Posted by: ayu333 | February 2, 2011

[Pic] Junsu – Tears of Heaven

~Whenever you smiiilee, i smille~~^_^

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  1. lol I think the high note and head title will be Junsu’s signature musical move. XD

    • lol yeah

  2. me likes


  3. your happy smlies junsu !! hope you can keep it forever!
    “!Whenever you smiiilee, i smille~~^_^” thank you admin , me too!!!!

  4. JUNSU!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. I love how Junsu control his voice: by tilting his head.. !!!!!!!!

    Go Junsu!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love you, Junsu!!!!!

  7. Kawaiiiiii boy ^_^

  8. i swear junsu lost weight again… O_O

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wulan aws Sitompul, mypathis101, Arika Djae, sharingyoochun, vera arista and others. vera arista said: [Pic] 110201 Junsu – Tears of Heaven (sharingyoochun) […]

  10. i love his bright smiles! jun-chan~

  11. junsu ah…. i’m so happy because you are happy :) :) :) muah muah muah

  12. Junsu in uniform… cOOl….
    And yes,whenever he’s smile I smile :D
    Hope he’ll success with his musical Thanks for sharing….

  13. So cute, Susu ah :x
    You did a good job…..Let go, our boy :x

  14. what a man look sexy in uniform!!! O_O Junsu-yah!!! congrats!!!!!

  15. Proud of u Kim’s voice!!!

  16. cute! heeee <3

    thx for sharing dear!

  17. I love Su smile :D congrats baby…your awesome!

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