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[Audio+Trans] 101226 HOMIN’s 7th TVXQ Anniversary Message

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Yunho: To all the Cassies, hello everyone, I’m TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and
Changmin: Choikang Changmin.
Changmin: Have you guys received the Christmas greetings we wrote? We sincerely drew them, although they aren’t the best drawings ever.
Yunho: Yes.
Changmin: It’s been a long time since we’ve greeted everyone, so although it feels a little awkward, I’m really happy. Is everyone doing well?
Yunho: Everyone knows that today is a very special day, for us and for you guys too, so that is why we’re greeting everyone through this audio message. It feels as though it was just yesterday when TVXQ debuted. In a blink of an eye, we’re already in our 20’s, and our fans have turned from students to beautiful ladies.
Changmin: And changed into mature women.
Yunho: Yes.
Yunho: It may have been 7 years, but it has gone by so fast.
Changmin: Yeah, it has passed by really fast. Also, we would like to express our immense gratitude once again to the fans who have continued to support us throughout these 7 years with their undying and unrestricted support. In order for everyone to be proud of being our fans and to let everyone see our appropriate actions and thoughts, we have always been working hard, and will continue to work hard in the future no matter what.
Yunho: We will work hard.
Changmin: We couldn’t always speak to everyone, so does everyone understand our feelings?
Yunho: Of course they will, isn’t that a given?
Changmin: Until now, I still don’t fully understand my own heart.
Yunho: Ah, right. TVXQ will be having a comeback soon. Just like when we first debuted, we’re really anxious but excited at the same time. Standing on the stage once again after so long… for everyone to see our efforts during this period, we will show everyone the best stage. We are working hard with high anticipation that it will reach everyone’s hearts.
Changmin: Yeah.
Yunho: So all of our fans,
Changmin: Yeah.
Yunho: Please look out for us and give more support for TVXQ.
Changmin: Yeah!
Yunho: In the few remaining days of 2010, we hope everyone will spend it well. This has been
Together: TVXQ, thank you everyone!
Changmin: And to all of Cassiopeia,
Together: We love you!

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  1. OMG

  2. I guess they didn’t talk about how they started as 5 people and climbed the stairs with the members’ help and support along with ours… They could have cherish our memories but the coldness of reality splashed to our faces even at this happy day… Oh, God T_T #7yearsforTVXQ

    • They are celebrating their 7th anniversary and releasing their 5th album… weird… totally weird… I mean they should of course but not without the other 3.. not like this.. I hope JYJ celebrates it too and eats a 7th anniversary cake and send pics on twitter so I can put their pics together and pretend as if they celebrate it together…

      • JYJ promoted and released an album without HoMin even before HoMin are going to. And on top of that, they named it “The Beginning”. A little slap in the face to HoMin, isn’t it? Let’s not be blinded by our bias here. You can’t be mad at HoMin for celebrating their anniversary and releasing an album without JYJ because JYJ were the ones who promoted without them first. Yunho and Changmin have waited quietly for almost 2 years, and now it’s their time to shine.

      • Well, I felt the same thing when JYJ debuted without them … 7th anniversary and 5th album I say these are weird because actually since they are not together there is no anniversary and its not 5th album but first for Homin.. the things that are weird are these…

  3. why cant you just wish ahappy time for them without making abig gaga over it ..
    every things that comes from hm should go`s under Accountability !!

    surly they feel sad cuz they celebrate there 7th y alone but they cant go over the drama they only wishing haapy Anniversary to the fans & hoping to do well

    best of luck for them & for jyj also :)

    • I know right?
      Sometimes I feel as if some fans wanted both parties to spend the rest of their lives mourning over what happened.
      Reality is they’re no longer together for reasons we may never know nor understand and all 5 of them need to move on.
      All we should do as fans is support them for as long as their music continues to inspire us.

      • Ayyy+ comment


      • Tea Fighting!!! :)

      • Excactly. I am getting so tired of the haters on every HoMin post! If you don’t support them, fine. But don’t come in here and ruin it for those of us who do support them. JYJ decided to leave and HoMin decided to stay for whatever reason. They are grown men and can make their own choices. I still root for all 5 of them. Take the hate and unfounded rumors somewhere else.


      • miar … yes reallllllllllllllllllllllllly :)

    • I agree ^^

      • I think amara`s right. Let`s support them all even though they not together right now.

      • @YunhoFan Yup ^^ I agree … That’s what I’ve been doing all this time ^^ I’m sure none of them wanted this to turn out like this, but since it did, let’s just support all five and their decisions : ) Because as much as I want them as five, they clearly want different things so I don’t want to force my hopes and wants on them :/ For me, as long as they’re happy (or at least not regretting their decisions) I’m prepared to support all 5 of them no matter what they decide to do ..

        DBSK/HoMin/JYJ FIGHTING!! ♥

      • JaeLuver, I know ^^ I`ve been noticing you. <3
        True, they shouldn`t go against their conscience, I want to see them as five too, and I`m sad things have turned out this way, but they must be happy…that`s my #1 wish…

      • Oh~ You’ve been noticing me, huh? In a good way, I hope xD haha ^^

        Anyway, yeah … I just want them to be as happy as they can be right now ^^

      • A good way, sure, haha!
        Because we agree a lot :)

      • LOL, it sounded a bit scary, right?
        Like, “I`m watching you!” xD

      • … a little bit :/

        lo I’m only kidding xD I knew what you meant ^^ I’ve noticed you too actually … ^^

        oh god, it sounds a bit like we’re hitting on each other or something xD haha

      • Yep, it does, haha, the DBSK love is spreading ^^
        Click my name if you wanna come see my site JaeLuver ^^ Sorry for the plug, haha

  4. This is not 7th yrs cos they are not together. When two parents separated after the 6th yrs of marriage. on the 7th yrs they dont celebrate 7th yrs together. This is all wrong anyway. even the international fans forum have no idea what they are doing. And HoMin has no right to tell the world that this is TVXQ’s 7th yrs. This is HoMin 7th yrs. Yes

    • i totallllllllllllly agreee here the will and should call tvxq CUZ TVXQ R 5IVE NOTHING MORE …NOTHING LESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
      SO SME ############ AS USUALL PLAY VICTIMS…………………

    • Totally agree!!!

    • Couldn’t agree more

    • This is cute… You are comparing TVXQ, a five (male) member idol group to a marriage, wow… No wonder this name thing is causing so much emotional rampage…

      Just personal opinion, maybe you should have compared TVXQ to other idol group? Because, you know, they aren’t exactly married and all…

      Deep Purple, Guns n Roses, SMAP, Tokio, Super Junior, Kat-Tun, 2 PM, and NEWS are just a few example of groups from many genres that went through member change in their career.

