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[Fanaccount] 110129 JYJ Lotte Fanmeet part 4

I’m back in Japan
There are a lot of things to say about my trip to Korea but I’ve decided to first report on the Lotte event ^_^
My memory is a little all over the place *laugh* mianhae…

Event Pass★
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Had to to walk a little bit from the gates…snow covered road..and it was cold.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here’s the venue. There was security waiting near the back gates ^^
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Next to the venue there was an ambulance. That that was probably for the people who faint from over excitement. ^_^

When I entered the venue, there was a gift corner ^^
This was Junsu’s table. ★
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jaejoong★ Because of his birthday there were a lot of presents that were big *heart*
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Before it began this video was playing on the screen.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

・Gift Session
・End Remarks
・”Touch” with the three members

Before heading to the hotel, everyone was given a seat number. I think I was in the 23rd row. It was near the middle so I wasn’t too excited about it but the venue was small so it was actually pretty close…
Around 3pm the venue darkened….on the screen the Duty Free PV started to play(the Japanese version)

Of course when the three came up on the screen everyone in the venue started screaming(*^▽^*)
That video finished too and I thought “they’re coming!!” but then they started playing the making…*laugh*
All fans were laughing at various scenes with the three members.
Then the making ended too….
Maybe the Ayyy Girl MV? Just when I was thinking this the three of them came onto the stage!!!
The three members after such a long time. And now they were in front of my eyes, I was overcome with feelings and started crying.
While crying I saw Yoochun’s cut hair~~~(;Д;)more tears.

First Song:Empty

Why can’t you let it go (Let it go, let it go)!!
I didn’t think we would be able to sing together again, I was so excited!≧(´▽`)≦
Tears of happiness wouldn’t stop…

The first song finished…and then…their greetings.
When they spoke in Japanese..aahh… I couldn’t help it… I cried again. *laugh*
And then the MC came out.
They were sitting on the sofa that was prepared for them and when the MC entered, Jaejoong asked if they could have some water…
Jaejoong asked,“Can I have some water please”, but because it was taking time he said, “Muljuseyo~” which Yoochun repeated too ^^

Jaejoong’s Suprise★
When the fans gave the singing we started singing with a loud voice but then the MC started talking which interrupted us?! But then while they were still asking for water we jumped into the song again.

Yoochun started singing in the middle too, Jaejoong was smiling from ear to ear
After the song finished, everyone started clapping and yelling happy birthday.
Jaejoong “Thank you very much. As expected…surprises are really great aren’t they~”
I’m so happy to have been able to see Jaejoong’s happy smile ^^

And then everyone sat down and the talk started
The MC started by asking about Korea’s New Year. What are their aspirations for this year?
Jaejoong directed the question to Yoochun who said that he wanted to make it a year of laughter. This is all Yoochun replied with but I think this meant that this year he will definitely make it a good and smile filled year.
Junsu and Yoochun said that it had been a while since they spoke Japanese to they seemed a bit worried *laugh*

“Happy Energy” Talk
Junsu started talking about how he had wanted to join volunteering in Kenya. But then it seemed as though he couldn’t explain it right so he stopped talking about it. It was cute though because he seemed a little out of breath and started drinking water ^_^
And then the MC asked, “Junsu you can speak Kenyan right”. And then Yoochun and Jaejoong announced, “Junsu will now be speaking Kenyan!”
Jun Chan looked a little bit shy so then the MC said, “Okay then say I love you in Japanese to all the fans”
Junsu : Banbaiyaaa~~!!!! *laugh*
It was different from watching it on a screen, and it felt really nostalgic to see it live ^_^ It seemed like Junsu had not been confident with his Japanese as he remained silent the rest of the time. I heard fans shouting at Junsu to talk more ^_^

Jaejoong Birthday Talk
And then MC: Earlier the fans sang you happy birthday right? What ddi you do on your birthday?
Jaejoong: I spent it with the members. Ah, but at night around 11pm..well Junsu was with me from 9pm and then Yoochun came at 11. And then we went to the bar that we usually got to and had a party there with about 30-40 people. I called some friends from Japan too. I’m friends with the owner at the bar so he gave me a discount. Hmm..this has been my third time celebrating my birthday with a party like this because before when they used to live in dorms it would be done differently.
Junsu and Yoochun then jumped in, “You got the party for free??”
But then Jaejoong said that he paid for the alcohol himself.
Jaejoong who said this was his 3rd birthday party, Yoochun added that Jaejoong was now 3 years old. Jaejoong went along with is and said, “Yaaa I’m 3 years old~” which Yoochun ignored! *laugh*

