Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 16, 2011

[News] 110415 TVXQ Prove Their Care to Animal “One day I want to be your puppy”

TVXQ members took a heart warming picture with a puppy that showed their care to animal.

Recently backup dancer of TVXQ unveiled a picture of Yunho and Changmin via his personal twitter.

In the published picture, it was seen U-Know Yunho held a brown poodle with both of his hands and smiled, while Choikang Changmin posed by hugging the poodle as if it was a treasure in his arms and kissed its head. The picture was expected to be taken on the 14th before they appeared on a concert stage.

Fans commented, “Somehow my mind got purified by looking at the picture” “The puppy will be missing them.” “They even respect the rights of a puppy” “One day I want to be your puppy” showing their enviousness to the chocolate poodle.

TVXQ is currently promoting their follow up single ‘Know This Before You Go’

credit: Newsen


  1. yes. envy the poodle so so much. I want a kiss too min!

  2. It keeps getting better…now I wish I was that dog lol

  3. i want to be the puppy…
    Changmin looks pretty young!

  4. Yunho even kissed that dog. Oh Yunho, I want to be ur dog for one day. XD

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  6. keke~ the ‘hug’ parody~ i miss taepoong and mandoong~ btw, anyone notices the blazer yunnie is wearing is the same as junsu’s in JYJ fansign event last time? junsu’s jacket during ‘get out’ is also the same as yunnie’s jacket in BUG MV when he went to save my lord, only thing is one is blue and another is black~ lol. HOSU FTW~

  7. […] credit: Newsen […]


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