      So I guess SMAP didn’t debut in 1988, because one of their members left in 1996. And Kat-tun is a rookie who has just debuted, because one of their members just left this year.

      Until the day when JaeChunSu brings the issue of the usage of the name ‘TVXQ’ to court, SM and HoMin are technically and legally entitled to use the name. And since SM holds most of the copyright to their songs, HoMin also have that right to sing it. Remember that JaeChunSu filed the lawsuit as INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS, not as MEMBERS OF TVXQ. In their lawsuit, they stated that the main concern is CONTRACT LENGTH and UNFAIR DIVISION OF PROFIT. They did not and have not mentioned anything about TVXQ in the lawsuit.

      Is it disappointing? Yes, to a lot of people. Is it painful? Yes, even for ALL FIVE members. Is it wrong? That depends on your POV.

      It is good to be supportive and to love the band (or its members), but try not to be too emotionally attached, its unhealthy.

      • I like your reply. Sensible.

      • Kudos, reyfem.

      • @reyfem

        ^^; for me the difference between DBSK and those JE groups … comes down to math. SMAP, KT and K8 only lost a single member. NEWS lost 2 (or really 3) members (*cries*) but they still had six members left.

        And besides, it’s not really about having the ‘right’ to call themselves blahblahblah but more about the fact that SME is trying to gloss over the fact that DBSK had five members and not two. SMAP have acknowledged time and again that they were six. So have NEWS and K8 in their own ways. It remains to be seen if KT will do the same. And when NEWS came back after their hiatus, it was all about a ‘new beginning’ and a ‘new start’ even though they weren’t allowed to talk about the two former members for a time.

        Also, I guess it’s a little more complicated with DBSK because 5-1=0 has been a rallying cry for fandom for years ;_;

    • Celebrating 7 years is the least of the problems. Many korean fans are disappointed that homin are releasing TVXQ’s 5th album without the three. They also believe that the strong offensive lyrics of the song “Keep your head down” is toward JYJ and are deeply hurt. After Yunho sang the song at the SM Town concert, many anti-jyj fans were spreading and enjoying the lyrics saying Yunho was dissing JYJ. SM knowing this has made the decision to choose it as the main track on the album with 9 other new songs. SM clearly wants to tear the fandom apart in order to expend possible market for their new boy group debuting soon.

      • *expand

    • Actually, they do have the right. They are TVXQ regardless of whether JYJ left, whether you like it or not. They didn’t make JYJ leave, JYJ chose to leave and therefore they aren’t TVXQ in a technical sense anymore. Of course to fans, TVXQ will always be 5, but technically TVXQ is HoMin now. They didn’t leave and so they are still TVXQ, therefore they have the right to call themselves TVXQ. Get over this whole name thing now. Does the name really matter in the end? Isn’t the artist and our support for them what matters in the end, no matter what name they go by? So please everyone, stop complaining about the name.

  5. i keep wonder how the boys feelin’ at these moments!!!!!!!!

  6. I just get the stupid impression like you all blame yunho and changmin for everything and I’m damn sick of it!! just grow up and face reality, they are human, they are NOT gods and they are NOT perfect like you had an impression they were.. so that’s maybe why you are disappointed now.. just let them be.. why are you always demanding more and more.. it’s stressing them out.. every person has their different wishes, and of course you might not like my wishes, and I might not like yours.. so don’t expect them to fulfill all your thoughts and wishes, it’s impossible.. they probably would celebrate their anniversary together, more than anything, but they can’t.. I bet they wouldn’t even celebrate it, but they did it for the fans.. so stop blaming homin for things they aren’t guilty. I’m sick of it and it hurts me. don’t make it even harder for them. please.

    • +1

    • ninaa hun it’s not abt blaming homin or jyj not all we alllllllllllllll sick and actually i personallllllly fed up of this we as fansssssssssssssssssssssss blaming NO1 ELSE or rather than the big ugly stupied SME for everything …….during the biginning of the trial every1 keep saying the most disgusting thing abt jae,chun,su,mre than homin and unfortuntallllllly this trolllllllls,haters still do…
      why defending now ………..NO1 has the right for dbsk’name more than thessse 5ive ……….AS SO MANY OF U OR US KNOW ABT IT ……SO why the blaming
      no1 is innocents ‘s here most of bias stillll doing what they have to do ….so tell me what’s with this!?! huh!!!!!
      did any1 thought abt their feelings …….huh!!!!!!!!! any1!?! they took all the blame and what for THEIR FUCKING RIGHTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
      and eventually they coul’nt use the name which they bleed themselfs shone..and what they get at end …they can’t use it cuz of the JERKS,IGNORANTS……..who keep dramatize it over nothing…..those freaks SME.should know better BUT NO,BLAME OVER BLAME…STILL ON GOING… IF THEY DID WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO AS MANAGMENT …..nothing of this would happen… u think jae,su,chun DID this without talking to ho or min …..sure they did talk ,but eventually ho&min chose to stay for whatever reasons that might be…..or what SME promise them….. put that in mind b4 jumping over the conclusion hun….we supposed as fansssssssss real fanssssss for TVXQas5ive should understand more than ever why sum of ppl r so upset over this….so

      • A+++++++++++

      • I seriously would NEVER blame any of them, cause I LOVE all of them more than anything, and I know that sme guilty for everything.. I know everything and I had a lot of my own thoughts about it, which proved right later.. I know sme’s a filthy shit company.. and with my comment I didn’t mean all FANS I meant all those people who would say stupid things to homin.. and I know they blamed a lot on jyj, and it hurts really much.. and it hurts even more that I know fans won’t stop with this accusation… *sigh* I’m seriously living for the day when I’ll some on here and read that they are making an all 5 members comeback.. I think I’ll die crying from happiness that day.. till then be strong my cassies and love all 5 of them equally <3

  7. Can`t we just enjoy the album? That`s what they want! Is it so hard to grant them that one little wish? They have worked very hard for us all of these years. We could at least give the music the benefit of the doubt. Peace out guys! ^^

  8. There is alot of mixed emotions here! If they decided to celebrate their 7th year anniversary then we should support them! And everyone knows the situation so stop repeating it! BE HAPPY For HoMIn and TVXQ and JYJ just support the roads they chose! I’m sure JYJ is celebrating TVXQ’s anniversary in their hearts!!

  9. And HoMin better be backing up JYJ too. I think they are, I belive that. Thanx Jaejoongie. ^^

  10. today is Homin’s 7th year anniversary under SM after their debut!

    • That`s true, huh! xD

    • true..