The MC then said that the friends should treat alcohol for the birthday person but Jaejoong said that this time it was his treat. ^_^
Jaejoong: I treated my friends to alcohol but in reverse I received so much alcohol fom my fans. One of my rooms at home is filled with alcohol!” I think he said something about it lasting more than 10 years??
The MC then said next time you’ll have to ask for snacks right? To which Jaejoong responded quickly, “No no~”
“Well~When you get a lot it’s a bit of a problem too~” Jaejoong explained.
Then Jaejoong started to talk about presents. “This one time I tweeted that I wanted to eat Japanese ramen and then tons of it was sent to the office! Really, it was a lot…it was a little bit troublesome *laugh*. Yo know, because there’s no place to put it all…”

★About their new album THEIR ROOMS
MC: You just released an album right? Could you tell us a little about it?
The three replied with something along the lines of, “All of it was created by us…”
Around this time I was so touched by their Japanese that I was crying so my memory is a bit flawed. *laugh*
And then the MC announced, “It’s releasing in Japan on the 30th, for everyone who’s going to buy it!!”

There was little reaction from the audience to the MC’s sudden questions.
Jaejoong: The reaction is low…*laugh*
MC: People who have already bought it??
Audience: YEEEES!!
MC: People who are going to buy it when it releases??
Audience: YEEESS!!
To this Jaejoong said, “There are some people who didn’t respond to either~~” and quickly said, “Ah, sorry for saying things like that~” ^_^

★Yoochun’s Awards Talk
YC: “Those awards don’t fit me…” he said shyly.
Audience: That’s not true!! Congratulations!!
MC: Any memories that left an impression on you during the shooting?
YC: Jaejoong brought chicken to the set. That made me happy. It was Japanese fried chicken.
The audience laughed out in surprise.
YC: Yea, fried chicken. Because I haven’t been to pubs in Japan for so long! So yes, it was fire chicken.
It was really cute when he said this!! >.<
YC: On the way when Jaejoong was bringing the chicken he got into a small accident..

What??This is the first time I’m hearing this!

And then Yoochun said something about how he was able to receive the awards because of the support from the members. I was too busy watching him to remember what he said T_T

★FLL Ambassadors Talk
The MC then asked what kind of tournament the FLL tournament was.
They explained it as, “Everyone knows what Lego is right? With that robots are built and then there are competitions between different robots..”
When Jaejoong was explaining this the MC said, “Your Japanese is really good~”
Jaejoong: Usually we reply to this by saying “No, no *waving hand*”.
MC: How do you really feel?
Jaejoong raised his arm proudly and said, “Actually..that’s me~” It was really cute!

2nd Song Be My Girl★
Junsu’s hip movement!!!!!! This time I saw it right in front of me! Junsu’s raw hip movement! His dance during “Baby~baby~baby~baby~” should not be underestimated! *laugh*
Yoochun was really cute during this part too ^_^
Their singing is truly amazing, I couldn’t help thinking!

Gift Time

The heart racing gift time! The three came back on stage.

Introducing Junsu’s presents: sunglasses he had been using for a long time with the case that were both Gucci.
Jaejoong teased him asking if only the case was actually Gucci~

Introducing Yoochun’s presents: It was a large photo in a photo frame taken after their concert at Tokyo Dome with the staff and everyone. He said it had a lot of memories and was very important to him and that he had two of them.
At this Jaejoong and Junsu said, “What? We don’t have one! Not fair~Keeping two of them without even telling us~~”
It seemed like Yoochun thought everyone had it ^_^ *laugh*

And now Jaejoong’s present introduction:
Jaejoong: “Mine is…it’s actually not a great thing really…,” and he pulled something out of his pocket. “It’s actually..the mirror I’ve been using!” and then he also took out a bracelet, ring, and earrings too!
This triggered Junsu who then also took off his necklace! *laugh*
But then Junsu couldn’t take it off so Yoochun had to help him. Yoosu love!
We then wondered what would Yoochun do now?
YC: Sorry, I don’t have anything!

And then…the lottery…
The seat that Junsu first picked was a vacant seat. So that was cancelled.
Junsu then picked again. Lucky winner! Ahjumma lottery winner! She was so thankful so she gave him a hug!!
Next was Yoochun…
Yoochun’s lucky winner was also an ahjumma ^_^
After she received it, she whispered something to him and then HUG…It seemed that she had asked Yoochun to give her a hug ^_^
I was still hanging in there!!
For some reason I felt like Jaejoong’s winner would be someone young…
And then Jaejoong picked too! Lucky winner!
Jaejoong didn’t hug her but instead shook hands!
So gift time was over…my excitement came down…
Congratulations to everyone that won!!!

