Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 3, 2011

[Trans] Junsu’s message for XiahSoul

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For everyone in xiah soul that stood by me through everything, lets all share our happiness in the new year together.

credit: dc
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  1. YOSH junsu ^^ you’ll make us fans proud by doing awesome in TEARS OF HEAVEN~~

  2. AWWW ;A; may you have lots of happiness too junsu ^^

  3. Best of luck this year bb.^^ Cant wait for your musical. :D

  4. be always healty and happy, you are always the best for me

    • Wish all your dreams come true, dear Junsu! <333
      And also my dream to come to your Asian Concert this year!!!

  5. junsu baby!!! you being happy and healthy is all that i want <3 <3 <3

  6. Junsu always kind to his fans…

  7. to u too u need it more than we do so best of luck along with your fellows dongbang boys ,may god help u thru these critical times and thru all these obstacles that keep pops up & that u facing along with jae and chun
    god bless …..dongbang5 fighting

  8. Junsu T-T

    I wish you the best of the best for you and all the members!
    Be happy!
    We love you <3

  9. Let’s happy together baby~ ^^

  10. let’s share our happiness together junchan ^^

    happy new year bb ;)

  11. wish you the best for new year,cute junsu!

  12. all the best my baby

  13. i really like what he wrote. it’s meaningful :)

    take care, junsu-yah~

  14. Lets we all be happy together ^^
    take care baby Su

  15. that was a nice message ^^

  16. Junsu has such a bright future ahead of him. Love and luck to him. ^^

  17. ya my comment died too, again?

  18. who is XiahSoul?
    junsu I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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