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[Pic] Jaejoong’s Intermodulation Photobook part 4

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  1. armpit picture. u kidding me!!!

    • LOL..
      but yes, thats the 1st pics that i see..

    • after whining for years, he got what he wanted. LOL.

      • lol that’s what I thought too ^____^

  2. WAHH!!!!! Jaejoong is alot more manly then people give him credit for.

    • funny you say that, Ive always considered him manly not very feminine like alot of ppl think, this shows his manliness even more

      • @aj yur icon >///< gyahh i can't even think straight.

      • yea I agree

      • I have always considered him masculine, he doesnt have a feminine aura to me. I am glad he decided to make this kind of photobook, it shows all of the sides of his personality and a more mature side of him as a man not a boy.

      • I agree too

        I think people just thought so more because from all the members he has the most feminine qualities not only in looks but also personality wise (aka his being a shopoholic, and cooking, and cleaning, and taking care of his members)

        But he balanced it out for me. He is a very beautiful/sexy kind-hearted man!

  3. *die with heart attack* gahhh i feel like cheating on min TT

    hes not my bias but i want this book as well so HOT >_<

    • Don’t you ever cheat on Min~!
      Wait..on second thought. Nevermind more Min for me :P
      LOL shot

  4. LOLing forever at the up close armpit shot

    • i am loling at that now too LMAO

  5. I’m… so…
    Ok, BB loking hot smoking
    Hot in bed
    hot with breakfast
    hot, just so hot

    • Moshi Moshi~Alou desu~

  6. LOL @armpit shot…er i thought jae doesn’t have hair there XDDDDDD o well~~i kinda wish to buy this book now but…i think it’s really expensive! what’s the price in malaysia currency?

    • it’s around RM290. :)

      • Gulp !!! That’s so expensive !!!! Oh my, T___T

      • HOLY FREAKIN SINKI!!! 290???!!! wonderful bye bye jaejoong photobook TT_TT i will miss u~~i shall wait for more scans XDD

  7. he keeps tempting me~~~! OMG~! *dies*

  8. *dies*
    now I remember why you’re my original bias baby.
    *le sigh*

  9. Jaejoong seriously is just too damn sexy.

  10. JAEJOOONG!!! *shakes fist* HOW DARE YOU *mops up drool* =.=~~

  11. The armpit shot…Tehehe..look like he want to shows the fans that he has armpit hairs…>_<….

  12. LMAFO i cracked up at the armpit pic xD other than that he’s sooo friggin hot ;P

    • LOL, I’m with you girl. It’s the highlight of the scans and I sure know the one who took these pics is really crazy. Or it’s already been zoomed? haha, whatever
      Love you jae! The best smoker<3

  13. HE HAS HAIR!!! Looks like all that shaving paid off. You guys, how do you breathe?

  14. i really think all photos is so intimate and show jaejoong’s side that we never seen before…

    i am glad about this photo book coz i want to know more and more about him ^///^

    someone who i consider as my little brother all this time^^

  15. *kisses his forehead*

  16. is this fan made or his own photo book? lol ahahha his always looking elfin HOT!


    • i forgot what interview.. but Jaejoong is sleep naked or just with boxer on.. if i am not mistaken… -___-

      • hmm definitely not surprised he does

    • you are talking to me?

      and yes, he sleeps naked

      • no. she talks to me. :D

  18. That closeup LOL trying to prove a point there? ICU ARMPIT HAIR ICU.
    But god unfffffff as if I could not be anymore obsessed with this guy.

  19. Just wondering does anyone know where someone in the US could order the Jejung INTERMODULATION Photobook from?

    • has it, but it’ll run you about $160 total with shipping.

  20. did he actually take these photos? :O:O

  21. wow…smoking jeje…love it

  22. Just read on Allkpop that Homin will release a special message to fans & also release preview song from thier upcoming album on TVXQ 7 year anniversary….

    I find this news coming from allkpop kinda funny….

    They’ve been releasing news about “TVXQ COMEBACK” but haven’t even post about JYJ’s meeting, jaejoong’s photobook or thier twitter updates AT ALL…

    I’m not trying to start a fanwar but the blatant bias and hypocrisy on how Allkpop reports Kpop “news” is just laughable.

