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[Trans]101222 Jaejoong’s Sisters’ Twitter Conversation Regarding His Eye Infection

(4th sister to 6th sister): It’s been hard on you. Take good care of him tomorrow and let him eat yummy food, then take him to the hospital ^^
(6th sister to 4th sister): Did he eat something bad? I’ll let him rest well today and go over to his place tomorrow to cook him some yummy food. I have some stuff I need to talk to him about. It must’ve been that he missed Jiji too much and became sick~~ Jiji also doesn’t eat, so right now I’m chewing up the food to feed him. He’s eating pretty well~~
(4th sister to Jaejoong): You have to go to the hospital tomorrow.
(4th sister to 6th sister): Call him later on and see. Ah, there’s medicine at home right? Tell the youngest that compared to there being a miracle, it’d be better to go to the hospital keke.
(6th sister to 4th sister): Did he say that it hurt a lot? Is it an eye disease? He doesn’t eat medicine. I’ll call him and go over to take a look.
(4th sister to 6th sister): Take care of him and make sure he eats the medicine.
(6th sister to Jaejoong): Son, it’s been tough on you in such cold days ^^ Does it hurt a lot? If it does then it’s not good because it makes people worried.
(6th sister to 4th sister): Should I go over? I was worried that he would be too tired.
(4th sister to Jaejoong): Should I call you now?
(4th sister to Jaejoong): Right now I don’t know yet, you?
(Jaejoong to 4th sister): Yeah, I just wish my eyes would get better quickly. I can only hope for a miracle. Noona, what are you planning to do for Christmas?
(4th sister to Jaejoong): You’ve worked hard today. Sleep well ^^

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  1. people read from bottom to top so you dont get confused~

    • ohhh thanks !!! no wonder it didn’t make sense……..

      • My thoughts exactly. I thought “what a weird conversation” lol

        His sisters are cute trying to figure out how to care for him. I’m glad that they show him so much love ^^

    • lol yea.. i realized that after reading..haha! so i read it all over again. :D

      i was so lost TT

    • hahahaha thank you!

  2. It must’ve been that he missed Jiji too much and became sick~

    hahahhahaha so cute!
    I hope is nothing too serious, about his eyes

  3. ah~ such a lovely fams..
    get well oppa~ ><

    • how do u know that it’s the 4th sister or the 6th sister?

  4. so its an eyeinfection huh ?
    god. i wanna be his sister. i wanna take care of that boy so bad
    i wanna go over to his house and cook for him and tuck him in

  5. I LOVE JAe’s NOONAs.


  6. jae is bein love by his noona ;D

    jaejae hope you get well soon, listen to your medicine and go to hospital

  7. jae’s noonas dote him a lot! How i wish i have a sister like them.

  8. lovely family >_<

  9. he have realy lovely sisters, hope your eyes better soon,JJ! take care boy..

  10. ah, baby JJ….even you have grown and become a mature man, baby brother is still a baby brother….i know the feeling cause i’m forever a baby daughter and baby sister to my parents and my siblings….anyway, listen to your sisters !

  11. so that’s why he always wears eyeglasses recently..
    But happy to know he has sisters who really care of him
    Hope you’ll get well soon JJ^^
    Take care my man <3

  12. get well soon jae..

  13. JJ, please take care of your health. Go to the hospital, take medicine, and rest well ^^

  14. Tell the youngest that compared to there being a miracle, it’d be better to go to the hospital keke.

    LOL ~. It’s nice to see that JJ’s sisters seem to dote on him <3

    • Yeah, but they seem a bit frustrated at his nonchalant attitude- ‘I shall wait for a miracle.’ LOL, it’s what I do when I get sick but Jae, please do go see a doctor^^

  15. take care oppa and im glad for his noonas
    jeez i wish i had sisters like that instead mine annoy me

  16. so sweet <3 pls take care JJ oppa!

    thx for sharing dear!!

  17. Maybe it’s eye plastic surgery :P

  18. Awww so cute! ^^
    His noonas love him a lot …like everyone else!! I´m so happy he is so much loved <3

    Take care Jae and get well soon! I LOVE U <3

  19. lovely family ^^

  20. hehe the sisters’ conversation are so cute. we think jae is the ‘mother’ of the group, but he’s the baby in his family xD

    • i agree!

  21. His Noona’s are awesome

  22. He has an awesome family. It’s nice to see Jae get babied by his noonas ^^

  23. I love Jae’s adoptive family ^____^
    They made the JJ we know and love today!

  24. I love Jaejoong´s family, by the looks of it his sisters are really caring and nice :-) I know what it´s like having a younger brother to worry about, there´s always things happening. I hope Jae´s eye gets better soon and that it´s nothing serious.

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