more and more love from the world. This would never have happened if they had stayed with SM.

      Yes, WE (fans) have lost something precious (the blending of 5 voices into one gorgeous sound) but THEY (JYJ members) have gained so much, which in return will continue to bring us special gifts that they couldn’t give to us in the past (amazing performances, beautiful songs, charity events, etc.)

  13. they make it seems like big east can’t afford to go to two concert…-_-

  14. They did this because if both groups (JYJ, and Twohoshinki et al) do concerts at the same time and same day, everyone will see who will have the most number of audience especially from BigEast. Avex and SME et al. are not confident of Twohoshinki.

  15. United Asia Management… you first prevent other people’s charity concerts, and you start one… I would want to believe your good intentions if you didn’t prevent JYJ but sinceyou do it all I can think is you do it for popularity and thumbs up from people…

  16. Why does it need to be the same date as JYJ’s charity concert…. haissttttt…

    who’s behind this charity event?

    dont know what to say…. speechless

  17. I must be happy because it’s for you JAPAN.

    But I’m sorry way i fell sooo sad to.

    I Hope everything wil be ok.

  18. Is this a sin?

    I don’t think they can get any merit from doing like this.

  19. O______O SM & Avex are just… >.> *siigh* I really don’t have more words for this… I am glad there will be money for ppl in Japan thanks to the artists performance but the sincerity of SM & Avex by doing this… I will not believe it.
    You need to be blind to not see the way of them blocking JJ, YC and JS when they only wanted to also help ppl in Japan especially since they have so many Japanese friends there… This is cruel coz those three boys wanted to help and now they even forbid them this! Not to mention with all those “revenge games” of SM/Avex they are blocking all help that is needed for those suffering in Japan… That is really evil…

  20. is the same day!!! 2011.6.7 is june 7
    ahhhh so anoying!!! #JYJbestrong

  21. They really scared with JYJ. What a joke. This is Charity concert. Why must blocking jyj??

  22. Charity Concert ? Why must block JYJ

  23. bullshit

  24. 2011.6.7 ………… this is not coincidence

  25. Oh my god! Why in Osaka and why on Monday??? I’ll have to go to work T__T in Tokyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. sometimes i wish people will check the sources because 1. its not even organised by avex and 2. its organised by sbs. if its organised by sbs then i dont see why people are keep bashing avex for this?

    • Don’t tell me you’re that naive. Really.

    • avex is the one who approves japanese activities for homin.

      • SBS planes it and ask avex for homin’s participation and homin wants to help Japan too, what do they do reject because jyj has a concert the same day?
        Does it mean 2pm is also helping on JYJ block?

      • forgot the “” in block so “block”

      • i think this isnt even considered a japanese activity for them cos avex doesnt list this one in their schedule?

    • Avex is one of the main organizer in this event. It was suppose to be around May in Saitama Arena but change it to this. You could check it on their previous site.

      • sorry but i checked it over and no, avex isnt the main organizer in this event. this event isnt even listed under tohoshinki’s activities in avex’s page. and the offical page of kj-net doesnt even mention avex as an organiser.

        as for the whole saitama arena problem, i would assume that the management of saitama arena also doesnt want problems with avex in the future. i know its not a very nice thing to say since its supposed to be a charity event and all, but a business is still a business. avex has many artistes and saitama super arena’s one of the locations most avex artistes hold at least one of their concerts, so perhaps taking jyj would compromise their future business and avex might not want their artistes to perform in saitama super arena again. i think its really sad for jyj, but businesses are still businesses.

    • you can work for Avex and SM in the future, because you and them have the same mindset, heartless

  27. wow some of the comments here are just simply heartless.

    instead of posting sourgrapes comments,i hope these charity events can help the victims.
    and yes,hopefully JYJ will get to hold theirs,it’s not like it’s the end of the world just becos their charity con was put on hold.i’m keeping my hopes that it will work out well for them.


  28. wow some of the comments here are just simply heartless -.-

    instead of posting sourgrapes comments,i hope these charity events can help the victims.
    and yes,hopefully JYJ will get to hold theirs,it’s not like it’s the end of the world just becos their charity con was put on hold.i’m keeping my hopes that it will work out well for them.


  29. wow some of the comments here are just simply heartless..

    instead of posting sourgrapes comments,i hope these charity events can help the victims.
    and yes,hopefully JYJ will get to hold theirs,it’s not like it’s the end of the world just becos their charity con was put on hold.i’m keeping my hopes that it will work out well for them.


  30. if the business reason to block JYJ is very low but still can understand but this time is charity… mean help and give hope for victim.. Do a charity by block a other charity???…. it is become ugly!! how much money JYJ concert will bring for Japanese victims with 70000 seat??? when ppl around the wold collect very dollas to help Japan….Avex..shame on you!!

  31. I think this also mean HoMin no longer promote Tohoshinki name as Jpop artist, but as part of Hallyu wave.. I remember they always reject to addresed as part of Hallyu if it come to Tohoshinki in their old days..

    How dissappointing..

  32. JYJ’s charity concert scheduled June 7, 70k seats sold out in 2-3 hrs, avex threatened the venue for some legal actions if it’ll host JYJ’s concert for the reason of contract dispute, so for now Japanese promoter is still negotiating the venue.
    And now here’s the announcement of this another charity concert, 2hoshinki+friends, there are so many days in a year, why on earth they choose June 7, what’s so significant on that date?
    A concert of just 3 young men without a backing of any big company, just by themselves —> concert of the legendary name Tohoshinki/TVXQ, once the biggest star in Asia,2PM, MBLAQ, U-KISS, T-ARA and other popular as well as new artists. 8-10 teams will gather —- both with the same agenda, to raise funds to help Japan, why do they still need to block the former ???
    I guess from a business perspective, they are simply doing everything in their power to prevent JYJ from getting a foothold in Japan. So as to ensure that no precedent can be set for their performing in the country (insecurity, revenge or what?). Avex vendetta for JYJ is much stronger then their respect to the morals of humanity, Avex et al are all blinded by greed, envy and pride …how LOW!

    • AGREE!!

  33. God, stop the blaming stuff, both of the parties just trying to help…

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