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[Trans] 110122 JYJ Yoochun VS 2PM Nichkhun, Same Cardigan Different Feeling

JYJ’s Yoochun and 2PM’s Nichkhun’s captures wearing the same outfits was spread through internet and becomes a hot topic.

Previously Nichkhun had appeared at show MBC ‘We Got Married’ wearing stripes cardigan with face of members British rock band ‘The Beatles’ printed on in black-white color. While Yoochun was also spotted wearing exactly the same cardigan at SBS ‘Good Morning’ show aired on last January 18th, however he added a scarf in his style that gives off different feeling from Nichkhun style, thus drew public’s attention.

Netizens started to throw comments about ‘Who is wearing it better, Nichkhun or Yoochun’.

Since the two males, Nichkhun and Yoochun have been representatives of handsome star with superior genes, it seems difficult to choose who’s the better.

Netizens said various comments such as, “They’re both my favorite beautiful men! ha ha” and “Yoochun who wore it with a matching gray scarf seems to look nicer.”

credit: YahooKorea


  1. i have to say its yoochun!!!

  2. yeap.. yoochun looks cuter =D

  3. of course my baby sweetie darling honey yoochunnie wears it better XD

    • Oh Honey reduce your name. lol

      • ahahahahaha because i have a serious crush on yoochun today..

  4. The added scarf made the “casual” wear look more glam. That’s why. And Chun with is shoulders… <3

  5. yes, Chun’s shoulders FTW!!! kkk^^
    he really looks good~~


  6. Of course my Chunnie more charming with that cardigan and scarf,sorry khunnie,but you have to admit that ^^

  7. THOSE are TWO GORGEOUS GUYS HERE. But if i had to choose it wud be Chunnie<3 his scarf made a whole difference to the outfit!

  8. of cos yoochun wore it better XD both are good-looking but chun’s smile just lights up anybody’s world XD

    btw, lee joon from mblaq wore this cardigan on celebrities go to school ep 4 too ! ^^

    • yoochun is the best, do you smell fanboy thingie??

      haha, this is the second time i found khun wear the same clothes

  9. Forget to ask,did they have same stylist or endorse same product? Why did they wear same cardigan? If I see that cardigan may be I want to have it too ^^

  10. Duh, of course it’s chunnie( my ultimate bias)

  11. I swear, Yoochun could have wore the t-shirt I made in second grade and make it look like designer clothes :3
    Aaaah he really looks good in everything, even in a flying squirrel.
    I looove his shoulders! ( >o<)!!

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  13. the scarf does it. and his shoulders too. park yoochun :)

  14. yoochun’s shoulder is slim and elegance!

  15. both are good looking but yoochun rocks it better, hes cuter, his shoulders are pointer plus the scarf! :D

  16. of coz, Chun s the bestttt!!!

  17. vote for Yoochun,he looks nicer
    I still dont get why people said that nichkhun is beautiful xDD
    a real beautiful boy is Jaejoong

    • amind??

      • sorry i mean admin Mia, i love u

  18. Yoochun is super skinny so he looks good in anything. His slender body is probably the closest to a mannequin.

  19. it’s obvious that Yoochun wore it better. this boy looks lovely in every outfits.

  20. Only Yuchun

  21. Yoochun made the cardigan better…and his shoulder….if he shows us his collar bone-it’ll be better~

  22. Absolutely Yoochun! ^^

  23. It gives a soft feel to Yuchun . So it does fit Yoochun nicer :P
    Anything fits him!

  24. I think each person is different with different charms. Wearing beautiful clothes and make up the body and clothing

  25. I know it’s me being biased but it’s definitely you, always you, Yoochun ah! You always manage to steal my heart away, because it’s you, hehe!

  26. […] credit: YahooKorea trans: […]

  27. oh in this case I dun biased Ijust say that Yuchun is better very much^^

  28. Yuchun only!
    แต่รักปาร์คง่ะ หุๆๆ

  29. Ah…6002 is the best.My Chunnie look good in everything. ><

  30. they both looked handsome and they each gave a different feel to the cardigan, but oh, nickhun’s eyebrows are so distracting…. o___________o

  31. Chun has broader, sexier shoulders <3

  32. yoochun
    when there is yoochun, there is no competition
    He has a good face, and nice body

  33. ..hmm..Chunnie look better! the scarf make warm feel!!

  34. Although Chunnie is older, but when wearing that cardigan, he looks younger than Nickhun,,hoho..He looks more handsome than usual of course..

  35. of course khun is inhumanly gorgeous, but

    Chun is the winner with his fashion and shoulder!

  36. Yoochun wore it better, I’m not even being biased. Chun’s skin is fairer and the shirt and scarf matched better

  37. yoochun’s broad shoulders pull it off better
    it looks manly yet chic
    + the scarf really gives off the artist feeling

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