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[News] 110223 Park Yoochun and Gahee’s pictures from their past, “Why the sudden?” JYJ’s fans upset

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun and After School’s Gahee’s past pictures has belatedly become a hot topic.

Recently the intimate photos of Yoochun and Gahee got published on an online community bulletin board attracted the attention of netizens.

These pictures were taken 6 years ago when Park Yoochun was active with TVXQ and Gahee was BoA’s backup dancer and have already been posted online several times before revealing these two as past lovers.

Several artists have especially mentioned about Gahee’s celebrity boyfriend before, while the situation about her dating boyfriend Park Yoochun before her debut was a corrupted scandal.

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With this topic circling around again, Park Yoochun’s fans showed their displeasure without holding back.

Fans ” The past is already gone, why does this keep bringing up.”, “Gahee released a solo album and this situation suddenly pops up.”, “Do not bring Yoochun up repeatedly.” etc. arrowing the atmosphere at Gahee.

On the other hand, since last year Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu have  worked as the group JYJ meanwhile Gahee have recently debuted with her mini solo album “Come back you bad person”.

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  1. D8
    What is that? Uh, seriously :P trying to capture attention, and dragging Chun into the picture…

    • honestly when the photos leaked the first time, that’s exactly what I thought. Who knows, she probably sat in a random cafe somewhere and uploaded the photos herself. It’s not me being immature, but honestly it’s something that I think is very possible. Now that she’s going solo, the situation has resurfaced? I mean it’s old news..someone is definitely trying to get popular using the wrong method…

      P.S. I don’t hate Gahee, I actually really kinda like her

    • wtf,, can’t she have a right to post there pic. together,,theres no big deal in that ! and she is not capturing attention because she gains her fame from her talent ,not everybody can be a back up dancer for boa,,She is very talented and famous , she does’nt need yoochun for fame.. i dont hate yoochun , i’m just defending kahi,,,

  2. Oh how I love the immaturity of fans… :D He’s a grown up man for god’s sake!

  3. Bao’s backup dancer… Lol wtf xD?

    Omg I hate this type of fans; Why the hell get jealous? You are never going to date any of the boys anyway lol

    btw I looove her new single!!

    • i don’t think it is jealousy, they don’t want Gahee and her agency to use Yoochun to ad her solo album..

      • honestly when the photos leaked the first time, that’s exactly what I thought. Who knows, she probably sat in a random cafe somewhere and uploaded the photos herself. It’s not me being immature, but honestly it’s something that I think is very possible. Now that she’s going solo, the situation has resurfaced? I mean it’s old news..someone is definitely trying to get popular using the wrong method. Clearly the odds of us fans getting with Yoochun are really dismal but still, if all of this is in the name of popularity…it’s not right esp. since Chun himself doesn’t speak about it.

        P.S. I don’t hate Gahee, I actually really kinda like her

      • Using the pictures?
        It’s the FANS bringing it up, not her company and these pictures were released years ago… Even before she debuted lol

      • but they always surface just in time. I actually never had anything against Gahee, I liked her from these pics even before she debuted, because she looks nice on these pics and Chunnie loo happy with her..

        but really she overused her “celebrity ex boyfriend” story..

  4. Kahi has said before that she hopes netizens can delete those pics and not bring it up again. i love both kahi and yoochun, and ppl should not bring this up again.

    Kahi’s cyworld is be heavily bashed by cassies atm, which is such a shame since kahi herself worked so hard on her album, and it really makes cassies look bad.

  5. What’s this I hear about Cassies bashing her yet again? :[. Seriously, it’s the past and it’s not like she’s the one who’s actually talking about it. In fact she asked netizens to take them down.

    They look good together. Kahi’s pretty ballin’ and Chun knows how to pick his girls right.

    • “In fact she asked netizens to take them down. ”

      Ty, and even if she did post them who the hell died and made these fans Yoochun’s savior and asked them to swoop in and save the day. He is a grown man!!! And for the record these picture have been out and stayed out, someone even made a youtube video about the two 3 years ago so why ppl are upset and outraged is beyond me. So what if she is having a solo album come out, fans need to stop thinking everyone is trying to use the boys. GROW UP PLEASE!!!

      • Yepyep~ Seriously. Some of these fans are giving me second hand embarassement. Even if she talks about her past boyfriends, so what? Should she just shut up about her past relationships just because she dated YooChun? It’s not her fault some fans are paranoid.