    • to me:
      7th Year Anniversary of Jung Yunho,Kim Jaejoong,Park Yuchoon, Kim Junsu & Shim Changmin ‘after-their-debut-NOW-Becoming-Great-Artist’ ^_^

  11. ^^ I think we should be happy this is our and theirs 7th anniversary…and if you say they move on plz look at their faces in the pic..they look sad and tired, even Changmin said our smiles are fake…they are suffering as JYJ is so plz for this time let’s support them no more bashing TVXQ!! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH BECAUSE NO MATTER IF IT’S TOMORROW ON IN ONE YEAR OR 10 WE WILL BE HERE BECAUSE WE MADE THAT PROMISE

    • Homin is suffering we know that but in their interviews they talk as if some disaster happened to them and they have nothing to do with it and they couldn’t help it… as if they are not responsible of the events… when jyj talk at least they have a little regret even though they say they won’t regret their decisions overall they simply indicate that along with external reasons them and their personal choices caused it…

      For Homin it is the same issue. They are not the ones who left but they also made a decision I am sure they did some stuff too.. when jyj were suffering and came across lots of problems don’t tell me they sit aside and just watched… but Homin behave so innocent… JYJ is not innocent about this break up and also Homin… I just can’t stand the way they behave as if they are the only TVXQ…

      SM is not the one doing this; Homin and JYJ are doing these… everyone is responsible of their acts…

      I am not saying this to someone particular some fans are but I think some fans are being naive…

      I am happy that Homin is coming back and can’t wait for their performances and dramas… It just would be better if they could behave differently…

      • The theory “JYJ are right, Homin are wrong” is so boring to hear over again and again and again and again and xxxxtimes again.

      • Yep…everyone must take responsibility for their actions, the best they can…^^

      • “they talk as if some disaster happened to them and they have nothing to do with it and they couldn’t help it… as if they are not responsible of the events…”

        whos start the lawsuit and all this mess huh..was that homin??
        still im glad u knows that no one is innocent..
        but stop saying as jyj is the 1 who the mostttttttttt suffering..
        if u support homin like u said, so u too behave properly..

      • “they talk as if some disaster happened to them and they have nothing to do with it and they couldn’t help it… as if they are not responsible of the events…”

        whos start the lawsuit and all this mess huh..was that homin?? however its already happen and im respect their decision.
        still im glad u knows that no one is innocent..
        but stop saying as jyj is the 1 who the mostttttttttt suffering..
        if u really support homin like u said, so u too behave properly..

      • I am not saying JYJ suffer the most if you read it carefully I am saying both are suffering and both are not innocent and responsible of what happened it is not like JYJ filed a lawsuit when eveything was just fine. If they say they prefer this state rather than being under the old circumstances so there must have been something there…

        My point was saying Homin shouldn’t behave as if they are flawless and the only ones who are eager to continue TVXQ’s name. imo TVXQ name only belongs to five not one of the two parties…

      • @narnian

        ” they talk as if some disaster happened to them”

        because it did, at least to them. unless you were in a similar work or legal situation… or any of us can never understand. they were not the ones to file the lawsuit, but yet in this legal tussle between jyj and sme…homin have no legal say at all yet whatever the outcome of the lawsuit…it will affect them even when they have no input in this. it had affected them for more than a year. and in this aspect, they are helpless. imagine yourself being part of a stable work environment and because of the actions of others (right or wrong) your stability is affected. you are out of work and you don’t know when you will ever have stable work again. you live from project to project. and yet you can’t have a say because the legal problems does not involve you. that is the frustration and depression that homin fell into.

        ” I am sure they did some stuff too”
        “My point was saying Homin shouldn’t behave as if they are flawless”

        but we will never know would we, because we don’t. but fans are assuming alot of things on homin’s silence. as for saying that they think they are flawless, you need to point out where and when they behave as such.
        because they have never given me that impression.
        from all interviews i have read, they talked about being inadequate but will work hard and make their fans happy despite the circumstances.

        unless you are talking about them being tvxq without mentioning jyj. all i can say is with homin…you need to read between the lines.

        “imo TVXQ name only belongs to five not one of the two parties…”

        the problem with fans fighting over this is because they don’t get it.
        all five of them will always be DBSK in spirit. no matter where they go, no matter how far apart they are. they will all always be identify with the spirit of dbsk; they embody it. they do not have to be stuck together, always be together in the same group, never to be apart to be seen as dbsk.

      • @eiko

        thanks for understanding..

  12. We will definitely be here! Thanks so much briel <3

  13. anyone else wondered why it’s just audio? perhaps they couldn’t even say sth. happily to the camera. then we would see how sad they are, and sm didn’t want that?

  14. Happy 7th anniversary for TVXQ!
    After all of these dillema, which we never discover the truth behind them were, I’m glad the name TVXQ still existed. And I hope it’ll still there for the next n year..
    For me, TVXQ is Yunho’s, Jaejoong’s, Junsu’s, Changmin’s and Yoochun’s. The 5 of them owned it. But still, it’s just for me.. LoL
    Everyone has their opinions, while what really happened behind these is just known by them 5 and SME.
    Let’s just have today for us, fans, who still keeping our faith that one day, the TVXQ with Youngwoong Jaejoong, Uknow Yunho, Choikang Changmin, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu will greet us back on stage.
    Nonetheless, happy 7th anniversary TVXQ! ^^

  15. hmmm, mixed feelings. I am not angry that Changmin and Yunho are continuing TVXQ but it all is sooo bittersweet. At this time, I can’t help thinking about JYJ and how they feel about not being “officially” part of this milestone though in my heart, they are still apart of TVXQ.

  16. Just sharing my favorite part of this message:

    Changmin: We couldn’t always speak to everyone, so does everyone understand our feelings?
    Yunho: Of course they will, isn’t that a given?
    Changmin: Until now, I still don’t fully understand my own heart.
    Yunho: Ah, right. TVXQ will be having a comeback soon. Standing on the stage once again after so long… for everyone to see our efforts during this period, we will show everyone the best stage. We are working hard with high anticipation that it will reach everyone’s hearts.

    Source: [baidutvxq]
    Translation credits:
    Shared by: (

    To all of you who thinks that HoMin are that heartless this whole thing doesn’t affect them on a deep emotional level, for me it just shows how little you know about the members of TVXQ, and how little you know about Yunho and Changmin. So spare us the conspiracy theories and your narrow minded judgment on their characters, because you obviously have little clue to either of them.

  17. MY DONG BANG SHIN KI…congratulations…XD for the 7 years.
    And as Minnie said, the justice will prevail…so, girls calm down, just support our dear TOHOSHINKI.

    We all are suffering, both, fans and DBSK, but…hmmm, fans don’t know the truth…but, i’ve decided to believe in them XD

    ganbatte, my junsu, my yoochun, my jj, my changminnie and my yunho!!!