The MC asked, “For the people that won, what are you going to do with the presents?
Junsu’s winner said she will try using it, Jaejoong and Yoochun’s winners said they will treasures them.

3rd Song Chajatta

When I head this song it reminded me of the Seoul concert~~
Yoochun was waving his arm back and forth so everyone in the venue started doing it too.
When Yoochun was singing, Junsu or Jaejoong did it…
Seeing Jaejoong’s unique way of waving his arm was really cute!! I wonder if anyone knows what I’m talking about?*laugh* When Jaejoong does it he seems to put his whole body into it ^_^ *laugh*
And then the music stopped…


“The plan was to actually continue another song but here we want to say a couple of words…”
Junsu: After meeting everyone…it feels like I’m in Japan. Now I feel like going to Japan. I’m really happy to have been able to meet everyone, it was really fun.
Jaejoong: Dome concert, A-Nation…it’s only been a year since we were in Japan to do all that but it seems like 4~5 years have passed. We will be going to America and Asia but we want to go to Japan. But before that there are things that need to be resolved so please wait for us.

Yoochun: I’ll be waiting~
Jaejoong: Don’t forget us~
(From Wasurenaide song)

Yoochun: If it’s possible this year we will try to come to Japan. It’s still undecided so we can’t promise anything but we will try hard to come this year. I really want to eat Sapporo ramen.

I couldn’t…couldn’t…stop crying. I knew that after this would be the “Touch” event and I shouldn’t cry because my make up would get ruined but the tears wouldn’t stop…I cried on the way back on the bus, and eve now while writing this it’s making me cry.

Last Song Empty Remix

Empty Remix started when Yoochun’s shout! “Everyone are you ready to have a blast??Ready OK??!”
Here I was crying nonstop. “Yoochun’s dancing,” I think and more tears come.
And then before I knew it, they were no longer on the stage and it was over. Tears. But I knew I would see them so I didn’t feel lonely.

Then a table was prepared on the stage.
The MC came out and announced that we would be receiving signed posters! But then everyone started asking, “What about the Touch?” and she said, “What? I didn’t hear about that..”
Everyone started panicking that it wasn’t happening. But then the staff came and corrected the MC and said that it was happening, and after the Touch we would pick up our posters.
This MC from the beginning seemed a little clueless…now I was a little annoyed *laugh*

Touch Event

The three members then came out….the staff is there to keep everyone moving so it really is only a moment. The order started with the people in the front row.
During this time I took some pictures and fixed my make up lightly. I couldn’t hide my red eyes so there was nothing I could do about it. (;Д;)

I took many pictures and posted the good ones.
Then when it came nearer to my row I started screaming in my head!!
The only space between us was the table…so close
Slowly slowly, my turn was getting closer. It seemed like this would be over really soon…and then suddenly I heard an angry voice, “How many turns is it now??” It seemed that some people had gone back in line for another turn. Of course we all want to do that but its violation of rules. While this was happening my turn was getting closer….almost my turn….Yoochun was getting closer…I think by this point my brain had stopped thinking….I stepped up onto the stage and got closer to Yoochun….So many things going on in my head but I didn’t know what to say…
But I firmly shook his hand and to my surprise his fingers were kind of lumpy…the second joint in the fingers seemed to be really big it seemed like my fingers got caught there *laugh*

Then it was Jaejoong’s turn. He saw that I was looking dazed and gave me an “Are you okay?” kind of expression. It was beautiful…that’s all I remember.

Then in a daze it was Junsu’s turn. I couldn’t say anything but all I could do was look at his eyes much as I could. Maybe because I looked so dazed he looked at my eyes and it was then I realized that his face was so close, and it felt like I finally woke up.  Because Junsu was the last one, I can only remember Junsu the most.
All three of them made eye contact with me..very polite. So happy.

But I couldn’t say anything to Yoochun and I didn’t wish Jaejoong for his birthday either… Regretting it now T__T
When I was getting of the stage, a staff tried to help me down because it was a bit high but I didn’t want to give my hand which had just been touched by the three of them so I got off by myself. And then I received the poster..

