Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 7, 2011

[Vid] 110207 Yoohun – MBC News

Fanclub donations

credit: DBxTOHO8


  1. PROUD

  2. You’re just too precious bb…

    I’m a proud fan.

    I love him sooo much.

  3. miss u, Yuchun ah :(

  4. Yuchun went there with fans… so touchy..
    The more I see him these days, I more I love him.
    He grew up a lot..ahhhh BB l really love you.
    By the way, I feel like right now, whatever JYJ do, they do it from the bottom of thier hearts …real smiles.

  5. warms my heart ♥

    EVERYONE in the DONGBANGWORLD makes me so damn proud!

    but I'm kinda sad that I didn't get to join those kinds of fanproj T_T.
    After I graduate I'll surely focus all my time in participating in this kind of fancharity!


    • Actually this is “Blessing-Yoochun” not “Cassiopeia”.

      • I’m pretty sure people from Blessing-Yoochun are also cassiopeians and are dbsk fans? ^^ <3

      • they both!.. last few sec about donation price they are fans from Cass too!
        so proud of them! and our chunnie so warm heart, right? ilike the way he touch the baby hand!

      • Wrong! They don’t support DBSK, don’t assimilate them with Cassiopeia

    • Blessing Yoochun is Yoochun’s aunties fanclub. And because they love Yoochun, they also support JYJ. They’re not Cassiopeia!

      • totally agree w you!!! Blessing- Yuchun never ever be Cassie for sure!!!
        some projects maybe they will combine w some JYJ-cassies (lol) (i mean Cassie really love JYJ not fake!!! ) to do
        so please those who be mistaken Blessing-Yuchun is Cassie STOP THINKING ABT IT!!! and LOOK AT THE FACT IS GOING ON!!!

      • @ The_little_pear, @Chunnie love, calm down honeys. Cassies or not, Im still fvcking proud of them.

  7. OOO,, god.. Chunnie in there too!! so happy… sooo proud of him and Fans and Adjumma fans.. they doing thing really meanfull, I miss him so much, he didt go tweeter offen anymore but spent time to do this thing i have nothing to complain anymore.

  8. wow…just wow…
    i keep my tears at bay but when it shows yoochun touching and caressing the baby’s hand, i just cant hold it anymore.
    yoochun’s ajumma fan is just extremely amazing…

  9. OOOO ..GOD… YC in there too!! he come and joy with the club, sooo proud of him and fans and adjuma fans, ..! he did not go tweet much now i mis him but he spent time did the wonderful thing like that.. i can not complain anything any more!

  10. Our chunnie in there too!! he come and joy with the club, sooo proud of him and fans,i miss him but he did not go tweet alot and spent time to did thing so meanfull like that.. i can not complain anything any more!

  11. why i can not comment, admins.. any way love him so much!

  12. I love him sooo much too. ^_^

  13. gosh. i love him even more. he has such a big heart. his fanclub too. i m proud of these ppl :)

  14. ahjuma fans and Yoochun, fightiiing!

  15. awwwww Yoochun’s noona/ahjumma fans!!! Awesome that the gained so many wonder new fans from SKK :)

  16. *Awesome that he gained so many wonderful new fans fm SKK

    …apparently I can’t spell today

  17. awwwwwwwwww sooo sweet <3333
    I love you Chunnie ^____________________________________^
    and I love his fanclub too :D

  18. I know most have you have said it already but I’m PROUD of you Chunnie!

  19. ajuma fansª Yoochunnie fans are so nice and have a golden heart

  20. I love both Yoochun & Ajumma fans~ Subbed version is available now on Mickytoho channel~

  21. Chunnie is so sweet…. Proud become his fan….
    Thanks to Ajummas Blessing Yoochun….
    Yoochun and his fans are blessing…

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