  18. p.s. and stop arguing, we WON’T CHANGE ANYTHING…they’re humans, they made their decisions, i’m sure, they love cassiopeia, so this kind of fanwar will make them sad T_T…and don’t say, “is Homin’s fault” or “JYJ is guilty”…are u sure about it??

  19. The wank on homin posts…
    I’ll just enjoy what JYJ and HoMin can offer,
    2011 will be a glorious year!


  20. Stupid fanwar..

    If u hate them..just shut up and open another news like I always do..Just open news u want to see and don’t make chaos in here..

    Don’t always argue about who wrong or right..u don’t know them well and don’t know all of the problem..u just judge them over what medias tell u..

    If u don’t like jyj..don’t read jyj news..
    If u don’t like homin..don’t read homin news..

    Can’t we just live in peace?? I’m so tired with all this argument!!

    **Sorry with my english..

    • 100% agree :B

      i’m tired of this stupid fights ~~

    • 100% agree :)

      me too i’m so tired of this stupid fights :(

    • me 3 TT__TT

    • :/ it’s not always about JYJ v HM. What if we like all five of them? Aren’t we allowed to have opinions? SME and the five have can do whatever they want but fans, like any other being capable of rational thought, can agree, disagree, and discuss their decisions.

      When fandom goes quiet, when fans stop clamouring for the return of DBSK and start accepting that DBSK = 2, that’s when the original DBSK will truly no longer exist. Maybe it’s better for us all, including the HMJCS, to just let it go but … SME is definitely forcing the issue for a reason. They could easily have released HM’s new album under a less controversial name rather than claiming that it’s the ‘fifth’ album of ‘DBSK’. By establishing that DBSK = 2, they’ll make it that much harder for a reunion to ever happen for the five (if the five of them ever want to do so in the future) under that name.

  21. …..ok early in the morning i came here and boom……WTF?! what’s with all the debating! == for god sakes just wish the boys #Happy7thAnniversaryTVXQ and just leave! in our hearts it’ll always be five, it doesn’t matter where they are not five not but i hope in the future they will one day =) please today is suppose to be an awesome day! ^^ no harm indented peace

  22. Happy anniversary Homin!

  23. I am not a cassie but a new JYJ fan. When came to the right to forethought about their future and happiness years ago, all 5 members of TVXQ had made their decision; 3 members decided suing SM and the other 2 decided staying back with SM. Neither one of sides should take fault or blame of decision made for the split of fandom. “ Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” by Hellen Keller.

    • A+++ i like u ^^ when i saw your user name i thought arden cho? XDDD

    • well sayed sweety .. hope every one understand it & move on

    • i am also new fan of dbsk (5) and Jae’s fan…. i also can’t understand why people blame to another side like that…they are human and have their live, they have their choice for their life. Whether that choice bad or good, the one who get the consequences is the boys.

      As fan we should support them. Not judge every single move they are doing. They have right to be happy on their choice. If we, as fan, not support them then who else. Please look all the news in positive side. Try to understand them. Don’t act like u know the right and wrong. Since we also human and we are just their fan. As long as they still making music and sing, as fan u should be happy. Learn to ignore every little detail in this drama. Enjoy the their achievement and music… It can make u less headaches than pretend to know about everything…

      what u are feeling is not same with the boys so lets stop all of whoever u want.. without bring down another…
      and lastly, Happy Anniversary for TVXQ… we should be happy right?? peace.

  24. i have nothing again homin use the name but PLEASE acknowledge jaechunsu in your message, please, they are not dead.i read the trans but i dont see the existence of the 3 in your world. At least JYJ talk about you, a least jaejoong tweet about you. please yunho and changmin, eventhough you talk that you hate them, even you disappoint about them, even you dont consider them as TVXQ members anymore, but at least acknowledge their existence. They have been with you 9 years, 9 years….

    you dont want to say this, but when i read the trans i have a feeling they not want all the name, the fame, the achivements of TVXQ for themselves. yeah, i maybe go to hell when i say this, but at least tell me homin, that jyj still use to be members of TVXQ no only you 2

    • I wish they could say that but that wish seems to be impossible as long as they stay under SM. I don’t think they would get freedom of speech much.

      I know this hurts like hell…and I thought I was over it. I was the one who was happy that HoMin finally use TVXQ name. So JYJ could move on without string attached. But heck…sometimes people get emotional once in a while.

      Still, I wish fans could restrain themselves from hatred toward each other side. Especially JYJ fans. You got the message from JYJ interview already. Seriously, from massive interviews JYJ have had, it made things clearly that they would still wish HoMin the best. I don’t care if that is PR stunt but obviously JYJ are spreading love, not hatred. JYJ fans get the idea that JYJ do care if people do sth bad for Homin…so PLEASE restrain ourselves from doing that. Just wish them a good luck and spazz about JYJ.

      TVXQ fans (the one who still attach to TVXQ=5), just wish them a good luck. It doesn’t matter anymore who get used that name. You guys have to move on too. Let them be in your heart, sweet memory…when they will be back together, they will be…don’t force them to be. Let them go through the path they’ve choosed. Just support them…

      Homin fans, I hope you guys realized that mostly JYJ fans are moving on. Most of them won’t bash Homin, not even dare to criticize them as an artist. I cannot say that every fans would behave the same. I just wish that we could live in each other place in peace.


      • thank u for the comment…i truly truly wish jyj fans to support homin…like jaejoong said, try to support homin jyj fans, it’s not difficult to love homin! if u can’t then refrain yourself from commenting! don’t make jyj get more anti fans…’s more than enough already…

    • otoke . you make me sobbing by reading your comment .
      how I truly wish. but that s*cking company won’t allow them.
      How I truly wish . . T_________T

    • i understand ur pain but its not fair to say or implay that homin hate jyj just cuz they didnt talk about them this is sooo wrong stop blaming them ppl you dont know whats really inside there hearts just cuz they dont speak up freely like jyj do doesnt mean they hate them stop criticize them they are trying to survive out there j like jyj do.. the name tvxq wont help them as most of you think cuz ppl will start doing the Comparisons if you dont want to support them leave them alone & support whom you want ..

    • What do you want them to do? Openly declare what they feel since they are still with a CO who is in a lawsuit with the other three-JYJ did not talk about HoMin publicly until last week-i remember in Taiwan Jae even said not to ask him Q’s about the past but to talk about the current year, so it did take them sometime before they had something to say about HoMin-Let us not jump to conclusions and wait a while-as they open up more with interviews etc they might express their thoughts-I do agree with you and I think most people would that we all want to know what the duo feel, doesn’t matter good or bad-in the meantime all this frustration is not doing us fans any good-we are just spectators.we are not living JYJ and Homin’s life so we cannot be clairvoyants.

