Posted by: ayu333 | February 4, 2011

[Vid+Trans] 110201 Junsu – Tears of Heaven Press Preview part 2

Junsu’s Part Trans:
“I’m Kim Junsu and today I will be participating in the first performance of this musical. Today is the premiere of this musical, and I think it will turn out to be a perfect performance without anything lacking so I am a bit nervous. From today’s commencing performance until our last performance, I hope that everyone involved in this musical will finish safely and without any injury. And also we will put all our strength in order to show the audience a performance that will leave them moved and touched. Thank you very much.”

credit: tendermaeum
trans by:


  1. WOW!!!! Now, if only they will come out with a DVD for ppl like me who can’t see it in person!!!!!

    • I want the DVD too!

      • me too (TT)

  2. Junsu thanks so much for hard work ^^ please take care of ur health ^^

    Admin ^^ wow the banner really It’s beautiful , I like it :)

  3. JunSu ,…you are the best …, hope you always be happy ….

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wulan aws Sitompul, Bruna Ninomiya and Dia-E, sharingyoochun. sharingyoochun said: [Vid+Trans] 110201 Junsu – Tears of Heaven Press Preview part 2 : […]

  5. beautiful

  6. I just teared up from 2:50 onwards on the 2nd video…(: Junsu-oppa fighting!

  7. love his ending note! junsu is really fantastic. a talent so precious

  8. Love seeing how Junsu touch the girl’s hair than hugs her ^^ lucky girl…
    Feels like Junsu went to the army for 2 years (TT) i hope it still long, i still want to see him and JYJ more….

  9. I got goosebumps…Kim Jun Su…you’re one piece of fineness.

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