Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 14, 2011

[Pic] 110214 JYJ for NII

the pics are so HQ >///<

credit: DC
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  2. so pretty boy mmmm……

  3. i just LOVE the preppy, offbeat styles on them really….they look so good ^^

  4. OMG SUN! I love this boys.. I LOVE THEM!! So perfect *droolllz*

  5. fast heartbeat…looking at the first pic…waaahahah!!!!!

    • me too ! :D

      • me three!!! I want the real poster to put beside my bed!!!!

  6. gorgeous as always..
    junsu is soooooo cute !!!
    thank you SYC !!! <3

  7. I love HQ pics!!!Gorgeous!!!

  8. yay…..JYJ ..all of them look so beautiful…..

  9. Junsu baby (Y)

  10. their solo pics are priceless…that pic of Chunnie…*shivers* one of the best ever~!

  11. Oh My god sun!!!! my boy so handsome

  12. hello! Does anyone know where the shops are located in Korea?? Thanks :))

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