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[Pic] 101231 Yoochun KBS Drama Awards – Red Carpet

Yc on Red Carpet

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  2. nao i can’t wait to watch it on kbsw!!jyj!!hwaiting!

  3. awwww yoochun!!! the smile!! OH GOSH! he really looks different tonight! looks like a super star actor!!! I’m so happy for him!!!

    thank you for SYC for uploading this photo of yoochun!!!

  4. omg, why so cute^^ *squashes*

  5. i search for watch this in live but i don’t find anyone know where i can watch this please ? ^^


      click on 2TV …enjoy…

      I opened the livestream but watched other things at the same time, so I missed YC when he was on the red carpet…..*argh*

      • I couldn’t watch it. I opened it, click 2TV, but dunno why it wouldn’t show :(

    • this if you want to watch the backstage. the award will show at kbs2

  6. OMG cute~~~ LOL suppose to be handsome but OMIGOSH CUTE!!!

  7. that is so cute…

  8. some hours remain to the end, Please help our boys

    • please help…being no. 2 is meaningless.

      JYJ is no. 1 only!

      we’re only less than 2 thousands behind come on people!

      • by the way refresh the page before you click ‘vote’ again.

      • Everyone, please vote, SUJU really going all out. We need to support our boys ^^

  9. He’s so stunning!!

  10. gorgeous man ^_^

  11. where i can see this, on kbs or kbs2, online

    • On KBS’ official website.

      • ohhh, is impossible that i can see the show, im from chile, and the online just allow to see 1000 viewers

      • woo…i can see now, but not in a good quality

    • or u can try this one

  12. thank you
    i’m already on kbs2 but it’s not this it’s a show with Rainbow ^^

  13. JYJ as I can see online? asdasd

  14. OMG….he is so handsome!!!!!

  15. MY LOVE…U R MY NO 1…2010 is life changing since u entered my life … going to be our blissful year ahead…so proud of u tonight!!! the show!!Tonight is JYJ’s night!!!!

  16. I am loving his small face!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Guys.. We’re catching up.. Cmon vote2.. We’re 2k behind elf! For our boys!!

    • we just past, now we behind again! mmmen… you guy use F5 for refesh I is faster..

    • m’ dutifully gonna be voting till midnight..well at least till i have to go to church later..we can do it!!

    • Now we’re 2k ahead of them :)

      • Whats the deadline for this thing
        I already tried doing this three times but those ELF’s really go all out

      • Dunno maybe December 31st. Anyway, we need to keep voting all the time since SUJU really going all out. We cannot lose. Ganbatte minna ^^ (I hate it my internet quite laggy)

  18. wow… admit you so fast! thank you so much!
    chunnie super handsome! oyeee my boy..



  21. you’re so fine baby!!!
    can’t wait for JYJ live on stage


  22. Second pic………………………………………………………………………………………….

    Who’s that prince? >____________<!

  23. Soo handsome and adorable! <




  24. I love chunnie smlies too much,he realy hansome today! can’t wait to see all the boys..

  25. he looks so adorable in a suit!

  26. Chunnie is so handsome here!

  27. watching it right now….i really want to scream now!

  28. Mr Park Yoochun, I’m proud of you !

  29. Omg. yoochun! He’s gorgeous! He deserve it totally!

  30. Wahhh …. He looks absolutely gorgeous ^^ So handsome …

    I may have to cheat on JJ tonight xD

    i’m sure i’ll be booking a plane ticket in my dreams siiiiiigh…. :D



  33. OMO Yoochun won the best newcomer award!!! Congratulations baby!!!!!!!! Kyaa I am so proud of you!!!!!! \(^0^)/

  34. Let’s put it simply – I died. He’s too perfect.

  35. Oh!!! my boy so handsome.
    Really proud of him.
    I know you can do it.Congratulation baby.^^

  36. Yoochunnie looks so good *kiss his cheek*


  38. I’m now speechless :X:X:X:X:XXX:
    Something came up and I missed all the show :(

    But now seeing his face released me a lot……
    Sweetheart, congratulation on your 1st Drama Award :D:D:D:D

  39. Our handsome cutie pie ^^

  40. Omigosh….he’s so super duper cute,so handsome with his tuxedo and his smile was so bright, he seem so happy,I’m happy for u too…I missed the red carpet moment too so thanks SYC for uploading those pics,they are so perfect,Yoochun’s fans are so awesome,please support Yoochun till end okay…..thank u all…..Happy New Year….

  41. I cant help but have unstable breathing!!!
    im just so overwhelmed!!!!

  42. His smile ^____^

  43. My gorgeous Prince. Awwww~~ Love you baby~

  44. I just want to pinch him when I can meet him, just to see if he’s actually real! Yoochun ah, congratulations, Yoochun ah, you deserve the award 100%!

  45. gah he is all hot and actor like and man the way he walks is like just so cool and laid back and gah… Park Yoochun Fighting!!~

  46. soooo HANDSOME!!!
    and he looks realllly happy :D

  47. I have never been more excited then seeing any star on red carpet, receiving award and singing – only for you. PYC and JYJ best wishes in 2011 :) Go for it, dont look back and dont let anyone stop you!

  48. OMG OMG OMG~!!!! Such A Cutie~!!!

  49. gorgeous man <3

    thx for sharing dear!

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