      • mte

  6. when i read the title,n read the article w/o looking at the pic,my thought was ‘demn,i’m so jealous..lucky b**ch!’..and then when i look at the pic,cant help but think ‘awww…yoochun looks so happy.I dnt mind him having a gf as long as he’s happy’..

    lol,complicated mind of a fangirl huh? :3

  7. She should just stop, if she did not leak the photos noone would know about that then she played victim for what?
    Everyone know it is Pldis who did that but it is not his fault that her album cannot do well on chart, smart way but watch out for side effect, they should just stop and come on she looks so old to him

    • if u can analyze, the timing is perfect, try not to care about her but this is just bad~ Pledis, please act nicer this time.

  8. timing is interesting….

    • not really.. she just made a solo debut, and it gaining a lot of popularity, so netizens are BOUND to dig up her past. as a kahi fan, i no she HATES ppl posting these pics around!

      to ppl saying its pledis, pledis is not that stupid to do this, this does no good to her, her solo song is doing well and does not need scandals~!

      • you may look at it at that side but a lot of Korean celed did the same thing, beside bad effects there r also good ones. Kahi is not that famous in Korea, n her song is not doing well. PPl who knows YC will try to find info about her. I think Pledis is pretty smart.
        I think she is good enuff to stand on her own.
        Just find her real man and things will be a lot easier.

        Plus, the pics were leaked by her XD she knew the best herslf that once she leaked it, it would be a forever topic for netizen, as a celeb she know how scary Korean netizen is

  9. These exact same photos were first dug up years ago so it’s not like Kahi or Pledis released the pictures to pump up her solo debut. There was a mini-scandal back then and Kahi had to close down her cyworld. Netizens just got interested in them again because now Kahi’s in the news all the time.

  10. I don’t mind yoochun dating..but reveal past pic suddenly during gahee solo album now doesn’t feel someone jealous of gahee now??i don’t think cassie is mad at gahee, just the timing now is not right for both gahee and yoochun..and i don’t think gahee mgmt company stupid enough to destroy what she work for a long time

  11. If she hates people posting it so much why did she leak the pic in the first place… Just saying though. If she didn’t post it this big deal wouldn’t have happened =.=

    I don’t hate her but I don’t love her either so…
    Her new album is quite good I must say.

  12. It`s pretty upsetting to hear fans are bashing Kahi over something which is in the past now… what`s even the point of bringing it up? Just to bash? It`s not like they are together now…
    I feel bad for Kahi as I`m a fan of hers as much as I am of Yoochun`s.
    When I 1st heard about they were in a relationship in the past, I was really suprised, Kahi is really gorgeous – she and Yoochun made a real cute pair… it`s unfortunate that some Yoochun`s fans don`t see it like that.
    I see no big deal of getting upset over such matter that is in the past – just let it go!

  13. but she’s merried right…….????

    • no, she don’t

  14. the only thing i dont like is how–in the past–she talked about how her “celebrity boyfriend” who was “younger than her” was a horrible bf and didnt appreciate her, blah blah blah (and someone mentioned she said he hit, or was abusive)

    of course the indictation and arrow pointing was at yoochun; it was in the past and i dont like it being brought up is all…

    • its true?? she said yoochun so rough?

      • i’m not sure i’ve ever heard gahee said yoochun was rough…but i do know gahee said her ex cheated on her…and yoochun admit himself that he’s two-timer that time… that’s all in the past…we should just let it go

    • she stated it in public or is it just a rumor?

      • she did stated that she has a ex boyfriend which is a celebrity …she said that he came and goes……like trying to get her attention and leave her for someone than came back again..if i not mistaken because i think i saw it during the broadcast of star golden bell back then…….and others artist stated that he knew who she was taking about..

      • she actually talked about it on a few shows;
        i dont remember which ones
        it was years ago, 3 or 4
        i dont feel like searching

    • oh I didn’t know what Gahee talked about her ex. Is it bad?
      ah maybe that’s why people got upset then. That’s understandable.

  15. I think both want to leave the relationship behind…
    And you know fans can help if they also leave it behind

  16. Calm down don’t bash her NOW..they just upset why suddenly the pic pop up in middle not good situation for yoochun and gahee..btw, i want pic of current yoochun gf not past!!

  17. This is old news, people need to calm the fuck down and realize they are allowed to have a love life, past, present or future. They are HUMAN!

    • Thank you!

    • +1

    • This

  18. LOL sorry but fans are fucking psycho. Yoochun will never bone you, so get over it.

  19. errr.. why this again?? … aish

  20. i was shock about this
    well, that upset fans is not really immature i guess
    maybe they’re just upset bcoz this looks like gahe used yoochun to increase her popularity and her solo album, she’s just comeback afterall
    the timing is just… IDK.. coincidience?
    i feel upset too if that’s the truth..
    i used to be her fans but….

