Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 1, 2011

[Info] C-JeS official cancellation notice of QTV ‘JYJ’s Real 24’ show

Hi everyone, we are here to inform you

The show “QTV JYJ’s Real 24” that would show JYJ’s real life and connect JYJ with fans, has been canceled.

This program was scheduled to broadcast in February, but today we received a notice from QTV that they will be unable to broadcast the show.

We want to express our apologies to the fans that were really anticipating the show.

QTV will give the filming footage to C-JeS, we will do our best to show this to fans.

Thank you.

source: c-jes
credit: toobie
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  1. T-T our boys….
    so sorry u guys get into this messed up things.

    we’re here, we all here to support u

  2. What the f, why!???????!!!! Ahh, I was so excited for this for this.=(

    • Well, as long as we still get to see the footage I’m happy, but I hope stupid SM isn’t the one responsible for this or I’m getting a plane ticket to Korea and kicking some butts.

  3. WAT?! There seems to be something fishy going on.

    I dont even care if i see the footage, i mean i wanna see them, but iwanted to like, EVERYONE to see it, it was a f** tv show for Gods sake, i wanted everyone to see our boys well, and now this.

    okay breath,, breath… grr

  4. I’m sure it’s SM again! Didn’t the court ordered them not to interfere with JYJ’s activities or to pay a fine?!

    • well the bright side ofthis is if SM keep blocking JYJ….JYJ will get rich ~ and will be able to do a killer Empty MV… =D

      • not really
        is very hard to get the proves
        if SM say “I will give you SNSD reality show but don’t air JYJ”
        do you think anyone will say SM is playing dirty? I don’t think so
        The court say this, but is very hard to prove

      • Wow~ You are really positive!!!
        I hope that too!

    • I”M agree!! its must be SMent interfere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (>///////<)

      • lol if sm have this much power, i wonder why they don’t use this power to win all the lawsuits against crebeau, jyj, hangeng, get jyj to come back, make Mnet obey them way before this, win all the award shows for TVXQ…etc, etc, etc. lol

      • Why SM again? Do you think this company is god? SM doesn’t mention ever in this article. And they are stupid enough t not to do it.

      • I’m not refer a God for SMentr!! but I think SMent is a biggest entertain in Korea soo I’m sure there must be “a hand” by SMEentr in this case but I’m agree with you that they really stupid enough t not to do it!!!!!!

      • i think i know who you are on lj, dont go around under a different name to bash jyj, coward

      • my comment is for @who is

      • Who’s bashing on JYJ? Really JYJ stans stop speculating…and being so effin’ sensitive. You’re the number one cause of all the fight in these fandom.

    • how do you know its SM? i wonder, do you have proof or just pin point your finger to anyone? or just pick the easiest “thing” to be the black-sheep? do you ever heard presumption of guilt?

      • oke, sorry for “pin point my finger” for this case but did u have a good reason about this???

      • and I wonder too who is exactly the black sheep in this case??

      • funny…girl…
        hey…SM bias is over here…
        ok!!! maybe KFPCAI…or sth bigger, right?? Sth SM is a part of

      • very funny…girl
        not SM…ok..may be KFPCAI…or sth bigger…huh???
        organization has SM be key member….??????

      • dear SM fan,
        actually it’s THE INVISIBLE HAND again !

  5. WTH?!! Why??

  6. OMG!!! what happened with QTV??????????? I hope they have a damn good reason about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO

  7. Hate it. Give us so much hope, We felt very exited, then they crushed it just like that. What a loser and coward !!!!!!!!!

  8. SM again?

  9. Damn it!!!I am so anticipating this!!!

    Hope Cjes will show us soon~

  10. SERIOUSLY….. -_- Been waiting for this particular show.

  11. this must be SM again! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  12. This was the one thing I was anticipating for this year ;n;
    My question is- why?! I mean, you’d think SM would back off, but what else could it be?! ㅠㅠ

  13. Ohwait. Sorry for the double-post, and delete my previous comment if you like, admins ^^;
    I think you guys should read this allkpop article; it gives some additional info.

