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[Spazz] YunJae PreDebut Pics

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  1. finally YUNJAEE ~
    they are already sweet even before they are DBSK
    fated together, can not be separated
    that is YUNJAE XD

  2. Really miss Yunjaeeee….TT^TT

  3. Yunjaaeeeee T_T


  5. in the 5 pic, nest to jae, isnt it JUNSU?

    • yepp. ^^

  6. Awwww. Look at the cute babies!!!!!

  7. O.M.G.

  8. Kyaaaaa! Yunjae! Eternally!
    *they look so kawaiii naeeeee!*
    *Pinch yunho’s cheek!*

  9. shisus christ! bb donghae and bb yunho at the last picture <333333

    jaejoong has always had a big head xD

    lovely yunjae


  10. heheh last time jaejoong used to have a smaller face than yunho neh???? XD

    so cuteeeee~

  11. woot… wooot…
    miss them so much …
    YUNJAE fighting ~

  12. I love them so much…

  13. Oh my!
    YunHo and DongHae at the last picture :3
    Donghae looks like little girl and yunho is her older brother :3
    So cute and pure :)

  14. i love Yunjae so fuckin much!! *o*

  15. Haha they soo look like H.O.T. fanboys. XD

  16. Gah is that what I think it is? The 3rd pic down is a pic of Thr Four Seasons.

    • ^^ yup! I was just thinking that!

  17. oh young yunjae
    and last pic >.< yunhae!! donghae oppa u look so pretty

  18. I can´t find Jae in the first and second pic : /

    but I can see Donghae *_*

  19. My favourite couple in the world

  20. oh yunjae how i miss you guys!! ><

  21. ahhhhhhhhh

    how miss i am with this coupLe :(

  22. effing miss them together.

  23. Miss YunJae T_T *cry in the corner*
    Thank you admins for posting something about them together =))

  24. *spazz* At last a post that I can spazz about YunJae with my whole heart~! <3<3<3
    My ONE and ONLY bias in TVXQ~! xDDD
    They are just meant to be~! :3
    I know their love will always win~! ^o^/
    They look so cute together on those pics~! *melts*

  25. YUNJAE TT________TT;;

  26. […] [Spazz] YunJae PreDebut Pics […]

  27. D’: it’s love! <3 YunJae <3
    <3 and Junsu… :D <3

  28. Yunjae Yunjae Yunjae… Yoosumin… Miss them all… T.T

  29. LOLS at their idols wannabe pics. so young n dorky…

    They look so nerdy back then~ but cute aren’t they? >.0

  31. Yunjae….. Miss them so much. They were so cute back then. Now they are handsome & still cute men. Come back soon, please T.T

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