Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 2, 2011

[Pic] Tears Of Heaven Program Book

Sadly sweet together ><

credit: maid1226
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  1. Kyaaaaaaaaaaa
    He’s so cute!!! And hot at the same time

  2. omooo..Junsu is really hot !!

  3. I like seeing HaeRi and Junsu together… Junsu soooooo good-looking <3

  4. i prefer Haeri and Junsu ^^

  5. is there any pic of Joon and his daughter up there? i dont know her face(and not sure about Lyn’s face as well :( )

  6. wow! this pics are can literally feel the emotions behind them!<3

  7. comment got eaten again!! T_T..anyway just wanted to say the photos look really their out of a drama scene..<3

  8. ^^ i love it “sadly sweet”

    thx for sharing dear!

  9. lovely couples!! but i prefer Junsu and Haeri..

  10. Okay I want them to date now….. XD
    I just have this thing with the Dong Bang boys dating their co-stars…

  11. (* O *)

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