It was a matter of only a couple of seconds and it doesn’t feel real. It really felt like a moment from a dream, almost to the extent that I wonder if it was all a delusion…
But the feel of their hand on my bone is still left with me..
Including everything that happened, as I was walking back I felt different…Just the fact that I had been able to attend this had been amazing….going back I felt very lonely and it sad…

The three who are worried because they can’t come to Japan, who are working so hard to try to do something about it…
I truly do love them…
Here’s a picture of my sacred hand….
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I can’t see it myself but on my hand there is a “x” marked for Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun…

credit: yuichun-0925
trans by:


  1. such a cute fanaccount!!<3 and love this what do you really feel? jae:Aah, that's me!…bb jae so honest!..hahahaha<3

  2. thanks for sharing!
    she’s so lucky to go there

  3. wow how lucky u are can meet and touch with them. If it is me I will be faint in front of jae wkwkwk

  4. it is so detailed!!!

    i love it!!!

    how i wish i can feel Yoochun,Junsu and Jaejoong shaking hand with me!!!

  5. she’s so lucky…and she’s a true fangirl indeed…some people could be ignorant and ungrateful but you can’t blame it on them when they couldn’t even enter Japan for business or concert or anything…

    really hope they’ll be able to go to Japan soon coz I wanna be there when that happens~

  6. so sweet fanaccount ^^

  7. yaaahh !! I love this fan acct. I feel her nervousness ~!!

  8. Waa… so long! thanks so much!

    • I have a question : This fan-meeting was for their japanese fans?

  9. JYJ fans and cassies who suppor JYJ! we have other project to help our boys,pls come and joy us
    Thank you and happy new year!!!

  10. Thanks for sharing…I nearly cry reading your story. So great you can met them face to face,even eyes contacted n shakes hands, wOOw you are so lucky!!!! If I were you, I would be cry like river also. I really want to know how someone feel if they met them,since I don’t know when I will meet them like you did coz I live so far far away from them and they never come to have concert in my country and I’m not capable to go to the other country where they make their concert :( . Now I know it, so thank you for sharing what your feeling. I hope that could be a great memory for you, that your precious forever. I’m happy become their fan,especially Yoochun, coz yes,they are so precious. Thank you JYJ, Thanks to you all….
    Happy Lunar New Year everybody..^^

  11. i remember read it somewhere …jae is not a person hug someone freely..hahah…see from previous fan meeting in can see he also does not hug back…hahah
    but that’s ways is cute..hahaha

  12. jae is not someone freely hug someone… seem it’s truth..hahah

    • Hmm, what do you mean? Did Jaejoong mentioned that he wouldnt freely hug someone..?

  13. she sooo sweet! love her!!!

  14. This is so cute. ^^
    I bet I would take a photo of my hands too, even though there’s nothing at all.

  15. Thank you for your sharing, I nearly cry reading your story. I always want to know how it feels when someone can meet them (JYJ) personally? I only can hope to meet them since I live so far far away from them and they never make a concert in my country and I’m not capable to go to the other country where they make their concert. May be I would cry like a river if I can meet them face to face,just like you, especially my Chunnie :) so lucky you can saw them so close,even eyes contacted and shake hands. Hope that will be your precious memory that you can remember forever. Thank you for the detail story,I can feel what you feel there. Just keep support and love our JYJ. Thanks for sharing….
    Happy Lunar new Year JYJ n everybody…

  16. Your fanaccount is beautiful~ Thank you.

  17. this fan account was so cute and detailed. The fan was so cute crying so much ^^. She should never wash her hand!!! *ignores the possible consequences*

    thank you for sharing ^^…i want to touch Yoochun’s lumpy hand TT

  18. ;_______________________________;
    hearing all this.. hurts me. alot

    why cant they do this in usa ?
    all those handshake sessions and autographed goods are only happening in asia
    but what about us international fans ?
    we have to endure so much more because we have limited contact with their news and its impossible to be able to bump into them on the streets
    even attending the events seem impossible

    i really wish theyd realize how much we icassies want to see them
    we dont need to understand and they dont need to worry about the language barrier because as long as we can see them with our own eyes, everything pays off

  19. Thank you so much ” fanaccount” for sharing with us ….., I love is …

  20. […] credit: yuichun-0925 trans by: […]

  21. Hello. I am yuichun-0925.
    This is my report article.

    Thank you for the fan’s that was not able to participate telling it.

    Is Japanese understood?

    It was also happy to see everyone’s comment.

    Lotte fanmeeting is held again by 4/15. It reports again when elected.


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