  21. Am I the only one to think that Micky was lucky to date a girl lyk her??? Lol

    • XD Ive thought the same.
      man she’s hot.

    • Nope– I don’t mind their past relationship coz they looked good and all but I’d say Kahi is the lucky one to
      have dated Yoochun. end
      of story!

  22. Yoochun has a good taste…..

    However, old story no need to have rerun…..Its OLD!

  23. I think people are pretty much over the fact that they dated but what is upsetting is the timing… I really like gahee, she is an awesome dancer but I can’t help but hold my breath or cringe when she mentions her ex boyfriend or stories related to her past relationships, because even though some of it is just stories some are not good things ESPECIALLY since the only publicized celebrity boyfriend she has is Yoochun so fingers automatically point to him. An example so that people can’t just say that fans are just jealous or overreacting is one simple story she told that was not harmful was when she shared a story of when she had to wear a hat and shades in order to go on a date, This is fine, but one of the worrisome stories she told is how her ex-boyfriend cheated on her…Okay she could have had other boyfriends and I know Yoochun is not a perfect person, BUT a person cannot help but connect dots no matter if they might be invisible…. I personally hope and don’t think she or her company didn’t release these pictures but I just wish she was more careful with her words or don’t play the victim card…

  24. Man it’s way too long, people should leave both Yoochun & Kahi alone. =.=

  25. I love Gahee, too and I think she’s too much woman for yoochun LOL Soweee. LOL Anyway, they make a cute couple, and I agree that anyone getting upset needs to get a life. They’re stars, but they’re also human beings.

    • O.okay lol– they looked good and all but I’d say Kahi is the lucky one to have dated Yoochun. end of story!

  26. Idol dating someone is considered scandal in korea. Sigh.. The photos just strenghten the fact that they both once an item, so what?

  27. If kahi or her company are trying something.. netizend will find out.
    Fans shouldnt be like that :/ can’t they just ignore this? its in the past isnt it? and It isnt like Yoochun’s gonna die or finish his career cos of this after all.
    those kind of behaviors make fans look bad :|

  28. I think Gahee is talented so i don’t dislike her and of course, Yoochun is one of my favorites in DBSK (although i love them all anyway)… seeing these pictures, and finding out that it was Gahee, doesn’t get me mad.
    I would totally support this couple!..although i may be alone, i wouldn’t mind if they continued to date to this day… she’s worthy of him i’m sure and i’m actually sad she isn’t with him anymore.

    No doubt Yoochun is going to date someone in his life…if it had to be anyone, then i would totally approve of Gahee. Others, i’m not too sure… depending…

    • lol, yoochun or any of the boys doesnt need your approval.

      tat being said, i like kahi with yoochun too (:

  29. My Chunnie looked so happy on that old pics ^^ I don’t mind he has a gf as long as he always happy like that. A composer can’t compose a song if he doesn’t has love in his heart. A lot of Chunnie’s composed songs told about broken hearted, leaving lover… I like his song and his lyrics, so I want him to make a happy full of love songs too. He’s honest person, we can feel his feeling too from his songs.
    And this old pics scandal, well, bad promotion is also promotion and we all know what ever our guys touch become a gold, including this case. We just have to admit that. :)

  30. Aaay! Who cares? Past news is past news. And some fans needs to know that, right now is not the time to make enemies. If the Picture spreads and Chun manages to gains Gahee’s fans on his sides, then JYJ gets more fans. So don’t go around making enemies out of other people’s fans. Gahee has fans too. And she’s hot stuff.

  31. Maybe her company wants to use chun’s fame?

    • oh come on..!
      grow up plz…!such an immature fan..!

  32. I think netizen show this again because she’s promoting.. of course anything relate to the boys damn netizen wanna make a fuss.. just delete it and move on.. I like Gahee too, she’s moving on.. she doesn’t want to become famous as yoochun’s ex, she’s working damn hard to be recognised as gahee the singer

    • well said…!

  33. boo~ that’s old =.=;;;
    and I love Gahee ha ha
    The funny fact is that I began watching her work with hatred and jealousy, but the more I watch the more I like her lol~ Out of the K-pop girl group I like after school the most especially those songs in their early debut time…..Gahee is really the Queen of Dancing XD
    But anyway they broke up (sigh~) and even if the images keep being posted, what’s the big deal with that? It’s just the same as when we love posting up the Hug days photos =_=; Because they are cute. Maybe netizen want to substitute their face on Gahee’s? That’s why they keep bringing this up! LOL~

    • I didn’t know Gahee talked about her ex in a bad way. Just saw some comments above. Now I kinda understand why people got upset :(

  34. Gahee just came out with a solo MV right? maybe that is why all this hype is being resurfaced. Because she is gaining new fans and what do fans do? Research…. I know when I first got into TVXQ I researched my butt of like crazy learning about the 5 members…..