    • i think its better for them not to talk about jyj tho..
      especially at this time .. and whatnot, us ‘cleaver-and-know-all-fans’ will start to speculate all over again and im tired about all this crap..
      just like before when jyj state about homin after a long time they stay quite try to avoid talking about it..and all fans start to stir all over the way..

      miss the old cassiopeia T.T

  25. neomu appa appa appa appa…..i feel like crying when i hear the audio TT_TT…..must be strong…

  26. 120 comments and I immediately come to this post to watch the melodrama :/

    • me too

    • In for the war too!

    • same here, honey.
      when I saw the above-100-comments, I suddenly know that something goes hot in here. Either hot in a way like above-100-comments-forJaejoongGoesNakedInHisIntermodulation (that’s what I called HOT, baby XD) or hot in a this way (endless arguments).

      Arguments is good. It shows that you still use your brain.
      But, it seems like some people here forget to deliver their opinion in manner with cool head.

      I love tvxq as 5. But, since the artist (all of them) are move on, we should move on, shouldn’t we?


      • LOL XDD i wanna buy jaejoong intermodulation but it’s rm 290 TT_TT i no money~~damn u jaejoong for being sexy and hot! and i’m a yoochun and changmin biased == LOL XDD see what u done to us fan girls jae jae~~

    • me too… but i can’t help to read and leave comment…hehehehe…

      i am actually enjoy drama, but this kind of drama tiring me =_=

  27. Ok…before my sister drags me away for Church in like five minutes, I’m going to leave my two cents…

    First of all, before anyone tries to bring it up as an accusation against me, I’m just going to preempt by putting it out there that I’m a JYJ fan…I came to this fandom as a JYJ fan…and I am also an HOT fan, so I have experience with emotional fandoms post-breakup of their groups (yes, I know TVXQ are technically not disbanded but the emotional turmoil here doesn’t seem to be any less). It would have been easier maybe if I just stayed a JYJ fan, I’d have a viable excuse to ignore all Homin posts, but I’m really drawn to Changmin’s voice ( LOVE it!LOVE it! LOVE it!) and I suppose I could add ‘Changmin advocate’ to my CV ^^.

    I see the name issue is still a big thorn for a lot of people here, which is understandable, but has anyone actually listened to the audio message? The first thing that strikes me about it is how “politically correct” it sounds. The second is how “over” it sounds. They introduce themselves as “U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin of TVXQ” and wait til the very end to say “This has been Dong Bang Shin Ki!”…as if it’s taking them a while too to say that and get used to just the two of them carrying the name. They talk almost exclusively about their fans and how they’re going to work hard for their fans…in other words, bland and typical affairs for idol groups. Any mention of JYJ would have been out of place here and, for other political reasons, would have been blocked by SM. And the tone of their voices…like I said, “over”…they remind me of two sportscasters trying to up the audience’s atmosphere just before the football match. Given their present circumstances and the fact they are not mere observers (like sportscasters are), keeping this up must be TIRING…truthfully, it breaks my heart TT_TT

    So, please, people…if not for them…for the sake of the Korean fans who brought about the victory in front of the FTC (a commendable example of fans’ selfless creative ambition), try not to focus too much on yourself and your own pains. Try to understand the struggles and conflicts and draining energy these two have had to undergo in releasing this message.

    Peace out!

    • miss you jimmie ^^ A+ comment as always, jyj fans leave homin alone, while homin fans leave jyj alone..this fighting is meaningless =( just support the one u love, don’t get more hate for the one u love ^^ hwaiting jyj hwaiting homin hwaiting fans!

    • You talk as JYJ’s fan and you were a Hot’s fan
      both cases HOT and TVXQ maybe look similar but there is a big difference, Kangta and Moon HeeJun didn’t call themself HOT.
      Many of you new JYJ/TVXQ/Homin fans can’t understand how it feels being a fan for many years of them and then see them like this…I can understand why they aren’t together anymore…but for me TVXQ’s name is being destroyed, it doesn’t represent the same meaning anymore and that hurts me alot…I’m trying to move on but how can I move on if some of them are still living in the past (Homin)??.

      • @min well first of all why is it a problem if Homin has the name TVXQ anyways. Even JYJ considers themselves as TVXQ members. So whats the problem if Homin wants to be called that?

        Besides Homin doesnt have to do exactly what HOT does, which you are implying

      • @min well first of all why is it a problem if Homin has the name TVXQ anyways. Even JYJ considers themselves as TVXQ members. So whats the problem if Homin wants to be called that?

        Besides Homin doesnt have to do exactly what HOT does, which you are implying

      • You should get out of here and just do JYJ support, or you want to attract more anti JYJ fans . How good fans are you.

      • min. i hope you die in a fire. can u seriously shut the hell up. if you’re going to be a grumpy old nag on this glorious day, then go rot in a corner by yourself and stop spreading the hate.

      • faryy: that was so uncalled for! you should be ashamed of yourself for even taking it to that level with min.

      • @ faryy

        like WTH that was uncalled for. Its an opinion which you can disagree or agree with. Its not a fact its just her personal opinion. Like go get help.. Wishing death on someone because they don’t have blind love for your boyband shows you clearly need to get your priorities straight. Gosh your effed up go get help.

      • @min
        Yes, I get you, but I wasn’t making a comparison between HOT and DBSK. I was making a comparison between the fandoms…the HOT fandom post-breakup and the current situation of this fandom. They are dangerously similar. For the sake of DBSK (all five of them) I pray history doesn’t repeat itself, both on the level of the group and the level of the fandom.

      • lol actually. i can’t remember why i was so angry in the first place. i guess that really was uncalled for. sorry babes!

      • @farry

        Please don’t do that again, that was very cruel. Everyone can have different opinions, thinkings, and feelings. If you want to be respected, try to respect others. Peace ^^

    • Now I understand your passive–aggressive bullshit in every Homin post, you are this new class of JYJ fan who hasn’t been there for so long as us, that don’t even know the 5 boys has us but are ready to make the wrong assumptions about Yunho and Changmin and excuse every JYJ action.

      Are you going to church?
      And then come here to spread more lies? more gossip? false assumptions?
      What do religion has to say about this matter, about slandering or hypocrisy??

      Sorry, I’m not a religious person, I don’t kow.

      • That was overboard. She was defending HoMin.

      • love makes you blind. You dun even read her comment.

      • Girl, don’t be like this. Read her comment carefully and u will see that she was defending homin. Sigh.

      • @alexandra
        Someone is in serious need of therapy =_=….

        Initial diagnosis: passive-aggressive behaviour with a chronic inability to perceive one’s own hypocrisy.

        Ironic, innit?

        ps: And about what my “religion” says about hypocrisy: take the speck out of your own eye before concerning yourself with the planks you perceive in others’ eyes….lest you run the risk of hating blindly.

