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[News] 110317 SM Entertainment Donated 1 Billion Won to Help Earthquake Victims in Japan

SM representative on March 17th said, “SM Entertainment and artists under our agency expressed deep sympathies to all those victims of the natural disasters in Japan. In a hope that they’ll be able to overcome this difficult situation as soon as possible, SM Entertainment has delivered 1 billion won donation to Japan Red Cross to repair all damages due to the earthquake.”

Furthermore, “SM Entertainment, all its artists, and whole Korean citizens will be supporting with one deepest heart so that everyone in Japan won’t lose courage and hope.”

credit: star news


KRW 1 billion = around USD 880 million thousands (sorry, too many 000s)


  1. i thought 1 million ?

    • Me too …

      I think that makes more sense than 880 million USD … I mean, I know SM’s rich but … Almost one billion in donation? Really?

  2. i think KRW 1 Billion should be around USD 900,000 :)

    • 보아, 동방신기, 소녀시대, 슈퍼주니어, 샤이니, f(x) 등 SM엔터테인먼트 소속가수 일동이 일본 지진 피해에 써달라며 10억원의 거액을 기탁했다.

      Singers under the label company SM ent including Boa, TVXQ, SNSD, SuJu, Shinee, f(x) donated 1,000,000,000 KRW (1 million USD) for the relief of Japan earthquake. (So, SM company did not donate, but 33 + idols did)

      JYJ donation = 600,000,000 KRW (0.6 million USD).

      • yeah..they still need to keep their share though..
        since the company eat it much from them..after all jyj is free right?
        and the listed artist still in the SM and pay all the expenses for SM executive life such as parking fee and the other taxes..
        sigh..if SM didn’t do that thing, maybe the donation can be more than i billion krw..

  3. ????usd880 million or usd 880,000…pls get the facts right…

  4. I think you mean 880 thousand ^^

  5. JYJ..3 person….near usd600,000
    Sm-listed company …near usd880,000
    no comment anymore!

    • oh please.
      Every $ helps.

    • ha ha ha comment pleaseee usd880.000 and 50.000 its belong to TVXQ fro their mirotic album sales peaceeee

    • Why the hell are you comparing?
      At least they donated and helped people

    • Stop complaining and Don’t compare! Every Won is important now! It dosen’t matter who donate and how much!!!

      • Exactly. They don’t have to give anything. Whether its $1 or $1 million, Japan needs all the help they can get!

      • Did she compare? No cause she said no comment so stop getting all butthurt.

      • She mentioned about JYJ and amount of money that they donated, then SM. If it isn’t “compare” then what it is? Are you serious, woman? Even blind can see it!

  6. Doesnt matter how much SM contribute to now, it is not time for compare or figure out the reason. It is important that Japan wil receive a lot of helps after all.

  7. wooohh!!good job sm!!!
    but so sad… will always try to compare….charity is not competition u guys..
    juz be happy sm n other people donate to ones needed….sighh…

    • Ikr.. still still amuse how people publicized donation.

      • SM is a listed company, they need to report to public everytime they make such moves.

        Their shareholders won’t be happy to know nothing about where does their 1 billion won go, right? ;)

      • LOL.. our boys really have big heart and smart …The first time the news about SM I am happy .. off course cant not less than our boys right!!!.. heheh what ever reason …Yeah.. 900,000 more for japan, they need that money.

  8. I can’t believe I’m saying this to a company like SME but I am going to put my hate aside and say “Good job”!! Any amount of money is good. There is no need to compare because the important thing is that Japan gets the help they need and deserve. Its self assuring knowing that deep down all that greed, there is still SOME good in them. Yes, even if they’re using this as a publicity stunt or maybe because they genuinely care about those in Japan.

    ALKpoop needs to learn how to google money conversions if they’re going to mistranslate them and give wrong information to readers.

    • No problem, it’s okay. Even a bad company can make a good deed. Hurting JYJ is one thing, donating is another thing. So, it’s okay to condemn them for their bad action and salute them for good thing.

  9. aw… should be $880, 000 (not million lol)

    • That’s how allkpop announced it, 1million USD. lol

  10. I heard Adding SM and all of their artist donations is like 8.9 million dollars not sure if its true

  11. People, you might hate SM but you have to give them credit. Anyone donating any amount of money to people who are in great need is a good deed. And so all I can say is, Awesome SM ~ Well done.

    • “보아, 동방신기, 소녀시대, 슈퍼주니어, 샤이니, f(x) 등 SM엔터테인먼트 소속가수 일동이 일본 지진 피해에 써달라며 10억원의 거액을 기탁했다.

      Singers under the label company SM ent including Boa, TVXQ, SNSD, SuJu, Shinee, f(x) donated 1,000,000,000 KRW (1 million USD) for the relief of Japan earthquake. (So, SM company did not donate, but 33 + idols did) “

      • well then that is even better isn’t it? that we can place the good deed on the artists themselves and not the company.

  12. Wow, something SM actually did right!

    • Not if the amount is taken out of 33 idol singer’s income, while the company get the credit and tax benefit for that.

      • That crossed my mind.

  13. this is for sure not a competetion
    and what matters is the help Japan will get
    so well done SM

  14. Thank you SM and TVXQ (and all the others artists also.)

  15. Hmm.. i wonder if it’s SM’s money, or money taken from the artists’ salaries for this donation? (im not undermining the donation, but.. you gotta wonder if this is going to be listed as one of their… “expenses”)

    • I know it will get listed as their “expenses” >.>
      They list everything in expenses already why this would be different?

  16. Great publicity stunt, Sm, but still – every dollar counts, so thank you.

  17. This is what Filipinos call Indulgencia… buying your soul out of hell through good will…
    But yeah… *shrugs*

  18. 1 billion South Korean won = 882 000 U.S. dollars

  19. 1 billion? whoa…at least they are not to gready when it comes with donate…

  20. SM is probably just trying to clear their their reputation because it’s became so bad and stocks falling..they better not deduct this money from homin’s already meagre salary!

    • I hope not .. but even “the cost of snacks” for SM Excutive still become expenses I think it will go to ” expenses” too!

  21. hey, at least thy donated!….. ==
    But I think they could do more than that…..???

  22. i think it more like ‘SM artists donate 1 billion won because i far as i know SM never donate -.- i think it because alot of SM artists fan are from Japan no offense im a SM artists lover too though im a ELF :)

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