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[Trans] 110326 JYJ Twitter Update

Jun-chan finally answers back, huzzah!
(Junsu) @mjjeje Hyung!! I’m sure you’re working so hard right now! !ㅠ We’ll be there soon, so wait for us^^ (10:30am KST)

Jaejoong thinks Junsu should have a career change? XD
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Junsu, I think you should have become a soccer player, not a singer~ Your uniform fits you better than your stage outfits do haha (2:43pm KST)

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……. oops, was that too loud?
(Junsu) Why… do I find this photo so funny for some odd reason..;;; keke It really is too funny hahaha (9:58pm KST)

In response to Young Pil’s er…. rather attractive(?) photo
(Sung Ryong) @0101xiahtic hahaha That really is a funny photo keke This is the first time I’ve seen Young Pil like that lol (10:01pm KST)
@limmj87 It’s funny, right? keke The photo has some kind of spell on it that entrances you^^ (10:59pm KST)

(Jae Eun) @0101xiahtic Ack!!! kekekekeke Young Pil kekekekekekeke He looks like some Southern European delinquent kekekeke (10:02pm KST)
@beyondmonica hahaha Oh!! Ding Dong Deng (10:59pm KST)

Source: [Junsu+Jaejoong’s Twitter]
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  1. jj oppa~what did you mean when you said that~>”_<~i love him anyway

  2. jj oppa~what did you mean when you said that~and,yes!Junsu oppa shines when he is a soccer player~but he is also a precious singer~>_<~i love him anyway

  3. hahhahah!!! thats soo cuteeee:))) <3

  4. LOL @ JJ’s comment , Junsu will get a good idea out of it and will start using Soccer uniform on stage kekekekee

    • Hahaha, nice idea(:

    • ^^ haha!

    • LOL

    • LOL

    • someone will be VERY jealous for showing HIS ASSests. after all, wasn’t it belongs to someone wif high forehead? LOLS

    • i like!~ ^^ JaeChunSu may each have their own stage soccer outfit!~ hmm… let’s see… what will there no. be?


  6. im sure jaejoong loves how those loose trousers hang off junsu’s ass. i know i do.

  7. fav couple…noo junsu is a great singer

  8. jaesu love~

  9. ah, jj, stop teasing my junsu. he looks good wearing a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.! whether is an uniform, a trash bag, or even food… food? that’s a thought…

    • Jusun wearing histumabushi ? *o* XD

      • keke ^^ but that’d be dangerous for Jun-chan~ So easy for fangirls to rip yummy hitsumabushi off him!! XD

  10. cuuuuuuute <3 ^^ LOVE them <3

  11. LOL jaejoong why so cute?
    But junsu does look so good in the soccer uniform *-*

  12. Junsu is so amazing, he can do both… Just watch him.

  13. Who’s the person in the picture?

  14. Youngpil wasn´t Yoochun´s best friend??? Now a days it looks that Junsu really enjoys being around him jaja!!!

  15. Good bye Junsu replying to your JJ hyung! but how can you find YP hyung funny? hahaha

  16. i love them…

  17. junsu noooooo~~~~~

  18. JJ oppa really love junchan soo much!!!^^

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