  28. Happy 7th Anniversary to my love – Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin & Yunho.
    I love you!

  29. Hasn’t anyone thought about how jyj is so much HAPPIER th homin during this time? Look at how much yunho has aged!!! And changmin is like haiz fuck it. At least jyj has the freedom to speak their mind. And thru their interview, yunho already said that they were very confused abt using dbsk as the name. Its all because of the fans. Wad makes u think jyj didn’t file a lawsuit for dbsk because of the fans? You honestly think they actually give a shit? More likely they are doing it for homin. Thry love each other and the fans are trying to pull them apart. Wad the heck is this.

    • exactly!! i wonder why is it so hard for some fans to just stay calm and support the boys through this than to try to become private investigators, think that they know what is actually going on, make assumptions, divide and fight among themselves.

      srsly, if they love them they wouldn’t be doing this to them. this is not what the members want <__<;

  30. i really don’t get why some people are so butthurt over changmin and yunho calling themselves tvxq. they ARE part of tvxq. and if you really care to take the time to put yourself in their shoes, you’d have realised that they don’t really have a choice but to call themselves that. i know tvxq is still and always be five not only in cassiopeia’s heart, but also in all the five members’ heart. jyj said so, and i’m pretty sure homin also feels that way too, just that they can’t voice it out, period. and that’s quite enough already, so why don’t some of you just get over it?

    and if you’re thinking “homin made tvxq sound like the only 2 of them for the past 7 years” – WAKE UP. it’s either you’re not aware of the deep friendship and brotherhood between the five of them for the past 7-9 years, or you’re just letting your mind think too much.

    • yeah…those butthurt about homin using tvxq..think for yourself when jaejoong junsu and yoochun come out with the ‘new beginning’ with the group name jyj..
      no ones said anything..if those are going to think negatively, they should say that ‘ahh…jaechunsu already move on,they not getting with tvxq anymore,they already forget it…’ not just implying at fair please.
      im just fed up with so uncool biasness..

  31. Just sharing my opinion (if you don’t like it, please just ignore it).

    I’m very proud of JYJ. For me, they are not idol anymore, but revolutionist. I know they are selfish. They only want to pursue their own interests even though what they’ve done bring suffering for Homin and their fans. But, because of that selfishness, many korean artists (including Homin) were helped (directly or indirectly). I believe JYJ still care for the two and supported them in their hearts. But, no matter what happen, they have to moved on with their life (with or without Homin)

    For Homin, even though they don’t said anything. We know they also make a decision to stay with SM and we should respect them for it. I believe deep down in their hearts they also supported the three. But, no matter what happen, they also have to moved on with their life (with or without JYJ)

    For JYJ and Homin fans, if you don’t like JYJ, you don’t have to support JYJ. And if you don’t like Homin, you don’t have to support Homin. Please don’t bash JYJ or Homin. They are human and they make mistakes. But, because of that mistakes, they can mature and become a better person.

    Just pray the best for all of them. Peace ^^

    • Sorry for double posts. I posted it on the wrong place.

  32. merry Christmass everyone

    • Merry Christmas everyone!!!

      Merry Christmas and Happy 7th anniversary beloved boys *3*

  33. My last post here
    I feel like there is no respect for the old TVXQ’s fans who love the 5 of them and are still waiting them, trying to keep the legacy of TVXQ as five members intact.
    Seems like we aren’t allowed to express our sadness..
    If you criticized Homin you are a JYJ’s fan or a troll
    I’m only criticized Homin here because they are using TVXQ’s name wich is the only thing left of the five of them together.
    you say to us MOVE if its so easy to move on after spend so many years loving the five of them.
    For many of you, being a real TVXQ’s fan is like blindly love them without criticize them..i’m sorry I’m also a human being just like them and I have opinions to share.
    since there is no place for us, maybe I need to leave this fandom…thank you so much!!

    • Please don’t leave the fandom.

      I had waited for JCS to talk about the ‘jyj’ and ‘tvxq’.

      So I will wait for Homin to talk too.

    • …i hope u can have a more happier life with a new artist/idol for u to support and a better fandom for u…like what reyfem said ppl will stay and ppl will bye bye =) i hope when the next time when they’re five again i hope u may able to love them again ><

    • me to im leaving

      but whyd you came here in the first place just to bash Homin? You claimed you backked up homin before, but there is no evidence of that just your memory,.

      instead of bashing homin go to a jyj artcle and talk about them

      i like jyj, but i belive Homin is getting more hate than them. In JYJ articles you dont c posts on homin, but on homin artcles alot of it is about how they are not tvxq

      its not fair, si dont bash homin please

      • true.

    • did you see how much hate mail there is for homin on this page?Stop complaining and grow up

      now go to jaejoongs photo page on this site

      no hate at all just love

      poor homin, homins going to have a hard time

    • Drama much?

      I have loved TVXQ for many many years too, and at first, it was really depressing to see them separated. But if I can move on, why can’t you. It’s hard but people will adapt and get used to things. Or you wanna be delusional and in denial, it’s all up to you. Min said for us fans to treasure other things in life as well, not just TVXQ. Learn.

  34. HAHAHA, some of you are freaking funny or pathetic. Homin and JYJ have both moved on, you guys should too. People change, things change. Just face the fact and let it go!

  35. While most of you are distressed over the name war etc, I’m going to celebrate my bias 7th year debut anniversary happily.

    I will support him regardless the name he calls himself for work and who he works with. Most importantly I will support him for as long as he’s living and fighting for his dream. As a fan, I’m not here to judge his decision but to support it within my moral grounds. It’s normal to criticize what he does sometimes but that doesn’t mean I love him any less. I cannot be more proud of him every day, simply because he always stay true to himself.

    YUNHO, CHANGMIN, JAEJUNG, YOOCHUN and JUNSU have their own individual charms and fault that makes others feel 1001 emotions with what they do. They are trying their hardest to take care of our feelings, why can’t we do the same among ourselves? I’m not disappointed at the members decision, I’m disappointed how fans expressed themselves so harshly against ‘unpopular’ opinions. There’s a thin line between friendly disagreement and being rude/bashing.

  36. Sometimes I found it’s amusing, HoMin choose to stay. It’s also a decision. And before many of you said we must respect their decision right? But when there are comments from HoMin, you’ll say ‘Ok, this comment may come from SM’. Arent you yourself call HoMin SM’s puppets? slaves? They are adults afterall, they make decision. Every decision got circumstances. But for sure, TVXQ name belongs to the 5. As tvxq’s fans for 3 years, It’s just so hard to receive the fact TVXQ = HoMin. HoMin parents statement still fresh in mind bashing JYJ traitor, said the contract is okay for them but now who aiming all the benefit from this lawsuit? All HoMin fans should not be worried right? They have TVXQ name with them, and 2 big companies backing them up. FYI, tvxq name is not built in one night and by those two ppl. Just stand up, and voice out can’t they? So, JYJ fans can’t speak out their mind? After all the bashing, they fill the lawsuit, form JYJ, all hardships… I know all are the circumstances that they got from their decision. But still, JYJ fans disagreement of HoMin using TVXQ as two is wrong? No matter what you said, like JYJ said TVXQ is meaningful as 5.