    • I think i’m the only one who prefer it that way?
      I don’t like Allkpop
      and I don’t mind if they don’t post JYJ things there…

      • But they *allkpop* promote themself as fair and unbiased when they CLEARLY AREN’T…that ticks me off more then anything

        I really don’t give who’s ass if they report about JYJ’s actives mostly cuz JYJ don’t need them but be honest and just say your biased against JYJ and you don’t even consider them as members of TVXQ….

        This just my opinion so please of your homin biased don’t feel attacked or offended cuz I’ve got a effing problem with allkpop and not with homin.

        Peace. Love. Merry Christmas.

      • @Kikyo
        Ah but everyone knows they are biased…. like SNSD (I think) biased and things like that. I don’t know many people who actually like allkpop or consider it a good source of info.

      • I noticed that too…it seems like if it’s back up by a large company then allkpop would support it. they are always been slow with jyj..i usually know the story way before they post it on their site while with homin, they seems to be fast at it. oh well. it’s not like we need them for dbsk news…there’s always other source.

    • nope.. AKP like to post Jae’s tweets actually^^

      they post Micky pic where he read comic and others… they also post JYJ christmas greeting (even just summary)…

      • I’ve already got my friend whose an international student in college in love with Jaejoong….
        She’s back in her country Ukraine now and she’s getting me a Chrismas gift from there so I’m giving her my Jaejoong cards from The Beginning album

      • But I just find it funny that they *allkpop* are first to report about Homin related news then any TVXQ fansite but rarely report on JYJ activities unless we fansites forward to them….you get what I’m saying.

        But you can’t tell me that ever since the lawsuit Allkpop has been JYJ-friendly

      • i get what u mean^^

        But it’s okay.. we should more active to send tip to AKP then… and many people are aware that AKP is bias so nothing strange… it’s okay… i also active in AKP and YT these day to spread JYJ’s love^^

      • if JYJ and K-cassies fight with SME and KPFCIA unjustice contract in Korea.. as I-JYJ fan i want just spread JYJ’s love in cyber network^^

        even it’s just one person i would try to make him/her become JYJ fan…

      • I met 2 people from YT who interested with JYJ^^

        they and I send PM each other.. they also become Jae’s fan because of It’s My World performance *grin* i feel proud…

        And they buy the beginning, The… and Thanksgiving live… well.. they really love Jae.. it’s seem like no one can resist Jae =_=;;

        Not mention my friend from Botswana.. he love The Beginning so much… and he love Ayy girl and Jae’s Still in Love kekeke… i just want to try more to spread their love.. FIGHTING!!

      • Hey, me too. I also entice my friend who never listen korean or english music before to listen JYJ’s music. Now I she’s addicted JYJ’s music more than me kekeke, but she only like JYJ’s English songs not Korean(coz dont understand).

      • girl i don’t think u have to worry…ALLKPOP IS ALWAYS BIAS!!! they’re bias to kara and snsd == so i don’t freakin care if they report jyj or homin or dbsk..cause i can never trust that site truthfully saying XDDDD dear DON’T CARE ABOUT ALLKPOP!!! why allkpop when u have sharingyoochun all the info u need to know about jyj/homin/dbsk XDD i love u admin unnies ^^

    • If you didn’t visit this site or other fansite I wouldn’t even have know Jaejoong was coming out with photo book….

      I don’t think I will have known that JYJ had fanmeetings IN Korea….

      I don’t think any of those so-called Kpop websites haven’t even reported about it…

    • Yea I know what you mean, its unfair but what can we do? If we say something a fanwar is gunna start (well thats what I think)….=( I really do wish that AllKpop wasn’t so bias most of the time.

    • Oh, wow? I had no clue Homin were doing that.

      I guess I better go to AllKpop and read about it then. I hope Homin mention Jae, Junsu, and Yoochun too.

    • YOu really think so-When JYJ were coming back I was reading news about them everyday-I am not trying to negate what you are saying, its your feeling but isn’t it natural that when someones having a comeback they will tend to be more in the news-I never saw any HoMin news up until Nov-even when Yunho was active with Goong-This is just what I have observed, so I hope you don’t take it amiss!

      • I get what your saying and I defiantly agree Homin where in any news other then yuhno’s musical and changmin’s drama

        But what I was taking about had nothing to do with Homin but how selective Allkpop is when reporting about JYJ related activities ever since the lawsuit….

