Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 6, 2011

[Vid] JYJ World Tour Concert In Taipei Teaser

credit: 6002theMore


  1. i think it´s a fanmade and not the official i want the official teaser

    • hopefully it’s fanmade…cause if that’s professional to cjes…then…..hmmm

  2. Fanmade or not, is really cool!

    • So true! I was impressed :)

  3. wooooooow! is Cool! susu HOT, chunnie sexy, and jae cute :$

  4. that wonderful! This concert is going to be cool

  5. I love it. It’s just really awesome.
    Btw, I like the new banner so much.. BRAVO~

  6. Opps as I know, the tickets selling day should be 4/8 at 12pm!! Not 7.30pm….
    JYJ fighting!!!!

  7. TAIPEI DOME!!! YES!!! JYJ from TVXQ fighting~~!!
    PS: Lurveeeeeeeeeeee the new banner~! SYC admin unnies are the best~!!! Fighting~!

  8. I hope they can come to Malaysia…i’m scared if they’re unable to do the concert in my country :( i really wanna see them perform..really2 look forward to..

    • me too.,hopefully they will come to our country.,
      but all decision is made by c-jes.,

      i pernah call c-jes,so far c-jes said they dun have any plan to bring jyj for a concert in malaysia.,

  9. typography looks so noob

  10. if this is official, somehow i think c-jes just give the videos of jyj’s worldwide concert in seoul to the concert promoters of each country where they held the concerts and ask the promoters to edit it themselves -_-

    this looks like the jyj world tour in indonesia (before the concert was canceled), the videos i think is exactly the same, just different way of editing, different font, different words, and different duration -_- and indonesia’s teaser used Mission as the song instead of Be The One

  11. HAHA ! ‘no more fantastic stage’
    i didn’t understand it until i translated it into mandarin.
    they meant to say 没有更好的舞台, which means ‘there is no better stage’.

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