    • First of all, I would like to say sorry if I offend you or anyone else (no offense intended).

      I understand and share the same feelings with you (being JYJ fan myself). But, I don’t think by criticizing Homin, things will become better for JYJ. Instead of criticizing Homin, I think we should pressure SM, KFPCAI, or whoever in charge to let JYJ appear on TV Station and pray for their happiness.

      If SM or Homin wants to take the name, then let it be. We or any JYJ fans don’t have to support it (buy their stuff), but please don’t say negative things about them (it’s not like they owed us anything). I know you want to express your feelings (it’s your right), but please pay attention to others feeling too. Everyone have different feelings, thinkings, and opinions.

      What’s matter is not the name, but whether people support it or not. As long as we support JYJ, I believe JYJ names will also shine brightly in its own way. Rose is still rose by other names. Peace ^^.

    • @holalala

      agree with you

    • @holala

      I will say I have to agree with everything you say up there. Yes, HoMin made a decision, and yes, they would have to suffer the consequences, whatever it is. I for one doesn’t really like the whole ‘this statement is so textbook SM’ or ‘they are forced to do this and this is not their decision’. Even if it later it turns out that something had happened between the five, something personal that had driven them apart, I wouldn’t make any excuses for any of them. So what if they said that TVXQ will never disband forever? People change, circumstances change, and sometimes, no matter how close we are as individuals, we walk different paths because we want to reach different destinations.

      Forcing them to stay as five if they personally can’t do it because of the difference in their lifetime goals is not only selfish of us, but also a form of slavery, because they would be sacrificing their own happiness just to make us happy and emotionally stable.

      One thing you would also have to remember is that JYJ made a decision too. They decided to file a lawsuit, leave the company, form JYJ, perform at Thanksgiving Concert, recording an English album, promoting that said album, even creating a twitter account, and for this, they would also have to deal with whatever the consequences.

      Unfortunately, in my opinion, one of the things that should have been avoided is to form a group before the lawsuit is over. I personally think that all five should have just focus on personal activities until there is something definitive from the court.

      Once JYJ was formed, as a unit or a group the three, JaeChunSu lost quite a footing in TVXQ. They adopted a second identity aside from TVXQ. They might say they are still members of TVXQ, but is any of their album sales would be counted toward TVXQ overall sales? Would Yunho and Changmin be credited and remembered whenever they perform? Like it or not, JYJ is a separate group and a separate identity than TVXQ.

      Now, like I said, this is personal opinion and I really don’t blame JaeChunSu for doing what they did, this is all a matter of choosing your own path in life.

      But in terms of HoMin using the name TVXQ, first of all, they stayed at the company which has trained and formed TVXQ. Second, even when they personally say that TVXQ is only complete and have meaning when the 5 are together, unfortunately there are no legal documents that made performing with less than 5 people illegal. If this is the case, then Super Junior should have disbanded a looooooooong time ago (or at least change their name because they didn’t start with the exact same formation).

      I kinda have this feeling (then again I could be wrong), that this whole argument is also influenced by the fact that majority of the members left the company, and deep down a lot of fans think that because they are better vocally, JaeChunSu are the ‘main members’ of TVXQ. If the situation is reversed, I am sure only the true fans would mind if JaeChunSu use the name TVXQ.

      Maybe I am completely biased, and maybe because I am new I don’t have a very tight emotional attachment to the ‘TVXQ = 5 forever’, but if you want to speak in a completely unemotional, legal, business and common standing, when a group is ‘separated’ for any reason, they ones who ‘stay’ actually have the right to claim the name. This is a very sad and unfortunate situation, but when JYJ ‘left the company’, when they didn’t do it together as five, they automatically ‘left the group’, because even if SM failed to register the name TVXQ as a copyrighted name, they didn’t really have to because JaeChunSu didn’t claim the name in the lawsuit, and we all know that almost everything about TVXQ is copyrighted to SM/AVEX, which is why JYJ unable to perform any of their songs (except the ones they composed individually).

      If you want to talk whether this is a right move emotionally according to fans, well then it is a completely different matter altogether. The problem is you can’t standardize emotions. I don’t mind if you are mad, angry, or disappointed, but I draw the line when you blame and try to put any of the five in a bad light because you are emotionally against them. Not everyone here share the exact same opinions and feelings that you do, so unless you can give me a solid legal excuse as to why HoMin cannot use the name TVXQ, I am sorry, I will have to say that they cannot be blamed for making that choice.

      And to general crowd, decide now, are you attached to ‘TVXQ’, to your biases, to any individual members, or are you actually deeply attached to the ‘interactions’ that you have seen them engage in as members of TVXQ. Like I said before, they aren’t the first (and I doubt they are the last) group to experience member change, SM won’t be the first and the last company to be sued because of the contract they have with their artists, and JaeChunSu would not be the only people who switched agencies and created a group aside from the one the debuted with.

  37. yikes some comments goes to show how many lunatics are running around in this fandom.

    geez don’t people know the meaning of opinions. Someone just made an opinion on your boyband and you take it as a personal attack. Some of you are effed up and need to stop letting some bunch of boys who live miles away in korea run your life like this. They provide only entertainment to you and some of your personal attachments to them need some serious detachments.

  38. again with the stupid FANWAR???? dun u guy tired of it? O_o
    srsly if u can’t support homin or JYJ, just leave them alone,
    and dun bother yourself to read their news.. -_-‘

  39. really weird when some of the so called TVXQ @ DBSK @ TOHOSHINKI fans bashing JYJ or HOMIN but still hope they will be 5 again??? @__@ hello~~ if u hope they will reunite then please support whoever u want… JYJ or HOMIN… they still part of TVXQ… that is fact that cant be denied…. and for some comment that said homin should disband… TVXQ is ACAPELLA group and if HOMIN didnt count as a part of TVXQ…then TVXQ will be nothing…


  40. I’ve been visiting this website for few months,just read all the comments.I dont think myself as a cassie cuz i like other artist too.but i must admit that tvxq definitely that a group than can really sing =)
    don’t wanna make any comment above.i think WAITING is a boring thing to do for those of fans who try to keep the faith and wanna know the truth.i think we should wait and see for this drama ends(if u want) but in the mean time just enjoy what they bring to you guys (if u want too).


