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[Info] 110331 Jaejoong Twitter Profile

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credit: JJ’s twitter
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    • ???
      I think… we all already saw this…

      • yea.. for sure all cassies already watched this, but avex is blocking those videos and there are bunch of ppl who didnt have chance to watch it.T.T

    • it’s blocked:
      try to watch this:

      MV meaning…
      Three escape SM..which is represented as a caslte..and the president is the dark lord. After escaping, he wants to destroy them. JYJ use their voices to create a song to explain why they did what they did…..and so the mv goes back to the beginning and ends at the present….
      …the last scene shows JYJ going back for yunho and changmin after escaping……but since the story continues on..the ending has not yet come
      Are changmin and yunho about to escape with JYJ?????
      Only time will tell….but what ever they decide….I will trust in their decision…

  2. whoa?

  3. Thank your for this my dear Jaejae ♥

  4. JaeJae is simply amazing <3

  5. Woaah? Want that get kissed rough? Lol

  6. :’3 gogogo jj

  7. i’m micky bias but am lovin jaejoong rite now. maybe he changed it after watching homin’s before you go dance version. kihkihkih

  8. I’m so happy to see he still mention TVXQ!!!
    Fighting JJ!!!^^

  9. Yay~!! Jae, I LOVE you more and more~!!
    You gave 5TVXQ cassies more hope somehow~!!
    Call me stupid! I still BELIEVE in 5 and each of you!!

    • Cheeyanne I dont think you´r stupid …. or anyway were bouth stupid, I still Believe in 5 of them!!!

      Thanks JJ this makes me happy ^^ and thanks admins for sharing!!

    • Cheeyanne I dont think your stupid… or anyway were both stupid hehe. I still Believe in 5 of them too and I know we are not the Orly ones ^^ AKTF

      And thanks JJ and Admins for this, just makes me happy n_n

  10. here’s more from:

  11. not just that, according to fuku san’s tweet, jj’s hp wallpaper is still the 5 of them. he just loves dbsk, doesn’t he?

    • He does <3

    • I’m crying of happiness right now. TT.TT

      Jaejoong is really….aishhh. *speechless*

  12. Forever, a TVXQ.

  13. yeaaa he change it back..

    • Just refresh your twitter, it will be back

    • he dont want his fan forgot that he is from tvxq..just like chunsuhomin..together 5 they are tvxq~

  14. That man has TVXQ tattooed on his back. They’ll always be TVXQ, no matter what others say, with or without SM.

    • yep!

    • you said it

    • yep. he’ll forever live with his tattoo. love jaejae!

    • agreed!!! ^^ I’m glad that he said this!!!

  15. Just a little effort on his side, can make hearts warm up :)
    Go, go, go Jaejoong from DBSK!!

  16. yeah! speaking to all Cassies out there, it’s a reminder! xD I am always gonna support all 5 because TVXQ is Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin! Saranghae TVXQ! Don’t mind the antis because Cassies will be there for all 5. That is what matters :)

  17. Omo jaejoong I love you
    and yeah !!! No one can deny that you’re still from tvxq ><

  18. I really really miss their greetings – ‘I’m DongBangShinKi’ Hero JaeJoong/ Xiah Junsu/ Micky Yoochun’ TT^TT
    now just Kim JaeJoong/ Kim Junsu/ Park Yoochun on TV appearances 0__0
    not that their names are not nice or something….
    just missing
    that’s all ;___;

    • don’t be so sad
      our dolphin’s name in his football uniform is “XIAH”, right?
      and yoochun’s twitter name is MICKY, right?
      be happy =D

      love you cassies all around the world ^^

    • U have to smile cuz of their current greetings(: They dont say JYJ Kim Jaejoong/Kim Junsu/Park Yoochun. If they used Hero, Micky, Xiah, I think SM would have one more reason for the lawsuit (sr for my bad english T.T)

  19. Jaejoong & JYJ HWAITING!!!!!!! No matter what SM or whoever says you guys are forever TVXQ!!!!!!!!


  21. Hey Cassie!~ See all the comments of this post. There’s no one is JYJfans & no comment bash Yunho & Changmin here. Haha~ Only fans of DBSK has 5 members. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!~ There’ll be miracles when we believe. Now Im proud to say it again to the JYJfans, who bash our belief, bash our faith ^O^

