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[Trans] JYJ Kim Junsu, “About Park Yoochun’s Girlfriend Seolinja, I sympathize…”

JYJ Kim Junsu finally took comments about Park Yoochun’s very own girlfriend.

During JYJ’s first fan meeting held in Jamsil Gymnasium, Seoul on March 12th at 15:00, Kim Junsu attracted audiences’ attention by talking about his fellow Park Yoochun’s girlfriend named Seolinja whom he’s been so boastful about.

Seolinja was a snowman Park Yoochun made by himself and promoted as his girlfriend through a post at his personal twitter, the snowman has been a famous fictional character among fans ever since, as Seolinja even made 1st most searched word in internet back then.

Towards this matter Kim Junsu said, “He (Park Yoochun) has come to the point where he even made his own girlfriend like that, I thought it’s really pathetic and I feel sorry for him.” and “Even the size of the snowman is nothing close to size of human, just the size of fist, it’s even more regrettable,” drawing audiences’ laughter.

Furthermore he blurted, “To have a thought of making own girlfriend… as lonely as he could be, I never know someone could really think to do such thing.” Park Yoochun’s cheeks got even redder to this tease on him.

Meanwhile, thousands of fans flocked JYJ first fan meeting on March 12th. The event consists many interesting corners such as ‘Ideal Fans World Cup’, ‘Chamchamcham’, and ‘Talk time with the guests’ which successfully entertained all attendees.



  1. Ahh Junsu, don’t blame Chun.
    He must have been missing you too much while you were doing your musicals~

    • XD aah so true!

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL :D

    • LOL. Junsu’s jealous.

  3. junsu feels sorry to yoochun, haha they are yoosu couple indeed.

  4. LOL Junsu xD I love this guy ^^

    After being bullied and teased for several years, he’s finally catching on, huh? ^^

  5. hahaha..u tease chun huh…
    than, chun should announce you as his gf..><
    hahaha..or u already jealous to seolinja???

  6. finally Junsu had a chance to troll Yoochun XD cute~

  7. i wanna be chunnie’s real seolinja hahaha :D

  8. hahaha Jun Chan don’t tease Yoochun like this, you known you’re the only one right? kekeke

  9. hahaha bad junsu! >.<
    poor chunnie xDD

  10. LOL Junsu!! Nice one, first it was Jae and now Chun XDD Feel the power of Dolphinator huh?

    YC should just announce JS as his bf LOL

    • hahaha.. dolphinator! love dolphinator! way to go dolphinator!!!

  11. LOL Junsu bulling his hyungs!
    Evil Junsu! hahahahahhaa

  12. Junsu,are u jealous?
    hahaha.Poor Chunnie!

  13. ^^ Junsu jumps at the chance to tease his Yoochunnie <3

  14. LOL I’m laughing so hard right now.

  15. *rolls eyes* just kiss him and tell him you;re his prince lol

    chunnieya~ dont be lonely ;_; you can talk to syc girls always

  16. are trending #JYJWin on Twitter..
    Don’t forget..

    • tomrrow, March 15!! i am nervous!!!

  17. Watch out Chunnie, your turn!!

  18. lol junsu tease chun~~~ :D

  19. hehehe….junchan-ah…r u jealous??? ><

    thx for sharing dear!!

  20. Dolphinator is JEALOUS ! XD

    He is lonely su, you have to accompany him from now on!

  21. i’ll turn into a snowman and be he’s seolinja :D

  22. omg!! LOL



  23. i read the title, then saw Junsu’s face on that photo.
    LOL xDXD

  24. I just knew that Junsu is gonna insult Yoochun the minute I saw the title of this post! Aww, cute Junsu! Ever so funny! I bet Yoochun must be laughing so badly! xDxDxD

  25. lol. he look so serious and they way he said it, he was like: -_-” wtf?

  26. AHAHAHAHA :’))

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