Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 3, 2011

[Trans] 110103 Park Yoochun Revealed Girlfriend to Public? Fans, “Who is Seolinja”

(clockwise) Park Yoochun’s snowman girlfriend from his twitter, fans’ picture parody

JYJ Park Yoochun revealed personal information of his girlfriend, left fans roaring in laughter.

Park Yoochun posted in his twitter recently, “Finally I showed my girlfriend to public.” caused fans to get nervous.

However the identity of his girlfriend that was revealed was no other than a snowman made by Park Yoochun himself, created both laughter and sigh of relief from fans.

In response to Park Yoochun’s cute joke, fans created their own witty parody, they named the snowman as ‘Seolinja’ (T/N: probably from Seolin (snowman) and Yolja (girl)) and posted a lot of interesting articles about it.



  1. Saw alot of parody photos on it, man the fans are so hilarious and creative! Lol!!

  2. you can find a lot of seolinja in this acc :

    • This fan rocks!!!!

  3. Love this kind of silly news
    make me smile at least

    • yeah ESP after all these stupied drama that### created over nothing

  4. LOL

  5. Creative….
    So Chunnie,do u enjoy your holiday after your winning party? Hope u enjoy it…come back with new spirit okay…


  7. WoW…miss seolinja getting populer

  8. LOL fans are so hilarious XD

  9. I love these guys`sense of humour. Thanks for posting the tweets.

  10. lol..aftr winter end..wonder what kind chunnie’s gf made of~ :)

  11. this is really in the news??? Chunnie popularity knows no bounds…haha

  12. haha this is soooo cute ^^

  13. lol

  14. Hilarious.

  15. lol

  16. lol Yoochun

  17. oh..chunnie! ok I think i will let you have THAT gif for winter because i think i don’t have that white skin and S-body like that, but i much warmer I will wait for other seasons!hahahah…

  18. i got a shock when i saw the snow-woman in his car.haha that looked scary!

  19. it wasnt snowgirl, because it wasnt wearing skirt hehe..

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