  14. I’m furious!!!

    What is this?! How can you just cancel like that!


    It has definitely got to be SM again, probably threatening to pull their artists out of their shows if they air JYJ’s. DAMN!

    • I’m agree!! SMent really didn’t tired for disturbing JYJ oppa and OMG~ QTV didn’t have a GOOD reason about this case!!!!! (>///////<)

  15. Reason? or someone has too much money that he wanna pay fines for fun? Uh that’s possible. But well who cares? Cjes will find a way anyway and QTV just lost their chance to have an explosive rating boo~

    • exactly! if QTV thinks that only SME owns everything, they’re just plain stupid. the world is anticipating JYJ’S TV appearance.

      • I’m 100% agree with youu^0^)b

  16. WHATTT???

  17. whyyyyyy?
    That’s not fair..x(

  18. “we never even planned an air date.” -QTV.

    Anyone with eyes can clearly see the ‘2월 QTV! JYJ Coming soon’ still on their twitter’s bio.

    • OMG!! are u sure?? in QTV timeline?? it’s like they f*** their face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! funny.

  19. WTH??!!!
    We don’t even have to guess who’s evil fault this is!!
    Huh, isn’t it right, sm?
    Did u strangle QTV to death or bribe them with tons of money??

    Life is UNFAIR~~T___T

  20. I hate SM Town!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I am furious
    QTV furious
    furious with the Korean tv
    SMEs furious
    and saddened by JYJ
    the image I have in South Korea goes dark
    buy a lot of kpop but today nothing
    not give you my money to a rotten industry

  22. what’s QTV’s twitter page? I’m going to leave them one HELL of a message!!!!

    • lucky I’m not add them(QTV) yet!!!!!!

  23. TT^TT
    i think all cassies were…

    they said schedules clashed…O_O;;
    but o well…
    i hope C-Jes will release it will FULL SUBS to make up for it… >D

  24. i want to know the reason why QTV backed out too.
    they can’t just drop the show without giving a good reason why!

    sighhhh i hope the boys are’nt feeling too upset over this.
    and hopefully they can still air the show in different channels,or like mr Egg suggested,Youtube ftw ;D

  25. JYJ should start their own Youtube channel, like Shane Yoon …

    • @Mimi Sorry but I think you are sex deprived or something cause JYJ aren’t greedy at all, if you believe that well I feel sorry for you but don’t say mean things about them to make your idols look better. Such a sad sad fan

    • Yeah but that won’t solve the problem
      They need time on TV so they can gather new fans
      A youtube chanel will only reach the old fans
      An artist cant survive if they fail to get new fans…

      this makes me so sad

    • @Mimi
      sure, sure… and you don’t need money… fine… go away…

    • yeah but they won’t get money out of it

      • edede,

        they only did the free show because they have no choice since their work visa was denied but everything was ready to go anyways. they didn’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts but they went ahead w/ it so they can look good to the fans since they paid for everything anyways. their choice was either lose money and look good to the fans or lose money and get nothing out of it. this way, when they do a free showcase, at least they get fans to say how great they are, how selfless…


      • Mm.. Selfish and greedy? I don’t think so. If they really cared about money i dnt think they would do a free show in the US (referring to their first showcase).

      • they will, if they applied for a partnership. like that of other official artists’ YT channel.

      • Let’s face it. JYJ are selfish, greedy celebrities. They talk about fulfilling their dream but still all they really care about is the money they get in return. They’ve grown into real man…selfish and greedy!

    • yes, Mr.Egg say soo too!! they must have their own account in youtube and I’m agree with that^^

    • wow..@mimi…..u r full of hatred ..such hatred will only eat u up one day…grown up pls!

  26. How is this even possible???? T___T

  27. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????????