    I have learned that beauty
    Has to flourish in the light
    Wild horses run unbridled
    Or their spirit dies
    You have given me the courage
    To be all that I can
    And I truly feel your heart will
    Lead you back to me when you’re
    Ready to land

    Spread your wings and prepare to fly
    For you have become a butterfly (Oooh)
    Fly abandonedly into the sun
    If you should return to me, we truly were meant to be
    So spread your wings and fly (spread your wings and fly)
    Butterfly (butterfly)

    i think the lyrics from butterfly by mariah carey fits with them. peace and love

    quote from @mjjeje twitter : As you do so. Our faith will be stronger.

    just know now, R.I.P Aizy (indonesian cassie) my condolence to her family

    sorry double post =)

  41. stop the fight, please.

  42. JYJ can’t celebrate their Anniversaries they were the ones who debuted today together with the two!!! But when two celebrates it the other 3 don’t say a word about it !!! It means they are not ok with it or they feel bitter about it.. JJ thanked us for our belief and faith but obviously he is not happy… I am afraid when we celebrate something about TVXQ we will be only congratulating Homin not JYJ!!! OMG I want JYJ to see themselves as TVXQ they say they want to do it too but it seems not possible when Homin declare themselves as TVXQ!!!!

    • how about tweeting #7yearsfortvxq=chonjaesuhomin?

    • did JYJ already say that they are TVXQ members?
      what ever happen they always be TVXQ member. so we celebrate it as 7 years of TVXQ members mean them. not JYJ nor HoMin
      Why you sound and think like the outsider?
      and You really like to blame HoMin huh?
      Did you know what HoMin think and feel? you can guess but not assumed cos you can’t read their mind! same goes to JYJ
      I don’t know what JYJ think and feels right now. I can guess but I can’t never assume it. Don’t judge HoMin to fast dear

      We fans celebrated 7th Anniversary of TVXQ for 5 of them. not 2
      Srsly, ppl like you really the one who make others lose their faith
      It’s tiring!! you should really calm down or tone down a bit!

    • No doubt about it. JYJ must be experience mixed feelings right now. But, I believe happiness is a choice whether you want to be grateful with your life or mourn and regret it all the time. It’s something that JYJ have to decide for themselves. I’m sure JYJ choose the former. As their fans, we cannot do anything about it. We can only pray for their happiness and successful. Lets just be happy for them ^^

  43. This fight, arguing whose right, whose wrong srsly tiring!
    You should calm down and tone down a bit.

  44. Happy Anniversary my dear yunho n changmin. GBU <3

  45. There’re good moments and bad moments, what happened now is probably not a good one for all of us here but we had share a lot of good moments with the boys and also with each other, please don’t forget that. And, this site is where is we used to share our love toward our boys…please bring back those good moments…Peace on SYC!
    Happy 7th Anniversary, TVXQ!

  46. all the arguments and harsh comments won’t change the current situation for SM not to use ‘TVXQ’ debut for only two members. We as JYJ fan/cassie/HoMin fan should think positively and move on. They all still shine as super stars, breaking record as always. Their talents have even stepped in other fields, dramas and musical drama. So cheers. Happy 7th Anniversary, TVXQ!

  47. i think we all need 2 stop d fight… eventhough its sad but i think we need 2 move on… homin need 2 move on, jyj also need 2 move on… singing is their passion…
    in my heart i always said homin still loves jyj but day by day i read their interviews i can feel sumthing different…

  48. Cowards. That’s what they are. Betrayers and cowards.

    • =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      I know nothing else but laugh after reading this comment. This fandom….the fans… are too much. Blame the boys for the thing they didn’t do.
      Deep sigh. I’m feeling very sorry for Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun, if they happen to see these comments, even just for once.

    • breathe in breathe out and ignore this everyone…..

    • Haha….


      :( hahaa…

  49. Is not about who is right or wrong for what happened but….

    You can’t fool yourself that when you heard the name TVXQ it reminds you those good old memories, doesn’t it?

    Actually, I don’t care much about who using the name coz’ I don’t have the right to judge who have the right to use the name or not. And ofcourse, it’s just a name.

    But… I can’t also fool myself that it doesn’t mean nothing to me.

    I’m sure SM knows that it hurts the fans that love TVXQ as FIVE but they still insisted to do so.

    I don’t want to pretend that everything is the same coz’ it’s clearly not.

    Just ask yourself what do you feel when you hear the songs of the two and the three?

    Do you feel any GOOD sign from BOTH side?

    And what do you feel when you read their interviews?

    You can bash me but I must say that I stopped reading the interview from Yunho and Changmin for a long time. And I won’t deny that it was becoz’ something in their words hurted me.

    It’s not their fault but it’s enough for me to be honest to myself.

  50. what the hell are you doing? Our DBSK, what if they are reading our commen? What will they fell?
    We are CASSIOPEIA. We are a family
    Our guys and us are having a hard time, so, please, stop this stupid fight.
    In my opinion, this time is too soon to judge anythings.

    sr for my english if it is too bad. i’ m not good at this =)) lol

    love you all

  51. Its 7th Anniversary, for Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho. Gratz!

    Its something to be happy about… Not something to bash again.. ==
    Somehow I just don’t like it when the post get 100++ comments because of fanwar, I rather it having just 10++ comments which is nice and polite, or even 0… ==

    If your mind can’t have any good thought, just get out, make everyone happy, including yourself. The exit is with a ‘X’ and attached with a word – ‘HAPPY’ on.

  52. the drama still go`s on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. People, let them be. Keep your head down, okay? ^_^ v

    I can’t wait for the album! Oh my poor wallet, HoMin and JYJ both releasing new albums.. But that’s okay. They’re worth the money :D

  54. Happy 7th anniversary together homin!

    • i thought you said you are leaving? your comments up there complete with good bye.

    • i think she’s and the min upstairs is a different person…

  55. ……honestly ppl just give it a break…no more fights no more bashing…just please respect each other, respect homin/jyj decision and just support them…we’re only fans! we don’t know anything behind the scenes or know anything to prove whether who left, who stayed who betrayed who or what!…this is getting out of control!
    jyj fans please please just ignore homin articles..don’t come in here and stir up trouble! not only you’re making jyj getting more hate from homin fans, this won’t do any good to this fandom! try to support homin, jyj themselves already said they support homin so do them a favour and stop this bashing against homin fans!

    • Sorry for invading your comments. I totally agree with you.

      “try to support homin”

      In case anyone confused what “support” mean.

      I think it can be interpreted: try to understand Homin feelings and respect their decision (you don’t have to agree with him, but we can agree to disagree). And if you can’t accept Homin’s decision, please don’t said anything negative about Homin and just leave Homin article.

      Peace ^^

  56. im out for weeks and some still fight….

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