Posted by: ayu333 | February 4, 2011

[Vid+Trans] 110129 JYJ Lotte Premiere Talk Show in Seoul part 3

During Lotte talk show when they’re asking Junsu to talk in Kenyan

MC: Is it true that you can speak Kenyan?
JJ: It’s been a long time, do it once!
MC: Say “I love you” in Kenyan!
JS: Well yea I can speak Kenyan..but even if I say it no one will understand…
MC: Ok, just say “I love you” once.
JS: Mm okay bambaiyaaaaa~

credit: yuka6002
trans by:


  1. Ohmigawd. I love you Junsuuu ///<

  2. Awwh Junsu and Jae both look so adorable!! LOL…okay so next time instead of saying I Love You to people I’ll say bambaiyaa hahaXDD

  3. ok, now i want to learn kenyan just to have a kenyan conversation with Junsu xDD

    Junsu ahh bambaiyaaaa!! <3

  4. Junsu and Jaejoong .., they are smiling is very nice…,

  5. Cuuuute <333
    The three of them looked great during this event! Full of smiles too! I am so happy to see them like this =)

  6. rotfl…..Junsu is the best!! he really is ^^

  7. junsu so cute.. he really confident.. bambaiyaaaa….

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  9. LMAO “Bambaya” never dies, especially coming from Junsu, I still remember when I 1st time I heard him say it during “Star Show” – I couldn`t stop laughing for a while XD
    Bambaya Junsu! (In Junsu`s words – I Love You ROFL)

  10. And with that straight face! He’s so silly~~

  11. I love Junsu’s ver of Bambaya!!!!

  12. hhahahaa! <333333333333333

    thx for sharing dear!

  13. Oh god how i miss he saying that word *hit the replay button for like 2425214 times XD*


  14. :’) Jae is right, it has been a while <3

    ^^ cutie Junsu~ He's ridiculous in a completely lovable way :D <3

  15. ROF! Babaiyaaaa is here once again!

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