    • her single doesn’t do well at all though..

  35. i dun like this! its true the past is alreadyy gone!! jeez…i’m not trying to be mean, but she’s too old for chunnie and i dun think that he dumped her!

  36. Chill everyone…i just don’t want yoochun to be blame for all this..let’s pray yoochun get a girlfriend that his mom like^^

  37. First off these pictures have been out for years yes years even youtube vids of the couple was made 3 years ago so why fans are outraged at the “sudden” appearance of these pics is beyond me. Get over it!!!

  38. I wonder what chun thinks about this….. But the whole tvxq five boys most likely dont bash people even if those people are actually wrong or sth, right? *correct me if im wrong tho. It’s just my way of thinking bout them* So chun probably just want peace to solve this news, or sth lyk tht

  39. Plz 2 be getting a life

  40. u know what…i think is just an attempt to make fans hate yoochun or something..probably some sm supporter stunt..

  41. @comeback you bad person LOL

  42. oh wow ‘news’ XD

  43. There’s no reason to be jealous over something that ended 5-6 years ago. Kahi and Yoochun are adults now and probably have moved beyond this phase. I don’t like that the pictures surfaced at such a critical time during both artists careers. JYJ just started picking up the pieces and Kahi just debuted with her solo album. I’m not going to look negatively upon her because I believe she’s a good person. I feel this is just an effort to get a fan war between fan bases flowing – and possibly conflicts within fan bases. It’s completely ridiculous, but some people just don’t see the bigger picture. Leave the past in the past and walk forward on your long way people.

  44. poor gahee /: she didn’t want those pictures on the internet again

  45. […] [News] 110223 Park Yoochun and Gahee’s pictures from their past, “Why the sudden?&#8221… JYJ’s Park Yoochun and After School’s Gahee’s past pictures has belatedly become a hot topic. […]

  46. I wish people would stop saying bad things about Kahi when she has said she before she doesn’t want those photos spread around. And everyone saying about Kahi talking about an ex boyfriend, who says that ex was Chun? She is older than him so I’m sure she has had boyfriends other than him, and just because he was famous, she’s been a dancer for 10 years and was around idols all the time so it isn’t unlikely that she could have dated more than one famous guy.

    It’s in the past lets not start being mean about her she has never brought up his name and despite people thinking her company or her would want to use him for publicity when she herself said she didn’t want photos from her pasts relationships out.

    • i just hope that FANTARDS will see your post…!
      very well said…!

  47. Speechless.

  48. i saw this picture long ago why are people still talking about it??? so what if they were together once.. i don’t get it

  49. seriously its either netizens have nth to do or chun fans are really petty and ignorant.

    this news was already released and known since years ago, even before JYJ left sm.
    gahee is an awesome artiste who worked very hard for many years from backup dancer to a performer now and im sure many saw her hard work.

    and our boys have the right and freedom to date no? as fans shouldnt we be happy for them including their relationships? plus really, this is like damn old news.

    and i dont think gahee would be so stupid to create this news now when its obviously causing a negative light when she has just released a new solo album now?

    its stupid to blame gahee, as chun fans since it only shows the immaturity and even more immaturity on the part of possible antis who released this because they think is fun or simply have nth to do =_=

    • and seriously, im sure gahee not only have one ex =_=

    • plus its her right to speak of her relationships. no one is 100% angel and no fans would 100% know real truth or whatever. give some space for them to breathe. at this rate i would be worried our boys cant even date in peace and be happy in their love life.

  50. yakiee!!! she’s so “panget”…why did Micky like this girl???

    • if she’s “panget”, then how do you look then??? “super duper as in mega panget??!!! move on bitch…! shut the fuck up you FANTARD…!

  51. First off, I’m really happy seeing this. Look at how happy they look, how in love in the first picture. I’m happy that they got to have that even if they have broken up, not many people are that lucky. Second, why would anyone think that she would make those pictures public? Considering how Cassiopeia’s are this would seem More like the work of someone who doesn’t like her. That makes more sense, especially if she’s releasing an album.

  52. O.o I dont remember her/someone saying some– of the things you’re saying ..she has talked many times about her past boyfriends in public before, she’s like the Taylor Swift of Korea lol she should make songs out of those relationships lol…okay dont get mad.. I do understand she’s hurt (I feel her) but she mostly says not the good things in which people thought its YC all the time! she should reminisce some good memories instead…

  53. oops that response should’ve been for Amy’s comment above..haha i know–i know– my replies are too late for ages ago comments lol

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