        Just as an example, they have not posted as SINGLE report about Jaejoong’s photobook and they didn’t report about thier fanmeeting other them that picture which had yoochun reading that book….

        Like I said before, Allkpop is a website about everything Kpop but they seem to be leaning to not everything but few things

        So I hope that clarifies things for you ^___^

    • bb, when Tohoshinki was really big in Japan, allkpop didnt really care too, if you were to compare it to how they reported about SNSD doing really good in Japan. I was ~angry~ at them for a moment, then I realised that’s how they work. I rmb how they refuse to report about what Yoochun said in SKKS conference and instead went and post that Jaejoong bought a new car. There was alot of controversy regarding JJ buying a new car, I was like pfttt these pple just like to cause unhappiness. I’m kind of ot, but, idk, just ignore that bias site.

      • they put their every performance as headline -_-…

      • i;m sorry everyone but yeah,that site is just obviously bias. i prefer coming to this site than there. they don’t even put many news abut my other bias too. it’s always put their bias group *cough*snsd*cough*. but enuff said about that allkpoop.

        kyaaa!!! jj sooooo hot!!!! omo..i was drooling and at the point of anemia after major nosebleed!!!*faint*

  23. Ohhhhhmyyyyy. Let’s just say it was a wise descision indeed to buy this photobook. *cough*
    I like the realistic, daily-life sort of feel to these pictures <333

  24. omo~~ the armpit focus =D

    baby looks so HAWT!! >////<

    this photobook is totally heaven for me *____*

  25. Jaejoong is so natural in here… ^^ Love it!!
    Though I don’t like the smoking part, at least he didn’t hide it..

    I love Jejung Intermodulation bag! *drooling*

  26. Every night I have dreams of me and Yoochun doing IT….
    But tonight I’m think thats gonna change @___@

  27. ah where can you buy this?… want it.

  28. OMG….I’m sleeping next to my grandma whose praying next to me and I’m having thoughts about me and Jaejoong doing IT STANDING….

    Allah, please have mercy on me and forgive me for my unholy mind TT__TT

    • Sweetie, obvious you`re not alone in this
      God knows how many girls have their minds and what-not tainted
      I can feel my pulse racing, heat rising through my body, my throat drying every minute
      Damn you Kim Jaejoong! How can I explain to my parents you are cause for my lack of sleep? It`s 5:13AM right now

    • Baby, I have thoughts about JJ even though I’m married! :p

      He’s just too hot to us!

    • ha ha ha on this blessing christmas night…i’ve flipped my cross down already…

      ah………Jaejoong ah look at what you’ve done!

  29. >_< jejung ah~ very hot!! I want it.

  30. hottie Jaejoong :#

  31. Damn I need to get this now even though it’s so expensive!

  32. Does anyone knows where to order it?

    • cdjapan or DVDHeaven…

  33. waaah i want it! why must it be sooo expensive?
    the smoking pic is hot ._. but i’m still worried about his health >_<
    and is that a rosary he's wearing in the 5th pic?
    i really waaaant this photobook T_T

  34. This is so ‘orgasmic’

    I need to buy this. *off-to-get-mom’s-credit-card*

    SHET. I hope Yoochun would have one too! <33

  35. omg smoking pic is just… hot beyond words

  36. omg jae is so hot!! May i know where can i buy the book from in singapore? And how much is it? :O

  37. Jaejoong what are you doing?? stop killing me boy…you are killing your noona here !!! I want to cry, why so beautiful? T_T I can cry because he is so beautiful…He is more and more beautiful when he doesn’t hide his face behing his hair. Someone give him a prize because of his beauty :) Prince Jaejoong I love you! ♥ You made my day boy!

  38. Remember that it is cheaper on DVDHeaven! I already bought mine from CDJapan though because I did not know. But CDJ ships faster! You can buy it from those 2 websites.

  39. Yoochun have one photobook too called “Protraits of Youth”. However it is a totally different concept so can not compare.

  40. …i wonder if Jaejoong knows what “Intermodulation” means. English is my first language and I don’t even know… lol

  41. Loooove~Joongie’s FOREHEAD!! ^_^<3
    and im still waiting for him to have new haircut showing his forhead.. heheh~

  42. This man really knows how to make me go crazy!!!

  43. i hate a guy that smoke…that was history now. I think I like smoking guys now….Jaejoong what did u do to me?~

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