  22. yeah…jj makes my day brighter :D

  23. love you so much, umma
    your words always make ma warm and felt safe
    “as you do so, our faith will be stronger”, “be stronger everyone”, called us cassiopeia as the stars and thanked for protecting you

    and now, this bio

    we will always protect all 5 of you =D

  24. well I don’t know how to react. It’s just.. Unbelievable

  25. i discovered JYJ through Micky’s drama (and so Micky is my fave) but i have to say that i prefer the 5 of them than just the 3 or the 2 cause as what i have discovered from youtube, their performances were soooooooo amazing and their awesomeness will never compare or surpass JYJ nor the present TVXQ…i also want them to reunite, i hope there is still a possibility..T_T

  26. i discovered JYJ through Micky’s drama (and so Micky is my fave) but i have to say that i prefer the TVXQ as 5 cause as what i have seen from youtube, their performances were soooooooo amazing and their awesomeness can never be compared to JYJ’s or the present TVXQ’s…i also want them to reunite..i hope there is still a possibility..i never get to really be happy on that current moment as they win awards since i discovered them late..T_T

  27. It’s good that he still consider himself as a TVXQ, it’s means that there is still hope that there will be as five again. Thanks? that made my day))

  28. It’s awesome that he still consider himself as TVXQ, means that there is still hope)

  29. Saranghae TVXQ umma! You are the mother of the group, indeed. Always know how to warm our heart :DD We will always protect All 5 of you! Don’t mind antis because what matters is Cassiopeia exists for all 5! We didn’t make that up, it’s nature. We believe all of you with unwavering faith :))

  30. ^O^ Jaejoong is a sincere person (hug hug)

  31. baby, we know
    no matter what SM wants to say
    DBSK is jaejoong yunho yoochun junsu and changmin

    • Don’t worry Oppa I still believe~!
      Five stars will shine once again just wait~!
      Fighting~! ^o^/

  32. Forever my TVXQ!!! ^^

  33. omggg!!! im soo speechless right now!! the love of JYJ and JJ is still for DBSk?? AWW!!! omma is missing appa:)) <3 <3
    DBSK is always five:)

  34. …. indescribable feelings…

  35. And i was even more touched after seeing fukutaro tweet that jae is still using photo of all 5 as wallpaper until now. Syc admin, thank you for not taking sides. I admire you guys. There are many OT5 who still support all 5. Even if they split into 5 and never reunite again, I will support all 5 just because they are yunho jaejoong yoochun junsu and changmin. Just so I love them

  36. Got even more touched when fuku tweeted that jaejoong’s wallpaper is still the 5 of them until now. Syc admin thanks for supporing all 5. I admire you guys. There are still many fans who love all 5. Even if tvxq split into 5 and never reunite, I’ll still support them just because they are yunho jaejoong yoochun junsu changmin. Just so I love them.

  37. ahhh… jaejoong… your heart is just so BIG! just one reason so many people love you back!

  38. <3333333333
    i love him!

  39. yes, baby, YES! you tell them that. TVXQ belongs to all 5 of them and no one can take that away.

  40. I know he is still keeping the faith… ^_^

  41. oh my goodness. he changed it back! *cries with happiness*
    This makes me respect him so much more…
    카시오페아 당신이 김 재중 사랑~!! ><

  42. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww >.< <3 <3

  43. OMG! SUN! Can be this true? T____________T Our Jaejongie never forget TVXQ! :C Im so happy!!!! God exist! XD!! Jae heard our prayers. I love you!!! <3

  44. […] [Info] 110331 Jaejoong Twitter Profile […]

  45. it’s permanently written in his body… love him!!!

  46. my album artist property of all the JYJ and HoMin songs is still tvxq also T…T LOVE JAEJOONG!

    • i agree, i changed their album property to TVXQ, all! ^^
      and i mix the all their JYJ and homin album in my playlist, expecting that i will get an illusion that they’re singing together, hehe..
      but it didn’t work, the harmony just so different

      but let’s keep our faith together =D

      • he just changed to “JYJ from 東方神起 always keep the faith” !!!!/mjjeje

  47. this is Kim Jaejoong, an extraordinary yet ordinary celebrity that i never could hate. My love for him just toooooooo BIG.

  48. yeah baby! You tell em!!! <3 <3 how can i NOT love you!!

  49. MY… I mean, YUNNIE’S BOOJAE IS SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TVXQ♥ Always Keep The Faith!!♥

  50. baby…..i love u <3

    thx for sharing dear!

  51. TVXQ 5 FIGHTING!!!!!



  53. JJ you have a big heart, i admire you!

  54. TVXQ is 5 forever.. wht i see now is 2VXQ.. waiting for the legend to reunite but not under sm :D

  55. Never forgetting his roots. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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