  28. I swear to god if sm is cock blocking them again, THEY WILL PAY! So super angry!

  29. Aigoo, speechless T_T

  30. May be….hopefully they will release the footage in a DVD. I mean I think they filmed a lot of stuff so maybe like a 3hree voices but a korean version. That will be good.

  31. I’m not refer a God for SMentr! but I think SMent is a biggest entertain in Korea soo I’m sure there must be “a hand” by SMEentr in this case but I’m agree with you that they really stupid enough t not to do it!!!!!!

  32. my reaply didn’t show up for “who is” questiong, maybe blocked by admin but I hope their will be a good solution for this case and make more benefit for JYJ oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3

  33. dvd or youtube channel are good, but we need to have jyj on tv so people would pay more attention to them….now people are retweeting qty previous tweet, the one that said about their jyj airing schedule…”never plan an air date “? BIG BS. anyone who has screen cap of jyj banner of jyjreal24 should send back the pic to their twitter or e-mail.

  34. Fans speak without knowing.

    It ISN´T always SM, you know?

    Wait til an article comes out that says “SM was behind all this” and then.. you can speak freely.


    • That wont happen and you know it

    • At this case I really agree with you… It’s annoying -,-

    • @4868persia
      we really don’t need a cofirmation, dear…
      in case you didn’t know, SME has been doing this to a lot of their “enemies”
      or have you forgotten the reason why they were advised by the court not to meddle with JYJ’s activites? Oh, YES! because they’ve been doing that!

    • hahahahaha^^ ’till I died that’s never ever happend!!!

    • OK, IT’S NOT SM
      with much influence/money/power over SK entertainment and broadcast industry! and so insecure with just 3 young men!

  35. I`m feeling so sad about this…but JYJ will make something even better to make everyone forget about this loss. JYJ Fighting!

  36. i really don’t want to accuse though i am not really a fan of, but does SM get anything to do with this? so disappointed….

  37. i don’t want to accuse though am not a fan of, but does SM have anything to do with this? i am so disappointed…

  38. its maybe not because of SM, but it also may be because of SM, no one sure and SM also not innocent
    laugh at those people who said with SM as if they are SM fans

  39. Qtv should apologize not c-jes

    • OMG!! I just realized about that and I’m totally agree with you, Lea!! I’m soo damn angry about this news because I’m waiting this program, this is the change for JYJ oppa, I hope they didn’t sad too long about this and C-JES FIGHTOOO!!!!

    • I just realized about that and I’m totally agree with you, Lea!! I’m soo damn angry about this news because I’m waiting this program, this is the change for JYJ oppa, I hope they didn’t sad too long about this and C-JES FIGHTOOO!!!!

  40. Can’t say I’m surprised. -_-

    Well … It’s QTV’s loss …

    But hey, if we can set up an internet radio broadcast for JYJ, why not an internet TV broadcast? lol ^^

  41. A representative of QTV clarified, “JYJ’s reality show was canceled because schedules did not fit. For a while, we’ve been trying to balance publication rights as well as timing, but we’ve had to rearrange the lineup for a program being produced for April/May.”

    It’s their loss for not broadcasting the show. The viewing rate would have rocket if they broadcast it… but since they didn’t.. too bad!!! They will be crying when they see the response of jyj fans once the show is being released by C-Jes.

    Want to say to QTV : Hey QTV, say byebye to the big fat opportunity u’ve just thrown away! hahahaha…

  42. BULLSHIT. They can’t appear on music shows, and now they’re not even allowed to have their own show on TV? Bullshit, complete and utter bullshit.

  43. wanna cry…hai T^T

  44. I soooooo want QTV’s twitter to tell them how ridiculous they sound.

  45. Disapointed…. all i have to say

  46. T__T I think JYJ should just leave South Korea, because they’re being treated so unfairly! My boys deserve better treatment!

    I can’t believe that they’re, first of all, being banned from all the mainstream music shows although they’re more popular and selling more than most of the idols on those shows ! And now can’t have their own reality show on some small channel. It’s so wrong, seriously!

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